Why Polo Shirt For Winter Is The New Trend

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Every winter, you might give your wardrobe an update. Shop for a few hoodies that work well with coats, quilts, and furs. But this year, that situation might have changed. Because of the comfort and modern vibe it gives, the polo shirts you have since summer are useful again. At that time, you probably wore it with pleated skirts, Bermuda shorts, and even wide-legged pants. Come wintertime; you can wear your long-sleeved knit Polo shirt and give it a new look.

Single Wear

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In heated or air-conditioned rooms, Polo shirts can still be worn alone. And the color scheme should be as “light” as possible to make them look comfortable and warm.

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Cream white, almond color, light gray, or pure black are some of the color options. And then the style should not be too close to the body, but looser for a cozier feeling.

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Although Polo shirts have collars and buttons, they are not as complicated to accessorize. In addition, accessories can actually add a trendy feel.

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Of course, the choice of the necklace is also important. But there is only one rule to follow. To match the charm of the Polo shirt, the best choice would be a gold chain.

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A coin necklace that was popular a few years ago can be pulled out and worn. Same with a thick gold chain that is more popular recently, but you need to switch out a strong aura to pull it off.

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Then, a Polo shirt can be added underneath, usually a close-fitting white T-shirt. It is in the same way that a hoodie can be added under the base.

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As a tip, if you don’t want to look big, you don’t need to wear a T-shirt underneath, but a tank top that you haven’t worn enough in the summer can come in handy.

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These days, bloggers are returning to the wonder of a piece with a hint of Polo. But the thick and woven version as a sweater has become a new favorite for pictorials.

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Where the temperature is not so low, add a small undercoat to wear outdoor.

Render Clothing

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As a base for Polo shirts, you can choose from a wide range of styles and colors. Like how actress Katie Holmes wears it. She wears it under the coat, with full marks for the loose comfort.

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However, most people still wear this slightly slimmer style of Polo shirt to avoid looking big.

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Because it is a base, the thickness does not have to meet the standard of winter. Knitted or not knitted, long sleeves and short sleeves are quite fine.

This allows for the classic Polo shirt, which should be worn in layers and thin enough.

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The inner wear’s color is low key and the button. There is a kind of indescribable artistic atmosphere from this attire.

Polo Shirt 15

You can also choose some bold, bright colors. Do not be afraid to steal the limelight. Just take a look at this blue one. How much air does it give you with this black coat?

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On the other hand, stripe Polo shirts that are unlined as the upper garment has a bit of street style. It can also become fashionable with a long coat, a grandma kerchief. This attire exudes a carefree vibe.

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This Polo shirt is the classic dark blue one. It’s a bit nerdy and a bit boyish but easy to pair with anything.

Polo Shirt 18

Bella chose the geeky girls’ favorite style. She wears it under a thick bread down jacket and with the gold chain showing. Although the style is ordinary, it is still a little bit enticing.

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The Polo shirt can be tucked in the pants. If you can, do not forget to add a pearl necklace. This kind of outfit gives an effortlessly chic look and suitable for girls who love fashionable street style.

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