It’s not how much you wear, it’s what you wear!Beauty refined wearing the essence of collocation: very practical!

Down Jacket + Dress

Recently saw a sentence written really good: “The real lasting appeal of the woman, can allow themselves to grow old;But, can’t tolerate oneself insipid boring!”

Our appearance may fade with the passage of time, but the charm that belongs to our own inner will be increased and sublimated in the years, and the charm of dressing is reflected in this!

For a woman who has something to wear, choosing a suit that suits her will not only make her feel comfortable and advanced, but also better interpret the femininity and elegance of a woman, so that she can look more advanced.Below, small make up for everyone to share a few groups suit temperamental woman winter wear build, hope to be able to bring you tie-in inspiration.

Coat + wide-leg pants

Coat Wide Leg Pants

It is known to all that the coat coat in fashionable bound matches the wide-leg pants with full aura, have excellent inclusive, therefore also can achieve the visual effect that hides flesh to show thin more.As a classic advanced gray, like the left of the blogger generally adopt the same color system wear method, can convey to people a composed and atmospheric advanced effect.

Sweater and skirt

Sweater And Skirt

In the cold of winter, a woolly, warm sweater paired with a light skirt creates a great sense of elegance.For example, the blogger on the right looks mature in a dark black turtleneck sweater.Paired with a coffee skirt on one side, it adds a touch of softness and elegance.The neck place used silvery sweater chain to serve as an ornament, echo with photograph of earring, watch adorn article, the delicate sense that can strengthen sweater modelling effectively, it is the jing jing of capital absolutely raises an eye!

Down jacket + dress

Down Jacket + Dress

In this chilly season, wear a sweater dress with a gentle tone, which can easily cover your whole body and make your figure more balanced and harmonious, thus achieving a slimming effect.The deep purple dress with high color saturation matches black down jacket, have the tenderness of skirt already, also have the lightsome warmth of down jacket, more important is joker does not pick a person, wear a pair of delicate ankle boots at will, the fashionable feeling of relaxed!

Sweater and jeans

Sweater And Jeans

Jeans in the fashion circle belong to timeless classic existence, because of its versatile and comfortable attributes, suitable for women of all ages to wear.For a stylish look, pair it with a solid color or striped cashmere sweater to create an easygoing look behind the top.


Shirt 1

The woman that is good at wearing clothes, in wearing the meeting pays more attention to the presentation of temperament, for example a intellectual shirt is worn well, also can let you have a look amazing feeling!If you are an expert at folding, don’t overlook the cardigan + shirt combination.Shirt elements are exposed at the collar and cuff, which can effectively strengthen the design level and details, easily deducing the intellectual beauty of urban women.


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