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With the evolution of fashion, suits are a strong presence in the workplace and formal settings. Although suits have been around for some time, this style keeps on changing. Nevertheless, they can be worn on formal occasions, for work, or even for leisure. It’s the reason why women opt to wear suits so much these days. You can create so many styles with just one set of suits.

Many people think that when wearing a suit, it should provide a refined and mature appearance. This idea may mean matching tops and pants. But this is not the case when it comes to stylish women’s suits.

There are now more modern and fashionable ways to don a suit. Clothes manufacturers and designers always come up with new styles to give women plenty of options. Other than pairing it with usual trousers, other popular, experimental methods offer elegance and decent touch.

Guide to Choosing Women’s Suits

1. Solid Color Suits

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The first choice is the solid color suit. Clothes manufacturer produce several options for a solid color suit.
Women in their 40s need to get rid of limitations and avoid being too rigid.

One can either choose classic black or nature-colored pieces. For a more fashionable take, highlight some bold details. Or pair it with jeans to give a youthful vibe without trying so hard. You will look effortlessly chic and maintain a demure characteristic.

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Or choose a khaki color suit for a little more sense of elegance. A solid color suit will never disappoint, especially when worn with an ornate belt. When paired with jeans and black boots, you instantly become a stylish woman. Now, that means business and fashion together.

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For a brighter color, opt for a blue suit and pair it with blue jeans. This popular women’s suit color scheme is also easy for a mature woman to pull off. It is a mixture of classy and smart.

2. Plaid Suits

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Suits with plaid or striped details add a retro vibe and are said to be visually slimming.
As some clothes manufacturers come up with new plaid pattern, some people still doubt if that pattern is appropriate for suits. Nonetheless, plaid suits can be worn either by younger women or mature ones and still holds a different character.

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Another popular women’s suit is a thousand bird plaid pattern that gives a sense of subtle elegance when worn with a white T-shirt inside. It is a very simple look that also complements women in their 40s. Pair it with jeans to instantly look younger. This style gives a mature and firm aspect.

3. Leather Suits

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Leather clothing has always been very popular. It’s a reliable fashion statement that is not too strong but not too low-key. Women in their 40s can still opt for classic leather black suits, giving a perfect balance of femininity.

Black leather suits are timeless classic staples every woman must possess. Even with the popularity of other suit styles that just come and go, leather women’s suits have become prominent with clothes manufacturers’ reinvention.

The Elegance of the Suit

1. Suit + Floral Dress

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Floral skirts are also a fashion statement that emphasizes a woman’s gentleness. When worn with a pure color suit jacket, it highlights a lady’s charm. For middle-aged women or those in their 40s, the combination of short-length floral dress and suit is ideal. This fashionable women’s suit style exudes a graceful and sophisticated aura.

Although clothes manufacturers offer floral skirts in different colors, materials, and designs, interestingly, women of a certain age are not keen on wearing daring colors like red and purple. However, floral skirts serving as suits will befit women of all ages and still look riveting.

2. Suit + Buttock Skirt

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A straight skirt or hip skirt has admittedly requires a certain type of figure. Considering it fits and hugs the hips, which contours the buttocks.

When a buttock or straight skirt blends with a fashionable women’s suit, women in the age of 40 and above who don it, means that they are confident to express their trendy persona.
A solid color silhouette with a waist or a drawstring is more desirable to accentuate a woman’s figure when choosing a suit.

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On the other hand, gray suits offer a neutral and more business attire appearance. If you prefer this type of suit, opt to wear it with a pair of white cigarette pants and white shoes. This classic style completes an elite and strong vibe but still maintains a lovely touch.

When it comes to wearing suits over the age of 40, reinvention and experimenting are the keys.

Stop believing that women’s suit can only be worn with trousers. It is not the only style that provides a perfect and sophisticated sense.
Women now have a lot of options. Clothes manufacturers these days can produce suits in different styles, colors, and materials. So, be bold and be different by going with a suit with plaid or leather details.


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