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At the end of every year, it is inevitable to summarize and review.With all sorts of rankings and keywords “refresh”, the past of 2020 is becoming clearer.

The ever-changing fashion industry naturally has its own annual keywords: the fashion industry has fallen in love with “Digital Fashion Week”. The fashion industry stays indoors and can easily travel from show to show with only an Internet cable.”Mask” became the trend of decoration, lace, rhinodiamonds, flower elements in turn to battle, beautiful never abandoned;The theme of “recovery”, “rebirth” and “environmental protection” is endless. “Sustainable” fashion leads to break through the shackles.The trend of “multiple” and “no right solution” is tearing the traditional aesthetic standards and fermenting day by day…

So, what are the key words of designers, the creators of fashion, this past year?

Key words: vitality

“This year is quite different from last year.”Ma Tian workshop brand founder Glan said in an interview.In February, she feared the market would take a big hit this year. Three months later, she was surprised to find that the reality was not as bad as she had expected.

For Mashan Workshop, the wave of the epidemic in 2020 will change people’s living habits and cognition over time. Consumers who slow down begin to pay more attention to the sense of quality of life and recognize natural materials and environment-friendly fabrics, while the natural, leisurely and slow fashion Mashan Workshop exactly meets people’s needs.Its production of linen clothing, home, home textiles have been more attention and more people accept.

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That time brought a lot of thinking, but also a lot of inspiration and innovation.”I think life is precious, so I want our products to have life,” Glam said.

How to have more vitality?

Despite having already done some design work in 2019, the new design launched by Machan Studio is more precipitation and valuable.Apart from the production and design, Machan studio also integrates life perception and cultural elements into its products.In terms of dyeing, it sticks to pure natural plant dyeing and uses the techniques of plant dyeing, batik dyeing and tie-dyeing which are copied by ethnic minorities in Yunnan, Guizhou and other places.At the same time, suzhou embroidery was introduced and embroidery films of the Qiang, Li and other ethnic minorities were purchased. The products were integrated into the products, which not only provided practical daily wear, but also retained the national style, making the traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage crafts and techniques emit vitality and imperceptible to the customers about the way of life.

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As the most popular network and e-commerce channel at present, it is also the withdrawal of product vitality.Glam noted that the worsening situation overseas has forced some very established luxury brands to make changes. Take chanel’s show, for example. Although only one guest, Kristen Stewart, was on the show, she had a live broadcast of her experience as a guest.Accept and pay attention to online channels, try various models, and maintain the vitality of brands and products.

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Facing the coming year of 2021, Glan sincerely told us: “We hope that what Machan Workshop will produce will bring consumers a sense of belonging, not just a piece of clothing.”

Key words: experience

Making a cashmere brand is not a whim of Sunir.Her parents have been in the cashmere industry for many years. After graduating from Saint Martins College of Art, Sunir combined her own experience and raw material advantages to establish SAIHAN ANDA, which focuses on romantic and elegant knitted cashmere dresses.

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In Sunir’s eyes, premium grade cashmere is a product with high cost and delicate quality, which attaches great importance to experience.So although many brands have adopted the strategy of combining online and offline interaction, SAIHAN ANDA is sticking to its direction of doing offline based on developing multiple channels.

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In order to have a good experience, SAIHAN ANDA has made some changes from products to stores this year.For the products, sunir made adjustments and reflections again according to the needs of consumers and dressing habits.This year, we focused on the design of styles with high wear and collocation. The basic style is rich in details, with the addition of freshwater pearl as the ornament, and lace and mulberry silk as the splicing.In the design of the 21st spring collection, I used a lot of soft colors and elements, hoping to give you a pleasant mood.

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SAIHAN ANDA also made a flash for the first time in Shanghai store, to set up the image of a brand own short-term store, and make full use of the two weeks’ time, direct and retail end customers, to understand their demand for cashmere products, listen to their advice, and then slowly to optimization design and adjustment of product structure.In the coming year, SAIHAN ANDA will also collaborate with several distinctive buyer stores and art Spaces, which will further enhance the offline experience and original design.

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All the plans and expectations for the future reflect the designer’s deep desire.At the end of the interview, Sunir said sincerely: “I hope everything will be over soon and everyone can go back to their normal lives.”

Key words: opportunity and challenge

Talking about 2020, designer Zhang Rui sighed: “The most unforgettable thing is the attitude of all fashion weeks in the first half of the year, which spread fashion through online ‘shows’, and deeply felt the spirit of the fashion industry retrograde.”

Zhang Rui is the managing director and design director of original womenswear brand REELCO Recome.Since its establishment in 2014, it has positioned itself as elegant, romantic and fashionable, seeking the perfect balance between delicate details and elegance, and interpreting the independent and special temperament of contemporary women.To let consumers feel the value of product innovation, but also to drive the Chinese clothing culture forward progress, this is Zhang Rui as an original designer’s belief.

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But in the special year of 2020, Zhang Rui did not get lost. He regarded the extraordinary situation as a challenge and opportunity.With this opportunity, he stopped his hurried steps to think, and re-explored the design and planning of the brand’s future development route.

“Designers have to do something new and unique.”This is The persistence of Zhang Rui, but also the challenges and opportunities he will face in the future.

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REELCO has learned that consumers are becoming less loyal to top-tier commercial brands, embracing niche designs for value, refined lifestyles and fashionable dress attitudes.Under the guidance of such a demand, 2020 brand enrich the product line, make clothing wear mode diversification: quarterly product design project are considered each style can be simple tie-in dress to adapt to a variety of situations, brave in the workplace and agile grace when also can have a get-together in tea, so as to promote the purchase desire of consumers.At the same time, Zhang rui also quickly innovates and tries to accept various models and sales channels to meet the challenges brought by the changing consumer trends.

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A year of opportunities and challenges is coming to an end. Looking to the future, Zhang said, “REELCO will continue to write the New Year with its unique DNA.Hopefully, of course, people will get back to their daily routines.”

Where is the past, are prologue.After this year, we look forward to the coming year as a prelude to hope and courage.The best is always next year, so long as you don’t stop. There is always something to look forward to.

In a difficult and hopeful year, what are your key words?


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