Running a good clothing manufacturer needs to have the conditions, not others can do you can do!

running a good clothing manufacturer needs to have the conditions, not others can do you can do

1 There are sufficient quality sources of goods

    Take a small clothing manufacturer with about 30 workers as an example. For example, in a clothing manufacturer, a factory manager + two cutting masters + a large ironworker and a small ironworker + two inspection workers + a packaging worker + a chef, and a cleaning worker. These workers are indispensable, and the wages of these workers are fixed, in the eastern part of China, at least 6000 U.S. dollars a month is necessary, plus rent, utilities, etc.

    If your source is good enough, even if at least when there are 10 workers doing it (I used to wonder why even if the smallest clothing manufacturer and then difficult to do the order there are always a few workers doing it? Now understand, because that 65% of the workers master. (Once again, salute them!) ), can also guarantee to earn the above-mentioned money will not lose, then congratulations, you can consider opening a clothing manufacturer. Because the situation will not be worse than this. Of course, please note that large garment factories do not come to mix, as well as look forward to the second half of a burst to make up for the first half of the loss do not come to mix, because the second half of the year is also an unknown, the second half of how much to earn until the New Year to know. I am conservative, standing in order for you not to lose money a year on the stand, to give you the advice will certainly make money.

2 Workers who are “sworn to follow”

    Also, give an example, even if you do not have a month of orders, these workers will follow you, and will not resign, and so you have ordered, do not ask how much pay desperately do, help you make back the loss. This does not have to be loyal, can also be other, such as a clothing manufacturer boss, a year to workers 10000 U.S. dollars, regardless of how much to do less, not more than a penny not less. So that a year down, as long as the order is not incredibly poor, but also will never lose money.

3 Advice for front-line workers

    And let’s talk about the front-line workers engaged in clothing manufacturing. Under the monthly salary system, do or do not do, serious or not serious, the money earned is not much different. And the piecework system, a day does not work, a day no income.

    So I can understand why the workers are so unstable. As I said before, workers are afraid that this factory is not good for this batch of garments, the next batch of orders are not good, and they are afraid that they can’t make money today and even less tomorrow, so it is reflected that they are picky about the factory and the orders, and they don’t want to do that order.

    Because they understand that they can earn money, desperate to earn more, who can not guarantee that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is a kind of. And I also appreciate why workers will ask the factory before joining the clothing manufacturer is simply OEM or self-production, they also want to find a relatively stable clothing manufacturer, that can be stable to make money.

4 Advice for garment factory workers

    Advice to workers, to be honest, because of the good and bad clothing manufacturers, really can not give exact advice. The most feasible thing is for each worker to ask himself what his psychological salary is before he joins the clothing manufacturer. Let’s also give an example. For example, I am a senior garment worker, skilled, and fast, then the first half of my psychological wage is an average of 40 U.S. dollars a day, and the second half of my psychological wage is an average of 45 U.S. dollars a day, to determine the psychological wage, I began to look for a clothing manufacturer, check the style, consult the wage, if which garment factory basically in at least 10 days, preferably within half a month can reach or close to my psychological wage Then I can join this clothing manufacturer.

     Why are ten days and a half months? People who have done the garment work understand that a clothing style needs a day or two to familiarize themselves with the processing process, if a week to change the style, the trouble is not. But really can do a month so long at once the style is also relatively small, and half a month after the clothing style is done, the clothing manufacturer boss will have to consider the next style, whether the next style is good or not, to continue to do can also be decided. So this time limit seems more reasonable and reliable.

    Another piece of advice, for example, in a garment factory to do 2, 3 months, suddenly encountering a clothing style is more difficult to earn money is not particularly ideal, should we change clothing manufacturer? I think this should be more cautious. Because a factory, even if it is self-produced, it is not possible for every style to do well, every style is simple, and again for so long, occasionally a style is not good to do, you can stick with the style to finish, if the latter is also bad, consider changing a factory is not too late. Generally speaking, in such factories, if not suffered a particularly serious misfortune, the boss still has a way to find a good way to do clothing orders, after all, 2, or 3 months is not short.

    If you are not very sure, you can also ask others, if a number of people do half a year or even longer, you can consider doing it for a long time. The premise is that, on average, each month’s salary will not be too much less than they expected.


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