Why Manufacturers Make Products With Flame Retardant Properties

flame retardant properties of the product

All countries take into consideration the flame retardant property of textiles. Some countries have even included it in their national safety regulations. It is an important gauge in testing textiles. At the same time, people pay more attention to its safety.

Each country has its standards. Now, what are the criteria for making such products?

China Standard:

GB 20286: Flammability requirements and identification of flame retardant products and components in public places

GB 17927: Furniture upholstered — Determination of flame retardant properties of spring-loaded soft mattresses and sofas

GB/T 20390: Textiles — Flammability of bedding

International standard:

  • ISO 8191, Furniture – Determination of the flammability of upholstered furniture
  • ISO 12952, Textiles – Flammability of bedding

There are two main reasons for unqualified flame retardant textiles. Some enterprises do not understand the relevant standards. Some use too thin fabric in design and do not test the flame retardant of finished products.
The other is that some enterprises have defects in clothing design and use feather detail, which makes clothes burn easily.


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