These Are The Most Popular Coats For Winter

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For urban style, a warm and stylish coat is a winter must-have. Here are my top picks of the most popular coats.

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First and foremost, you should have a down jacket for a full warmth effect. If we have to choose one of the warmest items, it is said that almost everybody will choose a down jacket! But there’s only one drawback: It can be too bulky. Some people avoid it if they want to stay with a light look.

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However, a niche brand has emerged since last year. Nanushka makes the leather down jacket popular. What’s the difference between it and the ordinary down jacket? Do not think that the change of fabric is insignificant. The texture of the leather surface is harder, and the windproof effect added a new level to the down jacket.

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For a more streetwise look, take a cue from Bella Hadid. She paired it with a functional pair of slacks, sneakers, and super dark sunglasses. The all-Black outfit looks cool. She may have a high resistance to cold since she boldly exposed her belly. But that’s one of her greatest assets, and she is confident enough to carry that look.

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In addition, a high-neck down jacket is also a good choice to keep warm and stylish. However, if you opt for high-necked leather coats, remember to fasten the top button outdoors. It is not only to help keep warm but also to enhance the look of the woman. For girls with relatively short necks, choose something that will make your neck look longer.

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Next is what is known as the “daddy coats.” If you ask for the most trending word of 2020, the term “daddy” will be on the list by the end of the year. Whether it’s daddy shoe, daddy vest, these styles are now the new trend. And the daddy coat is no exception.

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With oversized designs, the feeling of loose and bulky attire seems to cover everything. Even if you are a healthy girl and want to wear all kinds of autumn clothes, such as sweaters and a light down jacket, daddy coats can be your best option.

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Now, if you want a preppy look and to look and feel young, pair your coats with skirts, white socks, and mary janes or loafers. You might be showing your legs this winter, but with long coats to cover them, you definitely would nail this look.

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You can even try something bloggers have been using lately. Pull out a sweater or hoodie as a separate layer on top of a coat for an extra layer. You can also choose bright or contrasting colors to give your whole body more sparkle.

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Quilted coats are another pick. It might not be as popular as the other coats, but they can be fashionable too. Some celebrities prefer this while on the street and to show off their risky fashion statement.

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It looks like a thick quilt, but they are one of the best coats to stay warm. At the same time, the process of quilting makes your coat look more textured, making it stands out from the crowd. They are also more elegant than lamb and wool coats.

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Indeed, there are different ways to dress well. And the goose yellow coats design let a person shine in this depressing winter season. Try not to fasten your button for a lighter look and feel.
Have some of these coats and be stylish while keeping yourself warm this winter.

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