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A fashion show is the act of a fashion model walking the stage in a particular place.In front of the audience to display clothing, clothing products as the main content of aesthetic activities.A fashion show is one of the fashion shows.It refers to an activity in which models present new clothes in front of an audience.Depending on the type of fashion show…The starting point and emphasis of stage art design should be different..Follow its own characteristics..Design.

A fashion show is one in which a fashion model walks the stage at a specific location, etc.In front of the audience to display clothing, clothing products as the main content of the aesthetic activities.There are many types of fashion shows..It is divided into conference, promotion, special show, entertainment and so on.

A fashion show is an event in which models are used to show new clothes in front of an audience.There are two main types of fashion shows.One is clothing fashion trend release.Fashion trend release refers to the collection of recent works designed by fashion research departments and fashion designers during each fashion period..Was made public in the form of a costume show.Fashion trends show twice a year..One was the spring/summer fashion release…One was the autumn/winter fashion release.Press releases can create buzz for the arrival of new trends.Garment makers can also choose styles they think will catch on…Or get some inspiration to redesign..And then make the product..Put on the market as a new fashion…Form a new fashion.Fashion trend released fashion show is a formal fashion show..This kind of performance involves forward thinking and predictability.The other is a designer presentation.The main display designer’s new or upcoming new clothing enterprises.This kind of performance emphasizes the design style of the designer or the characteristics of new clothes.This fashion show is fashionable and showy.The stage art design of fashion show originates from the theatrical performance..Like any other art…According to the theme and style of the overall performance of the stage style modeling.As early as 1914, the American Association of Chicago Garment Manufacturers held its semiannual meeting at the new Medina Temple in Chicago.There was a big public costume show…The show used the catwalk for the first time.

In 1917, the United States began to use film as the background for fashion shows.Full stage lighting and high quality sound…The model for the fashion show was first adopted by underde Craiger in the 1970s.He had changed the quiet, contemplative atmosphere…Changing lights..The strong rhythm of the music and the beautiful dance of the clothing model is one integrated whole..Make the artistic effect of fashionable dress and take function characteristic get full expression.The stage art design of fashion show mainly refers to the stage background, surface, surrounding environment decoration and stage modeling.Through stage design, lighting, music selection and other means..Can create a full of artistic appeal and artistic personality of the performance atmosphere.After the performance atmosphere is established..You can have a planned, purposeful, organized presentation of the costume to the audience…So that the audience more fully receive clothing information.In the stage art design to highlight the style of clothing for the principle.Attractive stage design can not only highlight the theme of a costume show..Can also play a role in enhancing the performance place image.

The stage design process of fashion show has two main steps..One is copywriting design..Mainly according to the requirements of the planner combined with the theme and content of the performance, the purpose of the performance..Write text description of the stage background, table, decoration of the surrounding environment, stage modeling design, lighting application, etc.The second is artistic and technical design..Is based on copywriting..Design the space and plane layout of the costume performance, the decorative style of the stage, the stage shape, the layout of the color lighting during the performance, the stage background, etc.

I. Platform design

The stage used in fashion shows is generally called the catwalk.

Multiple choice of catwalk shape extension..This type of stage allows the audience to watch the performance on the front, left and right sides of the stage.The specific stage is determined according to the type of performance and the economic strength of the organizers to consider.The stage is determined in a clear performance of the specific environment.It is also determining the actual space for the model to display the clothes.

The catwalk is generally divided into two areas: the stage and the catwalk.The most common stage for a fashion show is the T.The main purpose of the conference is to release new clothes to the society.So in the stage design, background design..It doesn’t have to be complicated to be too fancy.

The catwalk has the advantages of simple modeling and wide vision, which can fully show the clothing to the audience..Make it easy to see the colors, fabrics, styles of clothing..Received good viewing effect..Use the catwalk to show clothes..Taiwan route design is not easy to change too much..The model performance’s movement modelling is relatively simple..It is conducive to the audience’s appreciation of the costumes.Therefore, the use of T – stage for the press conference can achieve the desired effect.

The width of the runways on conventional catwalks is 0.5..1.5 m..Height around 1m..Length in 3..15 m.The lengthening of the catwalk at fashion shows.Transverse narrowing.In other words..The runway is wide enough for two models to walk side by side.Because..The models in the press conference usually walk in the way of a grand parade..Often a model is shown on the stage..When the front side model turns and returns.Another model appeared..Two people on the stage at the same time staggered moment width side by side..Is to determine the width of the platform..It should be more accurate at 1.2m.The length field of view should be as large as possible.The design of the length and width of this type of table..Make fashion show with the help of the stage to shorten the distance between the subject and the object..To put each viewer in the best possible position to see…So that the audience can enjoy the costume works as much as the art works.

In recent years..Some keynote conferences do not satisfy a single catwalk…To increase the overall effect of the performance..Inverted T, back,

U-shaped, S-shaped and Z-shaped platforms also appeared at the press conference.These specific station types..Enriched the model walk stage route..Provides a wider performance space for models..At the same time, it increases the audience’s interest in watching.The material used on the runways has also changed..From the most traditional wood to glass, metal, textiles, paper, chemical materials, PVC and so on.Some brand launches..The designer designed the original fixed stage to be movable, up and down…Or create layers with a variety of steps to increase appreciation.

Ii. Background design

When designing the stage background, we should pay attention to artistry and practicality.Headline should be eye-catching..Use bold headings to highlight your topic..Modeling to be simple..Background modeling is generally given priority to simplicity (special performances can be more complex design)..The colors should be soft.Choose a pure solid color..Even in order to foil the clothing to use strong contrast effect of tone should also pay attention not to steal the show with the clothing.The above is the principle of designing the stage background of fashion show..The purpose is to highlight the clothing pieces..Create a stage atmosphere in harmony with the style and purpose of the costume show.

The common form of stage background is board type..There are also different modeling backgrounds.Stage background can be divided into.. according to different materials.Hard background, soft background, integrated background.A hard background is a background made of hard material.Common basically is straight board type style.There is also the use of larger sites to do some modeling hard background..A hard background is usually used with a runway

Catwalk.Hard background can also be divided into..Fixed type (fixed type refers to the background plate position is determined after each part is fixed) and movable type (movable type refers to the background plate can be moved in the performance process according to the design requirements.According to the form of the background plate movement can be divided into flip type, rotary type, open type, reciprocating and other forms).At present, large LED screen and high flow projection are widely used in the background.The use of this background often makes the scene appear very large, very spectacular.

Soft background refers to the background made of soft materials (transparent, translucent, opaque).It is generally composed of the awning (the last curtain) and the background curtain (side curtain).Background screen can set the number of layers according to needs..To rise or fall in a performance.Soft background suitable for casting light, projection screen..Most of them are used in the grand Theatre.

The synthetic background is composed of hard background and soft background.To increase the artistic atmosphere of the performance..If the stage space allows, the integrated background can be set.This form is more complicated to build..And the cost is high..Usually used in large performances.The stage background design of fashion shows often adopts simple and easy, practical and distinct theme.Mark the theme, sponsor, etc on the back.The brand release conference adopts the artistic strong performance form..In the text, patterns, color design should be more refined..Break out of routine..Try to reflect its artistic feeling.The demand for the scene is warm..You can use the projector or LEb to display the scenery, dress effect video, captions and some images related to the theme in the background.To liven the atmosphere of the performance scene..Enhance the effect.Can also use the space effect decoration..Create a combination of environment and model to render the atmosphere of the stage.The tone of the background should harmonize with the stage..In order to better highlight the clothing..Choosing pure plain colors is the best way to express yourself in a fashion show.

As the status of stage design in fashion shows changes..Design methods have also changed.In the use of traditional scenery..Stage and scene design has become more three-dimensional..Emphasize the spatial treatment of the three-dimensional stage..And incorporate various elements of modern technology to show the stage effect..Even without slides or other media…It can also create more than one visual focus and highlight on the stage.For example, the SPORTMAX launch of the brand under Max Mara..The Swatch brand is shown in a studio.Visible..To present in a special way…On the contrary, the audience will still be unforgettable after watching it.

Three, lighting effect design

Lighting is an artistic language..In the fashion show has the direction, decorative.Stage lighting not only illumines the clothes worn by the models…Facial expression..More importantly, the lighting technician makes full use of the lighting technology..To enhance the artistic effect on the stage..Draw the audience into the performance area of the model.Stage light is the soul of the stage..The light division can make full use of the change of light to reflect the connotation of the clothing designer’s work.In the fashion show…The lighting color is also very elegant..In the past and present stage lighting was mostly white light..Because use any color light is inferior to white light can maintain the original color of the dress.Also some brand release conference performance in order to create confusing visual effect..Use computer color changing lights, laser lights, strobe, etc.Using the change of light can strengthen the stage art design of fashion show.

Bronx & Banco Runway September 2019 New York Fashion Week: The Shows
Bronx & Banco Runway September 2019 New York Fashion Week: The Shows

A fashion show is composed of venue, theme, performance form, stage design, model, choreography and many other aspects.You can’t do without one.But to achieve a certain scene effect..Stage design plays a vital role.The stage design of the fashion show advocated simplicity rather than simplicity..Fashion without losing individuality.The same press conference…Brand press conference pays more attention to the creation of artistic atmosphere than the trend press conference..Fashion shows put more emphasis on the clothes themselves.With the continuous progress of science and technology..The constant development of art..How to design in line with the characteristics of The Times..Also has the style fashion stage art effect..Is the question which we need to further study and discuss.In the creative process..Costume designers, choreographers, planners and professional stage designers should work together to discuss…On the basis of inheriting and carrying forward China’s excellent traditional culture and contemporary art achievements..Absorb everything from foreign art that is meaningful to the stage design of the fashion show.At the same time, the plastic arts in architectural design can be combined.The point, line, surface of decoration art.The visual illusion art permeates the stage design of the modern fashion show.

Entering the 21st century..With the improvement of people’s living standard and aesthetic taste..The vast audience at the same time appreciate the fashion show..They also pay close attention to the artistic creation of stage art.Strengthen the connection between new ideas, new trends and science and technology in modern art..Pay attention to the emergence of new technologies, new methods and new materials..To make wider use of new technologies and materials to enrich our creations.Make the stage design of the fashion show on the basis of maintaining the original stage art experience..Constantly innovate and form new concepts.


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