Keqiao stories of foreign entrepreneurs to the world

keqiao textile capital

The world’s textile industry looks to China… and the Chinese textile industry looks to Keqiao. As a world-renowned textile capital, Keqiao’s top-notch industrial infrastructure has attracted entrepreneurs from around the world for decades.

Recently, Xinhua News APP launched a three-part miniseries chronicling the lives and times of three such friends from afar, connecting Lebanon, India, and South Korea to their new home in Keqiao.

What are their dreams? 

How are they making them come true? 

Watch to find out!

Adnan Shoker

Lebanese textile merchant Adnan Shoker is a risk-taker who loves extreme sports. His latest adventure has taken him on a quest to China’s Keqiao, a small water town known as the international textile capital. Check out his new Silk Road story.

Vertika Sarawagi

Vertika Sarawagi is a popular online fashion influencer from India. In addition, she is also working hard as a textile merchant in China’s Keqiao, a small town known as the international textile capital. Check out her new Silk Road story.

Jang Jae-won

Jang Jae-won, from ROK, originally worked for a textile company that posted him to China’s Keqiao, a district known as the international textile capital. After gaining a wealth of experience, he started up his own business and now calls Keqiao his second home. Check out his new Silk Road story.


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