Stunning Colored Denim: New Vital Trend for Spring/Summer 2021

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Fashion is cyclical. The trend during the past era is making a comeback in the fashion industry. But this time, with more vibrance. For spring/summer 2021, the ’80s aesthetic clothing has become prominent. In particular, the colored denim is now a formidable fashion must-have.

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The spring/summer 2021 collection shows designers focus on color: Chanel exhibited high-waisted colored denim in candy-pink and electric blue. Isabel Marant presented denim workwear in vibrant colors. Likewise, in Alberta Ferretti, the colored denim pants designs are stand out in pastel colors.
Many fashion brands have consistently chosen colored denim in their collections. Fashion experts have also confirmed that this will be a major trend for next season. With the big demands of such trends, the best clothes manufacturers are working double-time to bringing such fabrics.

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coloured denim 3
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Alberta Ferretti
coloured denim 5
Isabel Marant

While this fad is not new, it is very evident at recent fashion shows. Some of the most popular brands have likewise used colored denims in their advertising campaigns.
Social networking sites have also favored the vibrant trend. In addition, the younger generations have actively embraced the nostalgia of ’80s and’ 90s fashion.
And for the kids during those eras, colored jeans made their teenage years full of life. Thanks to their exciting hues and the fact that they were the most coveted item during those days.
Although not a surprise, it suddenly made a big splash in spring 2021.
Now, determining which color to pick depends on one’s taste. Prints range from pastel to neon.

Clothes manufacturers are entrusted to immediately produce different shades to offer in the market. And admittedly, this denim style is a little more difficult to pair with just anything, unlike the classic jeans. But that’s what makes them more unique and interesting.

coloured denim 6
Dolce Gabbana

Our Top Picks

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Acne Studios
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Kwaidan Editions
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J Brand
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Miu Miu
coloured denim 12
coloured denim 13
coloured denim 14
coloured denim 15
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Marques’ Almeida

Are you not raring to try a pair now? Or even create your own design. These colored denim pants are here to stay.


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