Solve sweater fuzz ball, drop fuzz, shrink whole strategy

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Wear sweater in autumn and winter, is it easy to be out of shape and pilling?What’s more, newly purchased sweaters can become hairy and irritating, which not only makes them less warm, but also causes them to get hairy all over the place. How do you solve this problem?Is the brand too bad?

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Speaking of the four seasons, sweaters can be great for at least three quarters of the year.Just for wear, we also need to learn about sweater care.It is also the time to wear sweaters, we do not want to wear beautiful to go out but others said sloppy clothes.Today we’re going to take a genealogy test. Why on earth does your sweater pilling?

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Many people don’t understand what the reason is, and some people even think that as long as the pilling is a quality problem, I would like to say, this is your prejudice.

Actually, the dress of all sorts of fiber is in use process, because can suffer a variety of external force friction action, dress surface more or less can rise wool, rise ball.This phenomenon is inevitable in natural and chemical fiber fabrics, and it is still a technical problem to be solved internationally.

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The cause of the pilling of the sweater

1, raw material

The higher the quality of wool raw materials, the finer, the denser the surface scales, good curl, soft feel, but also easy to wrap, pilling.

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2. Different fabric structure (plain needle, ingot, ingot, etc.)

Different density (loose, tight) will also produce different degrees of pilling phenomenon, the national Technical Supervision Bureau for pilling test is according to different yarn specifications (counts) woven into the specified specification density, the structure of the sample in the specified time in the pilling box test, and then the rating.

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3.Contact with different objects (smooth and rough) while wearing

Pilling phenomenon will also occur to different degrees. Pilling is also easy to be caused by frequent friction of sleeves and pockets.

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4. From the perspective of technology

If the twist is loose, the yarn is round, the strips are full, but the pilling is easy, and the twist is tight, the yarn will lose its shape, like a rope.

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Accordingly, sweater is worn in the process at the beginning, produce the phenomenon that rise a ball is a bit more apparent, can use small scissors to repair, won’t produce again, this kind of phenomenon can disappear gradually.

How to solve sweater pilling

1, if it is a relatively large ball, you can directly use scissors cut off.

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2, with the hair comb in the pilling area lightly scrape

It’s super easy to get rid of little balls of fur.

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3. Use a hair remover to remove wool balls from sweaters and woolen coats

It’s fast and convenient.To protect the texture, place the sweater on a flat surface and pull out the wrinkles.

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4.Handle the toothbrush

Use scissors to cut a few knife in the side of the toothbrush, make the side of the toothbrush becomes jagged, with the toothbrush cut a side along the grain of the sweater gently scratches, also can remove wool ball.

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5. Gently scrape the surface of the sweater with a razor

The wool balls are piled up ~ twist them with your hands and throw them away.

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6.You can also stick it with tape

Choose the one with the wide edge that’s sticky.But be careful to control your strength and not hurt your sweater.

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7.Take a pumice stone

Glide gently from the sweater like water, easy to go pills, but pay attention to the strength.

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8. Sponge for washing dishes, preferably new

The cleaner and harder, will be convex facing the sweater, just gently slide over it.This is the same as using pumice to remove pills.

How to solve sweater shedding

Want to prevent wool from shedding?In fact, very simple, when washing clothes, add the right amount of washing powder into the water, plus the right amount of starch (half a basin of cold water to dissolve a tablespoon of starch), and then stir well.

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Put the clothes in the water, soak for 5 minutes, gently scrub and then rinse with clean water.

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Will wash sweater to be hanged to drop water in net bag, the friend that does not have net bag, can air bask in sweater as below figure, such sweater just is out of shape not easily.

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The next time you wear a sweater after it’s dried, you’ll notice that you lose even less hair, or not at all.

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How to solve sweater to Pierce a person

Sometimes, the sweater that buys to come back is really a person, how to wear all uncomfortable, what to improve method again?

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Above all, new sweater buys come back to want to soak sweater thoroughly with clear water, next shampoo or bath dew even daub is on sweater, rub after 30 minutes clean sweater.

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After rinsing with clear water, lay sweater flat on dry towel, roll towel and sweater together after wring out moisture.

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Wring out the sweater and then lay it out to dry. This will help soften the fibers and prevent them from stinging.

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How to solve sweater shrinkage

A lot of sweaters are getting shrunk so much that they can’t even be worn. Can’t they just be thrown away?Don’t panic, the sweater’s shrunk!

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Add a small amount of borax to clear water, about 2 teaspoons per liter, or 500ml per liter of white vinegar.

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After mixing, soak the garment in water for at least 25 minutes.If the clothes shrink very badly, you can gently pull the clothes when soaking.

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After 25 minutes, take out the clothes and wring them out. Spread them flat on the towel. After wring them out, leave the clothes on the towel for about 10 minutes.

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Then take out the clothes, gently pull the clothes and let them dry.

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If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, wash your clothes by hand in cold water and hang them to dry.

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Sweater quick-drying

Sometimes sweater did not dry, anxious to wear sweater again how to do?Have a vacuum bag that you use at home, such as a sealable plastic bag with quilts, the size of which can hold heavy clothes.

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Do not seal all vacuum bags, it is best to leave an 8 cm opening on each side, and seal the middle well.

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Turn a common hair dryer on low speed and blow through one opening in the vacuum bag, while hot air with moisture comes out the other opening.

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It is best to turn the clothes over a few times when you are blowing, so that they are evenly heated.This acts as a thermal cycle, speeding up the drying of clothes.Twenty minutes later, the sweater is dry!

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