For A Casual Look, Try A Hoodie!

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The weather is getting colder and colder. Recently, I often hear girls say, “I don’t want to be comfortable. I want to look good! Unfortunately, if you want to be fashionable, you can’t wear stylish clothes at this temperature!” But, the truth is, keeping warm and looking good can coexist! Find out by wearing some of the most popular hoodies right now.

Hoodie 1

Hoodies originated in New York in the 20th century. People originally wore them as workwear. However, because hoodies are warm and fashionable to wear, they are sought after by athletes. Thus, they have become popular among the general public.

Now, hoodies come in different designs, colors, and styles with each passing day. They are some of the must-haves during the autumn and winter seasons. The kind of hoodies can influence how we wear our entire attire. Today we will take a look at how some fashionistas wear their sweaters with ease!

Hoodie 2

Sweaters themselves have a casual attribute. The editor thought pairing a hoodie with a single item, such as a fishtail skirt, can make or break an outfit. The main point is that the skirt must be short because if it is too long, it will appear short and rigid. If you wear a skirt with your hoodie, you are creating an edgy look.

Hoodie 3

A large leopard print area is sexy, hot, and energetic. And the hoodie is the perfect match for that. Pair a beige hoodie with a feminine leopard print skirt for a cozy feel, perfect for a beach photoshoot.

Hoodie 4

Indeed, a white hoodie is pure and lovely. Match it with a pale yellow A-line skirt for a younger look. Not only that but there is also a relaxed and lively feeling when wearing them. In fall, the weather can still be a bit chilly. Try pairing it with a pair of boots that is warm and stylish. The Fanny pack is convenient to carry and specially matched with the sweatshirt’s sporty vibe!

Hoodie 5

Pair a pure white sweatshirt with a simple texture with coffee wide-leg pants for an advanced and retro appeal. This shoe is solid—coffee color and white shade echo the color of sweaters and pants, giving it a sense of balance.

Hoodie 6

I especially like to wear a hat hoodie. Wearing a hat in autumn prevents ears from getting cold and red, and it also gives a sense of security. Pair this white sweater with a simple, printed logo with a pair of coffee pants. It’s so unique that you can wear a hoodie for a distinctive look.

Hoodie 7

The blue color of this sweater looks too dainty! It is like wearing the blue sky without the haze and the stream’s clear water on the body. Pick up the flower decoration and take a selfie. Show them your sweet fashion sense

Hoodie 8

Sweatshirt and jeans can be a more traditional leisure sports outfit. It is ideal for an outing if you want to feel comfortable. Start roaming the road looking chic and sexy. However, this black and white filter can illustrate a gloomy feeling, but making the textire look more sophisticated.

Hoodie 9

The collar of the zipper sweaters gives more design details than the traditional sweaters, more personality. The V-neck is designed to make the look more elegant by making your neck appear longer. You can also show off your favorite necklace. Pair it with a camel color modern high waist trousers and put on a small belt for a gorgeous appeal.

Hoodie 10

Compared with the plain hoodies, the hoodies with more design and embellishments are more dynamic and full of energy. The hoodie with a black base color, when worn with jeans, makes you look cool and vibrant. The necklace, because of its material, gives a unique touch to the whole attire.

Hoodie 11

HyunA also showed us another way of wearing a hoodie besides the usual way of putting it over our head: wear a white T-shirt over our hoodie! Innovative and modern, she paired it with a pleated skirt and white hollow-out stockings for a sexy and girlish look.


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