Regret it!Indian textile industry suffers as’ Made in China ‘disappears!Local businesses asked for help

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As is known to all, the good development of a country depends on the continuous supply of resources and cooperation with other countries. In cooperation with other countries, many decisions have to be considered carefully, because a wrong decision is likely to cause great losses.

But of all the countries in the world, there are some countries that are very impulsive and do things that they regret, such as India.

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Compare with China

India surely everybody should know something about the country, they are China’s neighbours, with China the same period of the development of the country, know about India knows that India likes to take China to contrast, because they think they are not worse than China and even in some areas than China good, but this is what they feel, but they have the gap with China is very large, but they do not feel, as now they are very depend on the products made in China, such as the textile industry and medicine raw materials need to be imported to China.

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The textile industry has suffered

In India say every family in the use of “made in China” products, even so they still make a boycott of China’s actions, for they also is very not understand, after they boycott of Chinese products became less, but the local companies have suffered a great impact, the textile industry, such as they had all of them are through the import of Chinese silk processing products, and sold to India market, so as to obtain benefits.

A Garment Factory In India

Indian companies: Hope China helps them

Because against China, they can’t import to high quality, low price and silk, so can only spend high price to import silk in other countries, it also leads to they have a much higher production costs, is certainly not if you go on for a long time, so after a period of time, local businesses said: want China to help them.

To sum up, it is really irrational for India to boycott, because under one of their blind boycotts, their own enterprises suffer a lot of losses, and for their boycott, Our country does not have a great impact, after all, they are not the only countries that cooperate with us.


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