Textbook winter wardrobe, Haley Bieber takes us inside her wardrobe for a week!

Coat Sweats Sneakers

As the fashion world’s most vocal medium, and as the first guest on VOGUE’s new issue 7 Days 7 Looks, does fashion’s recognition of Bieber in Hailey Need to be said more?

Hailey Biebers Clothes.webp

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the beauty of a VOGUE approved look for the week.

Casual sports style

Hailey’s Mondays are simple coats, sports suits and sneakers, and Athlesuire has been a hit in recent years.

Coat Sweats Sneakers

If you have followed Hailey private clothing to wear a friend, should be familiar with this kind of collocation publicity, because its frequency of occurrence is really very high.

Hailey also said that the formula could be used in a wide variety of situations, even for long and short trips.

Hailey Biebers Overcoat.webp

Personally,Hailey also like to tie up their trousers with socks, which visually tighten their ankles and make them look thinner.

Hailey Biebers Overcoats.webp

For those in good shape (and not afraid of the cold), they can also be worn with a cropped top to show off their waist line.

Hailey Biebers Cloth.webp

Long wool coat

Just as Hailey says long coat is Everything, the most indispensable in winter, there is definitely a version of the classic suit coat with high accuracy.

Hailey Biebers Clothes 2.webp

Not afraid of the home of this long coat as the recent word of mouth contestants, all the proportions are very pinch in place.

The outline is generous and optional, the line is smooth and natural, the collar also stretches the atmosphere.

Hailey Biebers Clothes 3.webp

The place of detail, the proportion of button and position are proper also, proper place is not abrupt, accomplished really advanced inside collect.

It is a good dress when seen near and far.

Hailey Biebers Clothes 4.webp

On the material, the chocolate color is 100% Australian wool, feel crisp and thick.Grey and blue is 100% super Australian wool, feel delicate and soft, comparable to cashmere, quality is not ordinary two-sided.

Hailey Biebers Clothes 5.webp

Add fleece drawstring hoodie

Compared with buying a set of hoodie suits to create a rich sense of wear, as direct choice of a versatile hoodie to wear more than one dress, that is the real cost performance queen + money good girl.

Hailey Biebers Hoodie 2.webp

For example, Fano’s comfortable and stylish hoodie is slightly loose with soft material and a sense of pendant, which is highly decorative.Fall shoulder sleeve design, contain languid lazy feeling while still can decorate shoulder line.

Hailey Biebers Hoodie.webp

The sleeve with a sense of stacking is not only full full of capacity to cover the flesh, but also the wonderful thing is that it will only look more casual and casual in the visual sense, without showing bloat at all. The fairy who is afraid of cold can put a lot of clothes in it, which is the Gospel of slightly fat sister!

Hailey Biebers Hoodie 3.webp

This sweater is made of cotton blend with comfortable skin. It can be used to keep the house warm with velvet inside.

Hailey Biebers Clothes 6.webp

Fleece and high-waisted sweatpants

On the choice of athletic pants it is a truth with athletic hoodie actually, joker is measure standard, comfortable is the most important one.

Hailey Biebers Sport Pants.webp

UNSPOKEN sweatpants are basically a slim-cut, straight-leg version.

The hind half of crural mouth uses elastics to close up, make trouser leg loosely bundle is in ankle, avoided trouser leg to drag already, still can modify the inadequacy on leg model, appear leg ministry line is more slender.

Hailey Biebers Sport Pants 2.webp

The pants fabric is very soft from the hand feeling, the slight stretch and the design of inner velvet also make it more comfortable to wear.At the same time, it is not easy to pilling, easy to clean and very convenient to handle.

Hailey Biebers Sport Pants 3.webp

The diagonal cut design used in the inner trouser seam is fashionable and personalized;The elastic waist and head together with the rope design can better adjust the dimension.

In general, there is no redundant decoration and design, more leisure and simple and versatile.

Hailey Biebers Sport Pants 4.webp

New York City style

The Hailey’s second suit, while still a formula of coat + interior, has taken on a very different, urban New York look as the pieces have changed.


First of all, on the coat, she deliberately chose a large two size long woolen coat, so that it is very comfortable to wear, leaving more space for matching into the sweater or thicker clothes.


She opted for a comfortable and timeless version of the classic sweater, which looks good and keeps her warm.

The next outfit is the pen of the dot eyeball that sets collocation this!Her latest favorite fashion item, leather pants!


Although the leather pants are too skinny to be shod by a beaver, the beaver’s love for them is unabated, and the frequency of their appearance in street snaps is obvious.

Pants 2.webp

High-tech undershirts

If you can only buy one top this winter, this “high-tech” top from Fano Studios is recommended.

Base Shirt.webp

It uses triple skin-friendly black technology fabric, commonly known as germanyvelvet, a soft material with a sense of warmth.

This kind of fabrics not only colour and lustre surface is beautiful, feel is superior, connect the fluff of the surface to be able to form air layer, keep warm is excellent, and hook silk is not easy to rise pilling is not easy to be out of shape, the simple sense with close skin is lukewarm embellish like jade.

Base Shirt 2.webp

The contracted design of pure color won’t usurp the host, the choice of black and white two colors also covered qiu Dong to wear the majority demand that build, how tie-in good-looking.

Base Shirt 3.webp

The unique small stand collar design with small love embroidery and the cart-cutting technology used on the cuff are simple and exquisite.

Is definitely this winter warm carry a handle of the boundary, strong for the body coax heat.

Base Shirt 4.webp

High waist spliced straight leg leather trousers

Leather is different from other materials, the result of not choosing well is easy to have rough and cheap feeling.

UNSPOKEN English, however, has done a lot of work in terms of both type and material and is a safe and fashionable brand that can’t be wrong.

Black Pants.webp

The imported elastic fabric of this leather pants is not only ductile, but also has excellent wear resistance and cold resistance.

The overall shape of the pants is slim but not close to the body. It is comfortable to wear without a sense of restraint.The legs of the dividing line moved up to make the lower body ratio more beautiful;The stitching below the legs is a little bit of a close design, slimming and stylish.

Black Pants 2.webp

The design of pocket inserts on both sides of the front increases practicality and functionality. The pant leg adopts the YKK matte metal zipper design imported from Japan, which makes it easy to wear and take off with great atmosphere.

The line of crotch adopts the classic technique of jeans to ensure it is firm and there is no need to worry about cracking when squatting!

Black Pants 3.webp

Mature and cool style

Looking at two sets of casual, everyday styles, Beaver’s Wednesday opted for one of her favorite close-fitting, slit trousers for the season, creating not only a sense of design, but also a distinctly grown-up, cool look.


The Hailey have opted for a bra that is both “inside and out” and is this summer’s new look, revealing feminine charms and adding to the holiday spirit.

Clothes 2.webp

Of course, autumn and winter is not suitable for a single bra or outer suit, recommend everyone to replace with a tight bottom and down jacket, warm and fashionable!

Clothes 3.webp

Slit in front straight leg jeans

The slit that has been at the forefront of fashion elements in recent years, this year has a new meaning from the front slit and the slit up to the knee.

Take rayna.g. ‘s pair of jeans with a slit in the front.


The slits at the front of the trousers elongate the visual scale, and the elongated split line further elongates the legs, making them thin and straight.

Jeans 2.webp

The straight version is friendly to all shapes and sizes, and the front and back pockets also add a retro feel, which is versatile in terms of shape, design and style.

Jeans 3.webp

This pair of jeans is made of natural cotton denim fabric, with the added spandex component to further increase elasticity, make it more comfortable to wear, crease resistant and not easily deformed.

Jeans 4.webp

Sexy woman style

Half way through the week, Hailey said Thursday was her “date night,” so style-conscious she opted for the more romantic little woman style.

The classic and elegant little black dress, paired with the neutral and feminine Power suit, enables the Hailey’s little woman style to be both advanced and not too sweet or vulgar.

All hand – made woolen suit coats

It is not suitable to dress exactly like a beaver in the cold winter. First of all, we can change her suit into a woolen suit coat.

Wool Coat.webp

This suit by Rayna.g combines an overcoat with a waistcoat, which can be both practical and matching. 

Wool Coat 2.webp

It also lengthens the classic collar in a loose-fitting straight version, which not only elongates the figure but also looks good on its own.

Wool Coat 3.webp

The material is 100% fine wool double-sided ni, the hand feel is exquisite and straight, the gram weight reaches 820g, comfortable and warm. 

In addition, it is also hand-sewn. Each piece needs tens of meters sewing by hand. A worker needs to finish a set for several days, which is heavy and has texture.

Wool Coat 4.webp

Vintage velvet little black dress

With the retro craze, velvet is making a comeback with its own era and modern feel.Its rich colour and lustre, luxuriant ray, compare with other fabrics have story sex and magic power more.

Black Dress.webp

This velvet dress by HEYDRESS also has a luxurious and expensive texture because of its velvet material, which gives it a gorgeous elegance and lazy sexiness.

Black Dress 2.webp

Fashion small stand collar design, can highlight the elegant temperament;Three-dimensional waist elastic design, can also show a graceful figure, just right to build a visual focus, the beauty of women to promote.

Black Dress 3.webp

Hip girl style

After a hard week of work and the arrival of the workers’ favorite Friday, Hailey suggested we end the workday in a comfortable and energetic outfit.

Long Coat.webp

Hailey’s formula is a long coat + bottom + jeans + ankle boots, which seems to be a bit similar to the New York City style, but creates a younger look with an energetic pair of jeans.

Long Coat 2.webp

White down jacket with waist profile

In addition to long coats, in the autumn and winter coat choice, more warm and practical single item is actually down jacket.

Down Coat.webp

Among down jackets, the sleek, stuffed ‘bread suit’ has become a big trend this year, and blue Dot’s bread suit is built on that with elaborate lacing to give it more possibilities.

Down Coat 2.webp

It’s fluffy enough to look soft and light.The bandage also doesn’t give the wearer a sense of bondage, but is girly in the feeling of being languid to the full.

Down Coat 3.webp

This down jacket is made of 90% white duck plush, which is the most warming-proof of all the down jackets. Meanwhile, the down jackets are warm, light and close-fitting, and strong against the cold.

Down Coat 4.webp

High-waisted slim straight tube with velvet jeans

How can you find a pair of jeans that will instantly energize your entire outfit?The simple answer is to choose a style that is more versatile and neutral, from the shape to the color.

Thickened Jeans.webp

Take the jeans of Heydress house, for example, not only uses the insulation black technology — warm sweater fiber, which changes the definition of warmth with technology, but more uses the slimming straight version to fuse, which can contain various kinds of legs, and can also match various pieces and styles.

Thickened Jeans 2.webp

Super elastic elastic waist design, wanton relaxation without pressure.

Both colors are the most versatile winter dark colors, comfortable, warm, versatile, a full pair of pants!

Thickened Jeans 3.webp

Languid lazy neutral style

After a week of work, You can finally enjoy a lazy Saturday!

Hailey recommend light-colored sweaters because they are gentle and elegant, Tomboy with jeans and more casual and stylish with a baseball cap.

Blousing Blouse.webp

If you want to be lazy but don’t want to lose your sense of style, this is the perfect outfit. Hailey wear it all the time, too, with a deliberate little display of shoulder and a hint of womanliness in a neutral wind.

Blousing Blouse 2.webp

Pure cashmere turtleneck pullover

Just like the Hailey chose a Polo neck sweater, here’s a zip-up Polo neck sweater for everyone.


The overall shape of the sweater can be easily worn to show a thin feeling. The high-waisted pullover can be worn and taken off in a beautiful and convenient way.

The little secret to looking good in winter and not getting bloated is in this sweater!

The loose-fitting oversize style is lazy and casual, which is very inclusive for the figure.The big lapel that attracts eyeball is designed, can have the effect that prevents wind to keep out cold not only, return integral fashionable degree additional cent is not little.

Sweater 3.webp

The sweater, with a net weight of about 480 grams, is warm and thick with solid ingot knitting.The loose clothing body combines with the high tie zipper design, handsome and free, can be worn alone or as an inside coat, it is easy to wear and match.

Sweater 4.webp

Advanced home style

As the last day of the week in the house, Hailey said she would be more comfortable with herself and would love to wear what looks like pajamas, but is more glamorous than pajamas, and to Party with her little sisters at home.


The pajama exterior is not new to the fashion world.
Especially as the beginning of the year when people home time stretch, more and more people began to favor home clothing.Wear right pyjamas wind also can give a person a kind of advanced languid is lazy feeling, change a body temperament queen.

Pajamas 2.webp

Hailey wear a lot of this laid-back, upmarket pajama style.And more to the basis of the same color system, it looks more advanced atmosphere.

Pajamas 3.webp

Double pajamas set with fleece

The designer of This pajama suit by Lucia Berutto deliberately opted for a neutral style, adding a hem line to add fineness to the outfit, and a collision of colors to give the outfit a more stylish look.

Pajamas Set.webp

They are also made of velvet with a soft touch that makes them feel like they are being hugged and keep them warm.
The warm stove in winter and tender embrace, be short of one cannot.

Pajamas Set 2.webp

Elastic waist and pocket design, convenient and practical, make life more convenient and convenient.In addition to gray and wine red options, you can choose according to the color of your coat to more fit the fall and winter pajamas suit.

Pajamas Set 3.webp

In general, the wear of Hailey is on the basis of daily, practical wear added advanced but not abrupt fashion sense.After reading her textbook style weekly wear and share, do you think it is difficult to think out of fashion?


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