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Knitwear Half Skirt 3
Knitwear Half Skirt 1

Such a classic style! The late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy has always been an icon of luxurious and elegant but simple fashion style. She had frequently worn a sweater and skirt combination. In one of her first media appearances (left) with her late husband, John F. Kennedy Jr., you can see her in a black knitted top and camel skirt combination.

Knitwear Half Skirt 2

Of course, new generation icons such as Hailey also wear such a sweater and skirt combination.

Knitwear Half Skirt 3

The term “socialite” is easily thrown all around these days, but held up to the image of the late Princess Diana, many of them hardly measure up. The REAL aristocrats, scions of rich and powerful families, rarely wear clothes with brand logos displayed. For them, quality and comfort in texture are the priority. Whether it’s knitwear or a half dress, it must be something that feels “easy” to have on.

OK, this is definitely the right combination, but how so?

Knitwear Half Skirt 4

As many would say in fashion, you should “cover up where you are heavy!” It’s the same thing here. People with a pear-shaped figure are advised to choose an A-line half skirt combination. This way, they solve issues related to thick thighs and a false wide crotch. It allows the upper body to show off its highlights, and the collarbone can be displayed!

Why this style?

Knitwear Half Skirt 5

If your upper body has a heavier build or has an apple figure, the safest card for you is to wear a loose upper top, plus slightly exposed legs. Then, step on a pair of high-heeled shoes to make the calves look longer. The result is an image of height and thinness.

Knitwear Half Skirt 6

Girls with a flat figure can opt for a volumetric half skirt, such as those with pleats, to focus on the smaller pieces in your outfit and to look “fuller.”

Knitwear Half Skirt 7

For petite girls, remember to pay attention to the waistline. Knitted articles and half skirts tend to “hang.” The figure would be quite a disaster when combined with a sizeable waist and display of bulges, plus disproportional upper and lower body lengths!

Do not go showing the world you’re up for several meals for today!

Knitted tops and satin skirts

Knitwear Half Skirt 8

Knits and satin dresses have the same kind of softness – both elegant and not exaggerated. You can choose the same color for the sweater and skirt combination, and you can hardly go wrong. Match them with boots for a bit more style, character, and warmth.

Knitwear Half Skirt 9

For ladies with an unavoidable paunch, the summer is not our season to wear a satin skirt. In autumn and winter, we should wear a loose sweater with a satin skirt combination. The dress’s fabric quickly hugs the skin and body, so the top hanging over will hide our belly, which has been by autumn fat.

Knitwear Half Skirt 10

Satin is a naturally dignified material, and Meghan Markle understands this. Here she pairs it with a fitted knit to show off her figure without looking like a “socialite” (in the positive sense). When the weather is cold, a cashmere coat can be added over the sweater and skirt combination, which should be slightly shorter than the length of the half skirt. It will give you an image of “layers” that have been carefully arranged.

Knitwear Half Skirt 11

More petite women can opt for a close-fitting knit like Meghan’s or a shorter knit with a half skirt. Fashion editors always say that with easy chic, no supermodel body can compete.


High-elastic knitwear for females for the autumn and winter can be machine-washed. Same for fine-knit half turtlenecks and slim sweaters.

A knit undershirt is perfect for pairing with a satin skirt in the same color, and a turtleneck won’t be too difficult to pull off.


Shoulder turtleneck knit sweater

A loose knitted top is most suitable for covering up the belly! I chose this one because it’s relaxed but not too long or cumbersome, plus the color looks fresh.

Fano studios

Black and blue satin slit skirt with drawstring front

The satin skirt with high color saturation is very bright in autumn.


Cel1ne mainly promotes the new color matcha green satin A-line irregular skirt.

Matcha green is also a very autumn color. It is so gentle with a satin skirt.

Knitted + pleated skirt

Knitwear Half Skirt 12

No one knows more about tenderness than styles in Japanese magazines, and the killer is their oversized sweater and pleated skirt combination.

Knitwear Half Skirt 13

With a low saturation base color, you can hardly go wrong, and it evokes a sense of literature and art. The flexibility of the pleated skirt allows the wearer easy movement. The knitwear can carry a few small adornments so that the basic color also won’t appear too plain and boring. The main point is that, on very cold days, you can tuck in an extra pair of long johns without being spotted.

Knitwear Half Skirt 14

A sweater and a pleated skirt are “loose” pieces. When you don’t have a distinctly visible waistline, you can use a fanny pack to create the illusion of a waistline so that the overall sweater and skirt combination would not be lousy.

Knitwear Half Skirt 15

Adding a beret or silk scarf decoration to this sweater and skirt combination expresses a bit more of Japanese girls’ literary mood and temperament.

Knitwear Half Skirt 16

Go girly! You can choose plaid skirts with a pair of under-knee boots for a manga girl feel.


Morandi V-neck slim bottom shirt

The natural and unrestrained pleated skirt matched to a slim bottom unlined upper garment to highlight the figure. It’s a petite person’s easy choice for a sweater and skirt combination for a collection!


Smog blue knitting

Smog blue is gentle enough, and you can’t go wrong with pleated skirts in any color. The V-neck design is also very slim.


Knitted pleated half skirt

The price and the color are the best reasons to buy it.


Clash check knit skirt

The pleated plaid skirt will make you look really young! Dark shades for a sweater and skirt combination are also suitable for autumn.

Knitted with printed skirt

Knitwear Half Skirt 17

The printed skirt is romantic in a subtle way, and the knitwear’s “blunt” feel is just the right balance. “Old friend” — with color department combination is still suitable to be used on this ensemble. Choose warm and harmonious tones for a smart and intellectual look for this sweater and skirt combination for the autumn and winter seasons.

Knitwear Half Skirt 18

Broken flower-designed skirt combinations are not only paired with high-heeled shoes. Tied-in sweaters with color and Dr. Marten boots would look sweet and cool too!

Knitwear Half Skirt 19

You can also select different materials and stitching styles for printed half skirts to make the form more interesting. Just remember that if the half skirt color is bright, as much as possible, choose as simple a knit to make the match look focused in this sweater and skirt combination.

Knitwear Half Skirt 20

Want to wear animal patterns but are afraid to try? This sweater and skirt combination may be worth trying. Wear the knit and animal print skirt combination and let a bit of wild animal sex appeal out. Don’t worry, this sweater and skirt combination style won’t be old-fashioned.


Spring 2021’s new female black underlay with undercoat slim long sleeve cardigan with baby collar knit top.

The small flower edge collar, isn’t it just such a romantic printed skirt combination?


Detailed knitwear

This color is really soft and warm! It looks chic with any sweater and half skirt combination.

Fano studios

Black Daisy print high-waisted A-line skirt with flowing hem.

Fall skirts are longer so that the ankle won’t get too cold in the morning or night.

Moon River

Leopard print skirt combination

Black and white animal prints are easier to handle and not too “wild.”

Knitwear and slit skirt

Knitwear Half Skirt 21

For this sweater and skirt combination, open the half skirt to “expose” under the knitwear for a restrained sexy, “lethal” look that won’t be as much as a public show skin. In particular, the knitting and buttock opening half skirt combination should be tight.

Knitwear Half Skirt 22

A slatted knit is a perfect match for a leather skirt with a slit. It is neat and looks smart, perfect for office ladies. A combination of high-heeled shoes or boots evokes a strong aura. Remember to wear some metal jewelry to increase the overall sense of form.

Knitwear Half Skirt 23

This sweater and skirt combination is excellent for varied climates. If it’s still early autumn and you’re in the south with friends, you can change the half skirt into a short one. One last chance to show off some legs this year!

Knitwear Half Skirt 24

Knitwear does not have to be worn “cautiously.” Be a bit “rebellious” and match it with a slit half skirt with an exposed waistline. This sweater and skirt combination from the upper and lower garments makes it twice as sexy.

Fano studios

Autumn 2020 shell embroidery, asymmetrical front pit, slim and small design sense knitwear

This is a perfect simple knit and a slit half skirt combination.


Long winter leather skirt with a high waist and slit for a slim straight skirt combination.


PU leather crocodile-textured upper and lower, double open zipper slim body wrap hip half skirt

This shiny leather is trendy this year because of the “aura” it seems to create.


Shell button small knit half skirt

Knitted vest + skirt

Knitwear Half Skirt 25

This year, knitted vests are also hot. Set in a short skirt combination, it’s the standard style female groups wear. Over 20 years old girl with a uniquely youthful atmosphere from the shop and full of vitality!

Knitwear Half Skirt 26

For footwear, you can match the sweater and skirt combination with socks and leather shoes. It emphasizes the “female student” temperament with fashion sense hidden in small details.

Knitwear Half Skirt 27


Heydress V-neck short knit waistcoat

Even Vintage

Plaid handstitched overlay waistcoat and vest knitted for ladies


Knitted vest with patchwork trim

Classic + chic and truly elegant – are these reasons not enough to put on a sweater and skirt combination?


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