The printing and dyeing factory suddenly burst the warehouse: knitting home textile fabrics, woven fabrics and other cold-proof demand increased significantly

A Dyeing Factory In Zhejiang

Recently, part of the grey cloth factory queuing goods, dye factory burst the news of the warehouse pressure card in the textile circle, the market confidence has recovered a lot.The warming of weaving end market is bound to be closely related to upstream and downstream enterprises. The annual “Double Eleven” is coming, and some printing and dyeing factories have already seen an explosion!And grey cloth prices are rising sound, it seems that National Day after the momentum a little fierce!

A Dyeing Factory In China

Woven cold fabric, knitted home textile fabric demand obviously enlarged!Partial grey cloth shipment is limited

At present, “Double 11” clothing has already entered the production stage, so the recent textile market began to become more busy.

The textile market in the early stage of National Day accelerates the speed of goods, autumn and winter home textile fabrics goods momentum is better, and in National Day period, weaving market not only frequently rises in price, with polyester tafu, spring Asia textile headed by the regular products staged “money no goods” drama.”It is inconceivable that the market has gone up recently. The price of grey cloth has indeed gone up. Our factory has almost no inventory for a few days.”Said a weaving company.It is understood that including polyester taffeta, spring textiles and other conventional fabrics, compared to the early rise in the situation.

During the National Day period, more than 500 million trips were made in China, which is enough to explain what the “golden week” of National Day is. However, in addition to the very lively and exciting scene of tourism and transportation, the total number of shopping malls also reached 305 million.

The outbreak of shopping passenger flow is bound to drive the clothing consumption market, especially in October, most cities in China have entered the autumn, the weather has gradually turned cool, the clothing market opened autumn and winter clothing sales.And from the current factory orders are high spring sub-textile, conventional spring sub-textile, T400, T800 and other autumn and winter fabrics and lining varieties can also be seen.A regular grey fabric manufacturer such as chunya textile also said that National Day orders have increased significantly, 50% more than in September. The main reason is that the down jacket fabric starts to loosen in the second half of the year, and the quantity is on the rise.

According to industry sources, at present, the downstream loading and weaving, except for National Day, will be shut down for vacation, and will resume work and start up one after another. The overall opening rate of knitting orders is good. Knitted velvet fabrics, such as coral velvet, short plush, flannel, velvet, etc., have become the top varieties in the market in the fourth quarter.As the temperature drops, the demand of woven cold-proof leisure fabric, home textile fabric and other fabrics is obviously enlarged, and there is a copy of some real silk scarves surrounding fabrics into normal production.

A Dyeing Factory In Zhejiang

The market suddenly improved, individual dye factory can not stand: burst warehouse!

“In the days after National Day, the factory orders were booming.The daily intake of grey cloth is 700,000-800,000 meters. Now all the machines and equipment in the factory are at full capacity. This happened in the early part of this year when we were trying to catch up with the goods, but it did not happen again until October.But now according to the daily into the warehouse volume, full capacity production is not enough, estimate from the explosion warehouse is not far away.”Said the head of the dyeing factory.

The upturn in orders was actually evident before the holiday.It is understood that the dyeing factory in National Day more than a week before the market suddenly turned better, the daily warehouse volume can also be stable at about 700,000 meters, you know they in the middle of September, the factory’s daily warehouse volume is mostly hovering around 300,000-400,000 meters, the overall operation rate also maintained at about 60%.Short half a month market reversal, and still continue to surprise people really happy.Their National Day holiday fell from three days last year to two this year.

Orders are rising, but not as high as they used to be at this time of the year.As a result, many in the market are still expecting more orders.Xiaobian believes that the number of orders will continue to increase. At present, the main market orders, mainly the “Double 11” clothing e-commerce stock.

Later with the arrival of the Double 11, many stores launched pre-sale activities, and pay a deposit and other activities, merchants can get the purchase quantity in advance, advance goods, so the merchants will continue to place orders.In addition, as the El Nino phenomenon again this year, the temperature drops, cold clothing fabric demand will pick up, driving the market to take goods atmosphere.

According to the market of previous years, September October is the most prosperous stage in the second half of the year. After November, orders will gradually decrease, but there will be orders for next year successively.But the whole market is still facing the current situation of overcapacity, textile bosses also need to pay attention to the future orders and foreign trade situation.


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