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Some people think burgundy pants can make someone look fat and that it is not a good color to wear. However, this is a relatively niche color. The dark red shade has a purple hint which makes it more striking.
You will find this shade in clothes, hair coloring, and other items. The color of red wine balances the passion red and depressing black. In some religions, they regard this as a noble color. It is also a symbol of supreme authority. Fine red wine is like traditional and classical families – strict, controlling, and conservative. Hence, they say red wine suits only sophisticated women.
An example is the mature woman in the picture. She is wearing tight yoga pants in red wine. It looks unique and attractive. For her age, she still holds a timeless appeal.

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If you are wearing white clothes and you are somehow plump, you might get an uneasy feeling. To look slimmer, choose something in different shades. Mix deep colors with light or dark gray and white. Darker colors blend well with nude ones. But you might look dull. This is when red wine comes into the picture, as it is a perfect alternative to boring colors.

The beauty of red wine yoga pants becomes more evident when paired with a tiny black cropped top. The woman shows an elegant side. Men of all ages will check her out, and some might even become obsessed. The shoes she wears also play an important part in the whole style. Light sports shoes are consistent with her vibrant personality.

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Girls who like a casual style can also try wearing a white striped T-shirt with burgundy yoga pants and white shoes. These seemingly subtle outfits can better show their personality. If you want to freshen up, use black and white tones, and use some color if you want to personalize.

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Keep in mind that horizontal stripes can make you look bigger. A black-and-white horizontal striped jacket paired with tight yoga pants is very clean and refreshing. While her brown hair and red pants play off each other in color, it is easier to show her stylish, sophisticated vibe. Coupled with a slender waist, it adds an attractive feminine aura and a very timeless style.

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