A Guide To Wearing Down Jackets

Down Jacket 5

The snow in the north, the rain in the south, and you only get one feeling: cold! The coat seems not enough to keep us warm. Everybody who will go out will just want to wrap themselves in thick down jackets. But with the bulkiness of the down jacket, how can we wear it ideally? Let’s take a look!

Down Jacket 1

Step 1: Don’t fasten the button.

The puffiness of down jackets is mainly due to padding. Once you’re covered up to keep warm, you will look bulky. So an unbuttoned jacket can visually help you look slimmer.

Down Jacket 2

If you feel completely open or a little cold, then it is necessary to choose the ones with zippers. You can zip up and down when you need to. But with this longer down jackets, you might as well button the top button tightly. Also, open the hem to create the lightness of the lower body under the weight to look thinner.

Down Jacket 3

What you wear inside is also one of the secrets to making the down jackets look more expensive. A fluffy coat with a fairy skirt, seemingly unrelated two pieces come together. But it has a different kind of neutral. And then match it with sneakers for a very girly look.

Down Jacket 4

Step 2: Add a belt.

As a long coat, we always go with the straight style. Add a belt to make them look completely different. It emphasizes the waistline and optimizes the proportion. With very long down jackets, a small belt can add shape to show your curve.

Down Jacket 5

Step 3: Shorter styles are thinner.

The long down jacket can keep us warm, but it is challenging to style. On the other hand, a coat, no matter what you wear inside, can be stylish. Short length down jackets do not have the same bulkiness. Here, the lady wears tight pants while slaying the street style. Perfect for a rainy day.

Down Jacket 6

Step 4: style.

For a really unique look, try metallic down jackets. It might not be easy to pair it off with other outfits, but anyone who sees this modern style will focus on how odd the look is because of its uniqueness. And besides, you get to bring out your risky fashion sense.

Down Jacket 7

Colored down jackets are also a good option if you want to try something bold. Blue offer a cool tone, saturation is high enough, enough to be eye-catching.

Down Jacket 8

The popular oversize version can also be applied directly to down jackets. A loose, off-the-shoulder cut reduces the head-to-body ratio and makes your body look more appealing. Pair it with skinny pants and heels, adding a feminine touch to your streetwear.

Down Jacket 9

The cape-style down jackets create a natural narrow top and wide bottom with its loose hem, making your head and face smaller. At the same time, the expanded cape can also foil the thin legs. Match with straight pants or radish pants to cover the relatively thick thighs.

Down Jacket 10

Some down jackets have different prints, colors, and designs. And there is always something that best suits your taste. So not only do you get to show your fashion statement, but you also get to stay warm this winter.

So, get ready this winter season. Brace the cold weather in stylish down jackets.


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