If you wear a white down jacket in winter, you are the real goddess!

White Down Jacket

The temperature has fallen sharply these days.

The down jacket is now a warm current,

But the fairest and most beautiful of all is the white down jacket.

Compared with the dirt-resistant and depressing of the black down jacket,

Not only does it look white, but it’s also incredibly versatile,

Can easily enhance your elegant and advanced temperament,

Refresh the dreary winter.

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The charm of the white down jacket lies in

No fight, no grab, emphasis on self, pursuit of individuality,

Can express belongs to the winter comfortable and comfortable,

Although white is not resistant to dirt,

But it does not prevent the true beauty behind it,

Fashion stars and bloggers alike like to use it for styling,

With its own lighting effect, can increase the spirit of movement,

It makes you look more polished and sophisticated.

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Choose a white down jacket

1. The version

In H, A and Oversize versions,

H version: Suitable for all body types, simple and slim,

Version A: Suitable for pear-shaped figure, better age reduction effect,

Oversize version: Suitable for all body types,

The most fashionable is avant-garde.

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White Down Jacket 13.webp

Color: black and white is the most versatile, more show gas field.

White Down Jacket 14.webp

2. The design

Short, not slim,

Especially suitable for small fairies,

Suggestion: The length of the down jacket is above and below the waist line.

Can handle heights of 150 to 170CM,

Note: The down jacket style should not be too slim.

The silhouette will be more informal on the street,

Match skirt outfit or pantsuit, can lengthen figure.

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White Down Jacket 16.webp

Irregular short, stylish.

White Down Jacket 17

Longer, warmer,

It’s especially easy to create a style,

It’s better for momentum and warmth than the short one,

Note: Super long down jackets are not suitable for everyday wear.

Unless you are 170+ height or have super aura,

Otherwise it’s not necessarily manageable,

Advice: Do not choose medium boots.

Will split the calf in two, super ugly.

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White Down Jacket 20.webp

Clothing inside selection

1.Wear a hoodie

It can be worn in a casual and comfortable style,

Suggestion: Use the “upper loose and tight” threading method,

Thinner and more stylish at the same time,

Note: Especially when choosing a hoodie,

Can enrich the sense of hierarchy and highlight the personality of the shape,

Absolutely the most fashionable operation this winter.

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White Down Jacket 22.webp
White Down Jacket 23.webp

Shorts down jacket + hoodie

It’s very malleable, and at the same time as creating a high waist line,

It also elongates the body, allowing you to easily stretch out your legs,

The feeling that gives a person is two words “atmosphere”.

White Down Jacket 24.webp
White Down Jacket 25

2. Small turtleneck inside

Can wear a sense of advanced, improve your aura,

Note: Small black high collars tend to make you look thinner.

White Down Jacket 26.webp

White sweater inside

Gentle and pure.

White Down Jacket

Gray turtleneck

Especially show temperament.

White Down Jacket 28.webp

Down jacket + trousers

Down jacket + jeans

Leisure and handsome, not bloated,

Note: Light colored jeans are youthful and energetic.

Suggestion: Chunky fairy, opt for straight leg jeans,

It’s a great way to shape your legs.

White Down Jacket 29.webp
White Down Jacket 30.webp

Pair with plaid smokestacks

The layers are richer.

White Down Jacket 31.webp

Pair with wide-leg pants

The air is elegant, the air is open,
In addition to reducing the puffy feel of the down jacket,
It also sublimates the down jacket.

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White Down Jacket 35.webp

Pair with black leather pants

It is very graceful, just right in beauty,

Note: Lift waist line for more visual height.

White Down Jacket 36.webp

Pair with colored overalls

Appear calm and low-key.

White Down Jacket 37.webp

Down jacket + skirt

While keeping warm and looking young,

It also reduces the puffy feel of the down jacket,

Note: The short down jacket has a neat and delicate feel,

Suggestion: Choose the “short outside and long inside” combination,

Tall, stylish and stylish.

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White Down Jacket 39.webp

Knit skirt inside

Better insulation,

Note: The skirt is not too long, easy to show short.

White Down Jacket 40.webp
White Down Jacket 41.webp

Long down jacket + skirt

Salt can be sweet, French style,

Note: select the same color system, dignitary and senior,

Tip: Mix skirts and pants,

More feminine and feminine.

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How to care

Precautions for cleaning:

1. Choose neutral detergent and avoid using detergent powder.

Can cause irreversible damage to down,

2. Control the water temperature, generally warm water around 30℃,

Avoid excessive water temperature, which can damage the fabric and cause it to become wrinkled,

3. When wringing dry, just squeeze it down,

Do not squeeze water with twist twist, and use water at last.

4. Do not air in the sun. Air dry naturally.

Finally, you hit it, and it will come back.

White Down Jacket 44.webp

The white down jacket is yellow?

1. Medical hydrogen peroxide or bleached detergent can be used.

2. Add a few drops of pure blue ink to make your clothes whiter,

Note: The water temperature should be controlled at about 30 degrees.

Remove and let dry.

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