Meng Wanzhou is famous for her “shawl”, which is especially suitable for 40+ women


For 40+ women, in addition to the choice of clothes, they should be graceful and appropriate, in line with their own sense of age, and at the same time, they should also wear a sense of delicacy in the overall dress.

Shawl, a seemingly simple single piece, is very helpful to foil personal temperament, and also can enhance the overall shape visual effect, very suitable for 40+ women.

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Meng Wanzhou, as the “Princess of Huawei”, has her own style and style. Even for basic items, she can wear high-grade clothes.

In her previous styles, we can find that Meng Wanzhou is very good at matching her “shawls” with her high-class and expensive overlapping styles.

1, The shawl fold wear model appears high-grade

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40+ women tend to be conservative in their choice of clothing items, which are not enough to attract people’s attention by virtue of color matching or design.

Meng Wanzhou, 48, is no exception, and her ensembles are dominated by pure colors.ALL BLACK looks are not flattering for middle-aged women. The overall look is too dull and dull, but it also betrays age.


Meng Wanzhou cleverly matched a shawl, and the bright contrast color design brings a more eye-catching visual effect to the black model, and the overall color will not appear too single.

The shawl helps to trim the lines of the face and neck so that even a sweater won’t look too thin and will keep you warm and windproof.

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From the perspective of the fashion completion of the overall shape, the addition of the shawl obviously becomes the finishing touch. It echoes with the stiletto heels. The two pieces with feminine colors perfectly show the elegant and advanced temperament.Carry a coffee-colored bag to show off a female executive’s aura.

2, Silk scarf change “shawl”, atmosphere and wan

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Compared with traditional shawls, silk scarves are lighter in texture and more abundant in styles.

For example, Meng wanzhou’s “scarf as a shawl” collocation method makes the overall shape become more advanced, and also improves personal temperament.The silk scarf made of a variety of colors has a brightening effect on the vision first. It is decorated with exotic printing elements, which omits the collocation of other clothes in an instant. Even if you wear it simply, it looks not ordinary.

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Still have a advantage to regard silk scarf as cape, it is integral modelling is tie-in won’t appear too massiness, four seasons all appropriate.

If in autumn and winter season, can match pure color department medium long coat, resemble the black coat that Meng Wanzhou wears, look from dress sheet piece actually quite expose those who reduce age, but fortunately made full use of silk scarf, no matter regard it as scarf or shawl, can reduce modelling heavy feeling, show the grace of the woman.

3, The sweater as a cape opportunely

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Knit sweater is very popular in qiu Dong season outside build piece article, soft and frivolous quality of a material and basic design design, no matter wear alone inside build can further promote modelling administrative levels to feel.

In recent years, there has been a trend of “treating knitwear as a shawl” in the fashion circle, which instantly enriches the overall style fashion sense and layering sense, and looks more advanced and feminine at the same time.

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Shirts are a popular choice for middle-aged women, especially those in the workplace, as they can make the overall look fashionable and formal.But blue and white striped shirts are easy to match, so add recognizable details. Ms. Meng, for example, cleverly paired a knit shawl to flatter a slightly fuller figure while adding richness to the overall look.

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If want to make integral modelling fashionable feeling a few more intense, can choose the sweater that contrasts bigger with jacket colour to regard as cape.A blue-and-white striped shirt like Ms. Meng’s, draped in a dark green knit sweater, instantly enhanced the look of her upper body.Unbuttoning a shirt collar and matching two naturally saggy sleeves of knitwear make the whole look a little more casual and easy.

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Wearing a low ponytail hair, showing a slightly round face line, but more than a bit of rich qi.The lower body is matched with black wide-leg trousers. The high-waist design improves the waist line and shows the length of legs, and divides the proportion of the upper body and the lower body.Wearing black high heels, her face is calm and elegant, showing her proud personality.

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