Short People Can Wear Long Coats Too With These Tips

Small People Wear Long Coats 1

The long coat is an essential piece during the autumn and winter seasons. But it is a little bit difficult for short people to pull off. Wearing long coats could be pretty tricky. You can indeed buy a coat casually, but finding the right design and perfect fit can be challenging. So I have carefully prepared some notes. You should remember these tips if you are one of the girls below 150cm in height who want to achieve looking good in coats.

Tip # 1: Split

Small People Wear Long Coats 2

Cheongsam’s seams above the slits often split because it shows the curve of the legs and aids walking, which has both practical and aesthetic functions. Coats are also like this. Without a split-type coat, one might look big. A cross behind the coat visually presents an illusion that the legs are long and can not be blocked. And it comes with a quickly of lightness and easily becomes the clothes shelf in others’ eyes.

Tip # 2: Fit

Small People Wear Long Coats 3

Loose boyfriend style is good to look at, but it is limited to the lazy casual way. For the coat, this relatively elegant formal clothing fits the best. Remember, the shoulder line and sleeve should not be too broad; otherwise, you will look like you are wearing a blanket wrap.

Small People Wear Long Coats 4

Coat models and bloggers wear dresses inside and look very attractive. They exude confidence and know what they want. But if you are under 170cm tall, kindly avoid it. Longitudinal is limited, but the horizontal extension is not necessary. To avoid looking bloated, the overlay style with rich layers has to be abandoned. This is shown via the simple style of 160cm tall German blogger Beatrice Gutu.

Tip # 3: “Shift Your Weight Up”

Small People Wear Long Coats 5

As long as the proportions are good enough, being short doesn’t matter, right?! So short girls need to pay attention to one point, that is to avoid dressing people short. The solution to the visual impression is to, as far as possible to move the center of gravity.

Small People Wear Long Coats 6

For example, go for upside-down pockets, upside-down lapels, upside-down double-breasted buttons. Or give yourself a dented look with a lovely vintage beret. Other eyeglasses and bags can also work well as a bit of distraction.

Tip 4: Waistline

Small People Wear Long Coats 7

The belt as the magic weapon of the coat is the necessary tool to show your own good figure and enhance the waistline, handy to hide some fat on the calf. At this time, the coat through the knee can show the disadvantage all. Not only does wearing a belt make you look energized without feeling overwhelmed, but it’s too small and friendly.

Tip 5: Wear your clothes open

Small People Wear Long Coats 8

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a belt to boost the waistline because we still have a second solution: the inner lap! Be sure not to choose a low-waisted or long top underneath. Instead, wear a jacket and high-waisted pants open to lengthen your legs.

Small People Wear Long Coats 9

There are many advantages to being short. You can appear girly and younger. And not to mention short height and strong personality are appealing, even if they don’t match the complete contrast is impressive.


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