The latest and most fashionable Athflow in 2021!Just remember these key words!

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The year 2021 has arrived, and Pinterest, which has been on the cutting edge of the latest trends, recently released its trend forecast for 2021, with the brand new keyword “Athflow” at the top.

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The word athleisure is derived from athleisure and flow, which means “Athflow” in 2021 when athleisure meets elegance.

Thanks to the epidemic, working from home has become longer, but there is still a need to exercise, so people are opting for comfy trousers, casual jumpsuits and Oversize coats.

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Working from home is formal enough, running errands is elegant enough to be tucked away on the couch or spread out on a yoga mat.

Keep the following elements in mind: comfortable material, loose form, simple design and elegant light colors.

Today, I’d like to recommend the latest and latest products for you to be the first to reach Athflow in 2021.

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A warm looking Athflow top will keep you warm this winter.

The material choices are usually skin-friendly plush and knitted, with a soft color that feels warm just to look at.You can sit on the couch and work comfortably, and you don’t have to scramble to change clothes for an impromptu video conference.

When choosing, be careful to avoid styles that look too pyjama-like.

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1.Fano Studios rabbit hair lapel jacket

Fano Studios’ new winter collection this year has really hit home with everything.Start by recommending Fano Studios’ latest rabbit fur lapel jacket for the perfect outing.

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Fano Studios must have been known to our regular buyers.

The simple design at first glance actually hides the excellent version and details. This time, it also goes ahead of The Times. The new winter series all have Athflow’s sports and leisure flavor, without losing the elegance of the brand itself.

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The coat has a total of three colors to choose from, I think it will be difficult to choose the little fairy, because they are too beautiful!

Pure black color cool street sense full, the earth brown composed high, the light under the general flow of caramel feeling.My favorite is low-key Gongmi white, the color is very special, wearing like a rabbit as lovely!

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Rabbit hair material feel very good, stand collar design down or stand up can present different styles.Environmentally friendly fur is made very high, not cheap at all, dense and supple to the touch.

Seemingly simple version, in fact, is a three-dimensional tailoring, adding layer sense, a person’s temperament and fashion sense is hidden inside such details.

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2.UNSPOKEN high-necked zip-up jacket

The second jacket I recommend is a tall UNSPOKEN coat similar to Fano’s.

The color of wine red is very wintry. I think of that popular song — “A glass of wine goes with a movie, on a weekend night, I turn off my phone and sit comfortably in the sofa ~”, which is really very comfortable.

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UNSPOKEN is an original designer women’s clothing brand with neutral style, which is mainly aimed at young people’s market and has been popular among bloggers in Xiaohongshu in recent years.

Because go the route of neutral wind, so will pay more attention to the comfort of fabrics, every piece of clothing is to go along with the simple style of wear.

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Use polyester make it furs general texture, enough to keep warm, and the version above will be more stiff, suitable for the kind of cool girl.

The color of the wine is very suitable for this material, with the folds will reflect the different shades of luster, really like a flowing red wine as attractive.

It’s also very easy to match. Basic styles like black and white go well with red wines.

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3.UNSPOKEN puffy turtleneck sweater

Another new item from UNSPOKEN this season is also worthy of recommendation, this white turtleneck sweater has a different style.

It looks a bit Norse, but also retains the neutral and artistic style.

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Boyish, a neutral style, has been extremely popular in the past two years, and Oversize hoodies are the most popular item.This trend has now been renewed by Athflow.

So a stylish and comfortable hoodie can not only be Athflow at home, but also Boyish when you go out.

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The advantage of sweater depends on can serve as inside build, can serve as outside to wear again, it is the jokey money of winter wardrobe, keep warm at home, go out to feel not enough to be able to add a coat at any time, how to walk take wind.

The turtleneck is so convenient that it stands up when it’s cold and gives you a warm breath with every breath. Even a scarf can be saved.

The milky color is also flattering, like a polar bear sitting on a couch in winter.

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4.RAYNA·G Fox Hoodie

The fourth piece is RAYNA·G’s black Fox hoodie.In Boyish, there is a sense of art, and the material is warm and comfortable.

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The brand Rayna.g is also a brand I often recommend. It pays attention to the cultural atmosphere and artistic expression, so its clothes have a sense of literary retro and immortals.
For example, the original little Fox hoodies can remind people of the Little Prince.

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The cotton fabric is very comfortable and heavy on the top, not a thin layer of fabric.The whole is washed old style, and the neckline is designed by adding wool and grinding. The process looks very fine.

The original little fox print on the chest is the key of the dress, dark gray can raise bright dress already, contain a sense of mystery again, feel the girl that this head hoodies suits literary style very much.

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5.KANGOL Logo print hoodie with round neck

Another Style, the Boyfriend Style, which lasts forever, is also good for advanced athflows.Kangol’s floral crewneck hoodie, for example, looks just as good on women as it does on men!

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Kangol is a traditional clothing brand with a history of more than 60 years in the UK. Its main product is berets made of pure wool, which is full of British style.

But what want to recommend this time is the clothes of its home, same fabrics is advanced, make delicate, product is excellent.

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The simpler the style, the more attention is paid to the fabric and the version. This hoodie is like that. The loose version of the upper body is actually very thin, and the 100% cotton fabric is also very comfortable.

The printed Kangol LOGO is as bold as ever, with yellow curlicue characters, simple but also eye-catching, and can tell you at a glance that you have a good taste in clothes.

After all, refuse fancy, return to simplicity, enjoy yourself.

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6.NERDY velvet sport jacket

The sixth thing I would like to recommend is NERDY, a velvety sport coat in three colors. It looks very elegant!

I didn’t expect sportswear could be so upscale.

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NERDY is a young brand from South Korea. The brand concept is versatile and simple, but with rich colors. I hope everyone can find their own clothes in NERDY.

And the advantage of Korean brand is that the version is suitable for Asians, loose style will also modify the body, very friendly.But also with some Korean design style in the inside, especially elegant.

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This velvet sport coat is like that. The material of velvet is very special for the sport coat. It is very warm to wear in winter.I especially like the red one. The model looks like a rich guy.

Bold contrasting straight lines also give the dress a lift, and the combination of retro and sporty never goes out of style.The shorter version elongates the waist.

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The trousers

Since Athflow focuses on the home, elegance and movement, the lower part of the body is mostly loose and comfortable pants

That’s not to say that pajama pants are thin, but simple ones that have enough stretch to allow you to exercise without a problem.

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7.HOWL dark gray drawstring trousers

HOWL’s dark gray bodysuit is the one that I love at first sight.

Most like this seemingly simple, in fact, full of all kinds of details and design of the basic ~ no matter at home or abroad are all more face.

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HOWL, a designer based in Hong Kong and a graduate of Central Saint Martins college in London, created a house that focuses on patchwork and has a Bohemian romance about it.

So this is actually a three-dimensional splice cut, with the right length of the bunched foot, which not only makes the leg look smaller, but also gives it a nice shape, which makes it look like a long, straight, thin leg.

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Fully 380 grams of thick velvet design is specially prepared for this winter, wear alone is enough to keep warm, thin can also concave fashion style, not let a person feel bulky.

Collocation is also very simple, dark gray is also a universal color, no matter black and white or all kinds of earth color can play the role of connecting the preceding and the following.

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8.PaleBlueDot wool high-waisted turnip pants

Our next pair of pants are PaleBlueDot, these fleece high-waisted turnip pants.

The look is really great, and it’s easy to look at and feel comfortable, with a retro look from the eighties.

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PaleBlueDot is an original Designer brand in China. Its home designs have always been inspired from 20S to 80S, which is why I particularly like its home.
Fashion is always reincarnation, and retro but never out of date.

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Radish pants are very decorative feet, this one is also high waist style, more appear feet long and thin, and casual casual feeling.The top wide and bottom narrow design is simply zero restraint, can wear all the year round.

Shallow wheat color has home feeling very much, however because modelling is simple color is earthy, if want to wear go out, should choose heavy color or the jacket that has design feeling, can appear a bit like pajama pants otherwise.

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10.J.isng knitted slacks with high waist and corset feet

Another pair of high-waisted trousers is j.isng, a knitted slacks.

Knitting is the representative of comfortable and expensive gas likewise, look ordinary, close look can have simple sense alone, look is not what cheap pants.

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J.isng is a brand founded in LA in the United States in 2017. It follows the path of light luxury and niche. Many fashion bloggers on instagram wear their clothes, and the design is indeed web celebrity style.

J.isng has two lines of pajamas and yoga, so the clothes are very comfortable and suitable for both home and exercise. It is one of the representative brands of Athflow.

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The slacks, with their high-waisted design and fleshy shape, are a LOOK for instagram fashion bloggers that, when paired with a pair of dad sneakers, are just about the difference between you and them.

The selected knitted fabric has a sense of draping, looks young and fashionable.With two colors to choose from, I tend to prefer gray, which looks more home and versatile.Black, on the other hand, is suitable for going out and looking like a rich lady.

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Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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