Sweater + Jeans = Basic But Attractive

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As we come close to winter, thinking about what to wear can be a burden. We must first consider which clothes can keep us warm. The color, style, and design are not necessary as long as we stay warm. Hence, the simplest and essential wear is the classic sweater and jeans. This pair come in handy during this time.

Sweater Jeans 1

Start with a simple black turtleneck and pair it with black jeans. It’s like the whole body says, “I’m cool.” For more design features, opt for off-the-shoulder. After all, it is this year’s super popular cutout. If you are going for all-black attire, add some accessories for more individuality.

Sweater Jeans 2

A black sweater and trousers can be boring. Then why not try blue jeans? Pair it with the same black stiletto hosiery boots to show a slender ankle. Although the bag is also black, BV’s metal chain brings a bright spot, creating a more expensive fashion statement!

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If the above two slimming sweaters are too sketchy, or bit too sexy for you, change them again. You only need a loose-fitting sweater for transformation. You can match it with straight-leg jeans and tie your hair casually to create a natural, relax feeling.

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Of course, who said jeans only come in black and blue? Grey jeans, which people rarely wear, are also a good match. The unmistakable black, white, and grey is naturally a must for girls who want to save time and effort. The cream-white sweater paired with the same color of grey jeans and ankle boots makes a glamorous and relaxed look without losing detail.

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It’s the same formula for switching tops and bottoms for another day. Pair a loose-fitting sweater with straight-leg jeans, but be sure to tuck your top in so you don’t look like a slob. If you want to emphasize your waistline, add a cross-body bag or Fanny pack.

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All white outfits can make you stand out this dreary winter. One blogger recently tried it, but she styled it more ingeniously. She paired it with classic sneakers and put on a green sweater on her shoulders. The result was next-level coolness.

Sweater Jeans 7

An outfit worn by many bloggers who want a girly look is the chunky sweater. To balance the look, try a pair of baggy jeans and masculine Chelsea boots.

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But if you change the shoes, it is another story. Victoria Beckham often wears a sweater and jeans on the street, but she often pairs them with a pair of pointed heels, especially the red ones. Since the color is the opposite of the blue of the jeans, it makes her look more feminine.

Sweater Jeans 9

But wearing heels can also be wise street style, even if it is a pair of ripped jeans.

Sweater Jeans 10

If you want to put more emphasis on your legs, try wide-leg jeans. Pair it with any type of sweaters and tuck it in to show your slender waist.

Sweater Jeans 11

In addition to pullovers, cardigans are perfectly acceptable, especially these v-necked ones, which elongate your neck and make your face look smaller.

Sweater Jeans 12

Even a jumper and cardigan can be paired with jeans. The attire can be more fashionable with the right color and styling.
So yes, sweater + jeans = effortlessly chic. The classic formula to stay fashionable and warm this winter.


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