The North Face and Gucci co-branded for the first time in China

The North Face And Gucci Co Branded 1

Outdoor enthusiasts don’t really miss The North Face and The combination of Gucci, to The North Face of outdoor sports equipment to delve into The combination of Gucc fashion aesthetic, has broken The boundaries between The two, produced from The North Face fans or Gucci fans would wear waist joint design, no simply put The Logo printed on, hurry, can be said to be a good cooperation.

The series first went on sale in China on December 29 and will be sold in other countries in early January, showing the status of Chinese customers in the hearts of the two brands.That’s why Chinese stars took the lead in demonstrating the new collection, featuring three brand spokespeople ni ni, Lu Han and li yuchun. Unisex’s design is really suitable for couples to swap.Both brands are believed to have predicted the popularity of the joint ride, with China’s first launch taking place by lottery, with preference given to winners.It will also open limited stores in several Chinese cities.

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It introduced clothing, accessories, duffel bags, shoes, tents and sleeping bags.

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The outfit consists of a down coat, a tunic and vest, as well as t-shirts, skirts and jumpsuits based on The original design of The North Face in The 1970s.Other styles include padded overcoats;Nylon t-shirts, skirts and windbreakers;Exquisite silk twill bowling suit, skirt and underwear skirt;T-shirt, hoodie, wool coat and the same style.

The North Face And Gucci Co Branded 6

The floral design was created by Gucci in collaboration with The North Face, and some styles incorporate The new North Face logo multiplied by Gucci into The design.

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There are eight compositions of The duffel bag products, which are jointly designed with The North Face and all put on bright colors to match Gucci’s series of theme patterns or different versions of The brand new The North Face times Gucci logo prints.The two new backpacks and two new Fanny packs are adorned with these collections’ proprietary prints.

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Both brands continue their commitment to ecological sustainability. From clothing bags to shopping bags, boxes and dust bags have been specially designed to ensure that environmental impacts are reduced during each production process.All paper and cardboard are sourced from sustainably managed forests, and non-coated paper is selected to ensure complete recycling.To reduce the use of paper, the boxes are equipped with a handle to avoid the use of shopping bags.


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