It’s really rare . . . Amazon wants to open the database to sellers, change the FBA light small goods program!

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As we all know, for sellers to understand the needs of the market, choose the products that consumers need, it is possible to create explosive products.

Product selection can be said to be the first major hurdle for sellers to dig into Amazon, which is difficult for many sellers. If there is a tool that can help sellers better tap into customer demand, so that sellers know the operation and product preferences of buyers when shopping, I believe sellers will be happy to see it.

Amazon launches official selection of new tools

Recently, Amazon announced the launch of such a new tool – Product Opportunity Explorer

Specifically, the products buyers are searching for when they shop, the pages they click on, and whether they buy are all recorded by Product Opportunity Explorer, which allows sellers to see data on buyers’ search volume, growth and sales history, and price trends.

Providing Amazon third-party sellers with the latest consumer shopping data and search trends, it helps sellers more easily select high-potential products, while predicting sales potential.

In addition to the above, the tool will provide broader data categories and sub-category metrics, such as what buyers are searching for, pricing trends, and more.

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So for many sellers, this feature can take advantage of Amazon’s powerful database, but also keep abreast of buyers’ consumption preferences and shopping trends, so that sellers in the selection of products like a tiger.

However, there are many sellers who question this tool. One Amazon seller said that the data provided by this tool may guide sellers to copy existing products, which is a great disadvantage to existing sellers of related categories.

In this regard, Amazon also said that the Product Opportunity Explorer tool will only provide sellers with aggregate data, will not reveal the specific data of the relevant brands. Instead, the tool will provide buyers are searching for but did not find satisfactory products in the category.

Currently, the tool is in a test phase and plans to make its tools available to all sellers by 2022.

The tool is said to be available for free in Amazon’s online business management resource for sellers, Seller Central.

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Previously, Amazon officials were criticized by all parties: Amazon platform is both the platform rule maker and self-owned platform to use the convenience of their own big data to compete with third-party sellers. While third-party sellers do not have access to similar platform data. And it has attracted the attention of antitrust agencies.

Some sellers, therefore, speculate that Amazon launched this tool, most likely to “block” the voice of these antitrust agencies.

In any case, you sellers can look forward to this new tool. There may be some unexpected surprises, but you also need to anticipate the possible impact ……

Amazon updates eligibility for the Small and Light Goods Program

Good news always comes one after another. Recently, Amazon US and UK made an announcement at the same time, stating that from October 29, 2021, two changes will be made to the Amazon Logistics Light and Small Goods program, as follows.

  1. to make it easier for sellers’ products to qualify for the program, Amazon will no longer require sellers’ ASINs to have a minimum sales speed.
  2. For shipments to Amazon’s operations centers, Amazon will no longer require a minimum number of items per ASIN.
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Afterward, sellers have said in the forum that this is a rare “useful” policy of Amazon.

Seller A: This is great news! S&L used to apply only to products $13 and under, then changed to $7 and under.

Sellers’ costs have been increasing in recent years as material and shipping costs have risen. Is it possible for Amazon to raise the dollar threshold for products to $10 in the future?

Seller B: Fully support this new rule from Amazon. The $7 cap after last year’s price hike doesn’t sound like enough, and $10 would be the ideal price standard.

While Amazon’s update on the eligibility of the Light and Small Goods program drew support from most sellers, there are still some who are not sold on Amazon’s new rules.

“It’s helpful, but we’ll still be ‘limited’ by the unit limits now in place. Every new S&L item we send will come at the cost of another, more valuable item. Therefore, it may not work for us.”

On top of that, there are some “tortured” sellers who are used to Amazon’s repeated horizontal jumps and think this practical new rule is just a flash in the pan ……


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