On A Date? Then You Need These Korean Sweaters

A Korean Girls Sweater 13

When autumn and winter arrive, the weather becomes cold. Now, if you want to stay warm with your lover on a date, learn from the Korean girls. Their charming styles have come to the next level of cuteness.

A Korean Girls Sweater 1

While sweaters are soft enough, they can look effortlessly chic with simple jeans and ankle boots.

A Korean Girls Sweater 2

You can also wear a blazer on the outside during the colder weather. But remember to choose a woolen style. It will expose a little sweater’s sleeve while inside. It feels warm and looks nice.

A Korean Girls Sweater 3

The sweater with a thick stick needle is also trendy now. Pair it with a leopard grain tiny short skirt, add a pair of boots again to keep your legs warm. With this style, you still can show a small thigh, which can be very sexy.

A Korean Girls Sweater 4

What to wear with sweaters is something one should learn. Take a look at the girl above. Her light-colored turtleneck shirt inside looks light overall. The style might appear simple, but the result looks extra lovely. It also helps achieve a slimmer look.

A Korean Girls Sweater 5

Wear sweaters with a necklace and wear them with a smile. It shows how comfortable and relaxed you are in your outfit. A plus is when your date sees your confidence.

A Korean Girls Sweater 6

But black sweaters are slimmer and versatile, so you must have one at least. What girl doesn’t have a few basic black sweaters in her closet? But if you don’t want to go bland, unbutton the hem a few buttons to reveal different undertones and pair with a baseball cap.

A Korean Girls Sweater 7

Of course, if you are tired of wearing black, try white and gray sweaters. Mists blue saturation is lower, not easy to step on thunder. If the fear of color collocation is not good, the bottom of the choice of dark right, even the ankle does not have to show, a pair of high black stockings and Lefu shoes, health girl’s favorite.

A Korean Girls Sweater 8

Single wear OK fold take more absolutely, especially in autumn winter, can only wear thick coat how can outstanding?

A Korean Girls Sweater 9

Open the buttons to reveal your sweater folds. Layering is a way to show your fashion skills.

A Korean Girls Sweater 10

Ataro purple is even softer, paired with a skirt and a fluffy fisherman’s hat.

A Korean Girls Sweater 11

But for working girls, it is hard to avoid the shirt, accidentally wearing a female CEO. Here’s the solution: Just a sweater. Casual and laid-back, you can neutralize formality even if you’re wearing suit pants. It’s even better if you happen to have a shirt and sweater in the same color.

A Korean Girls Sweater 12

In addition to solid colors, printed shirts are more retro and casual, and Morandi colors can make you look “expensive.”

A Korean Girls Sweater 13

Take advantage of the cold weather, slip on a soft sweater and slip into his arms.


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