No need to sun the down jacket. Let it dry in 20 minutes. Just need a plastic bag!

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 1

Down jacket is the best choice to keep warm in winter, but thick down jacket is often inconvenient to wash, today the cold wind, you can easily clean down jacket at home, save time and convenience.

The down jacket is easy to wash

Heavy down jacket, wear dirty cleaning time and effort, each time sent to the dry cleaners to wash, expensive and troublesome.What are some easy ways to clean down jackets at home?By doing this, you can get the down jacket clean in 10 minutes and save money!

1.”White vinegar + Laundry Detergent”

White vinegar not only sterilizes and disinfects people, but crucially, acetic acid neutralises more alkaline detergents, doesn’t hurt clothes and makes down puffier.

The specific method is also very simple, just mix white vinegar and washing liquid in a 1:1 ratio, then add a small amount of water dilution, spray on the down jacket surface, and then wipe the stain with a clean towel.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 2

2. “Bath ball + Laundry detergent”

To clean and tidy your down jacket, all you need is a bubble bath ball.Because of the soft texture of the bath ball, the cleaning strength is strong, and not easy to damage the clothing fabric, you just need to give the down jacket “bath” as a brush, you can easily clean!

The cleaning method is also very simple, first hang the down jacket on the bathroom shelf, and then spray the surface of the clothes with the mop, and spray each part of the clothes, and pay attention to the water temperature does not exceed 35℃ warm water.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 3

Then the neutral detergent or down jacket special detergent, pour on the bath ball, rub a rich foam.Brush gently with a bath ball on the surface of the garment.

Tip: If you don’t have a detergent, use a body wash instead, because it’s gentle and won’t result in lumps.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 4

Where there is heavy oil, smear it emphatically.After applying, the clothes can be left standing for about 5-10 minutes. Let the detergent fully dissolve the stain, and then rinse with warm water.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 5

Machine wash down jacket

I believe you have seen a lot of news about “machine washed down jackets exploded”, and you have become convinced that “machine washed down jackets cannot be washed”.In fact, the down jacket is completely machine washable, but need to pay attention to the way of drying and the correct use of washing mode.

1. “Use a roller Washing machine”

All machine washing down jacket explosion, most are using the old wave wheel washing machine, especially the two-cylinder wave wheel washing machine.It is difficult to control the speed when jilting dry clothes, the huge static electricity produced by the friction between the inner wall of the washing machine and the down jacket is extremely easy to explode.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 6

Therefore, it is best to use the drum washing machine to wash down jacket, and the low-speed drying mode with rotation speed lower than 800 can be set when drying.If there is a “down jacket washing” mode of the washing machine, then directly choose the corresponding gentle washing method.

“Use tennis balls to prevent caking”

In order to avoid machine washing down jacket caused by agglomeration, pile up, etc.One small tool you can use when washing your down jacket is a tennis ball or a machine cleaning ball.Its function, is to make the clothes in the process of drying, can constantly flap clothes, thereby preventing the down from caking.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 7.webp

Of course, the friend that does not have a tennis ball, can use wool ball to replace, with worn silk stocking wool ball cover up, can replace tennis ball auxiliary clean down down!

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 8.webp

3. “Standard Steps for Machine Washing down Jacket”

Step 1: Check the label

When cleaning down jackets, check the cleaning label first to see if machine washing and drying is possible.Make it clear that the machine can be washed, the sleeves, neckline and other places can be pre-washed locally.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 9

Step 2: Put laundry detergent

Then in the detergent tank, put the neutral detergent.Then put clothes, a wash clothes do not put too much too full, only washing machine hole space 1/2 can.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 10

Step 3: Play the tennis ball

Put 3-4 tennis balls in the roller, then start to select the washing mode.Usually clean down jacket, machine washing water temperature should not exceed 40℃.After washing the down jacket, it is recommended to pat flat to dry.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 11

Wash down jacket by hand

If your down jacket is marked “do not machine wash” or “do not dry clean”, suggest washing it with water.Wash your down jacket by hand, there are some great tips to teach you, let you thoroughly clean down jacket more thoroughly, more clean!

1. “Toothpaste: Degreasing”

Soap the cuff, collar, etc., and rub gently with your hands.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 12

Some oil stains on clothes can be removed with a small amount of toothpaste.Apply the toothpaste to the greasy spot, wet it with water, then rub it slowly to remove the grease.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 13

The image below shows the left before cleaning and the right after cleaning.Does the contrast make the oil stain feel lighter?

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 14

2.”Rice vinegar: Dust removal and Sterilization”

After cleaning the dirty parts, we can start to clean the down jacket as a whole.First, pour rice vinegar into clear water and mix it with water.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 15

Put down jacket into vinegar water soak, about 8 minutes.Vinegar can neutralize the alkaline components in the washing liquid and protect the stuffing in the down jacket from damage.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 16

Remove the down jacket after fully soaking.Then fold the down jacket in half from the midline.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 17
Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 18.webp

Then gently squeeze the water out of the folded down jacket. Be careful not to wring out the down jacket.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 19

If the clothing still has moisture, wrap a dry towel around the down jacket and gently squeeze the towel to absorb the remaining moisture.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 20

Finally, hang the cleaned down jacket in the ventilated position. You can gently pat the surface of the garment with your hand to restore the original fluffy of the down jacket.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 21

For large down jackets, you can also choose to use wooden hanger flap, pay attention to moderate force can be.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 22

Precautions for cleaning

1. “Do not use washing powder”

Washing powder had better be avoided when cleaning down jacket, the washing powder on market is alkalescent component mostly.When washing powder meets the down inside the down jacket, it will produce chemical reaction and cause irreversible damage to the down.

Tip: when cathartic down jacket, had better choose neuter scour, or it is to buy down jacket special scour, undertake local wipe clean can.

2. “The concentration of detergent should not be too high”

In addition to paying attention to the use of special detergent, it is necessary to control the amount of detergent each time. Too much detergent will make it difficult to rinse the clothes, thus affecting the untidiness of the down jacket and reducing the warmth.

Tip: It is usually better to put 50 ml detergent into a washbasin of water.

3. “Control the water temperature”

Washing a down jacket with too much water can damage the fabric and cause the jacket to become wrinkled.

Tip: Generally use about 30℃ warm water cleaning down jacket is the best.

Washing clothes in winter is still a difficult problem to solve, heavy clothes after washing very difficult to dry!Here’s another tip, whether it’s a down jacket or a tweed coat, you can wear it the same day you wash it!

Down jacket quick dry method

1. “Compression bag + hair dryer”

Start with a vacuum compression bag that fits inside the garment, two sealing clips, and a clean down jacket that squeezes out as much water as possible.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 23

The down garment is put into the compression bag and then clamped with a sealing clamp at 5/6 of the compression bag seal, the same way, at 1/6 of the other side, also clamped with a sealing clamp.

The middle part of the two sealing clamps will seal the compression bag tightly;Seal the two sides of the clamp, open the seal to form two vents, and ensure that air can only pass through the vents on both sides.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 24

Take out your hair dryer, turn it to medium temperature, and blow through one of the vents, letting the air out of the other, creating a strong air circulation inside the compression bag.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 25

Next, you can sit next to your phone and watch TV, as long as the hair dryer is always in the air vent, do not fall out, you will find that the original wet down jacket has been slowly drying

Caution: Never leave the hair dryer in case of an accident.

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 26

After about 20 minutes, the down jacket will basically take off the water and begin to dry ~ in the ventilated position and then air drying, happy to wear out!

Down Jacket Cleaning Strategy 27

It is best to use special cleaning agent for down jacket.Because they are neutral, they can reduce the damage to protein fiber, and have excellent washing power and protective conditioning effect, after washing can maintain the luster of down jacket fabric and internal fluffy.


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