A Black Coat That You Can Wear For Years

Black Coat 2

No matter how many times you go shopping for new clothes, as long as you own a black coat, you will never be in a situation where you ask, “what to should I wear?” A black coat is like a universal theme. And no matter what other color you match it with, you know you will always nail it.

Black Coat 3

What do you need to do if you have a boyfriend who doesn’t put much effort into matching clothes? Buy him a black winter coat. It is the easiest way to make him look stylish. Just like the couple above, they fashionably hit it off.

Black Coat 4

When you’re shopping alone, wear all-black attire. It is the most powerful combination. Even during fashion week, where everyone struggles to look fashionable, a black coat will never let you down. After all, it’s usually the powerful ones who always wear black.

You are probably wondering why everyone else in a black coat looks like a female spy out of a movie? But you don’t look like that at all?
Does it really depend on the way you style yourself?

The complicated kind – A-line Type

Black Coat 5

A very popular style a few years ago was called the “Korean version.” And basically, all Korean clothes started from the chest and radiated outward, which we call the A-line shape. While cute and the favorite of high school girls of my generation, the A-line cut was the first thing that bothered me in the winter.

Black Coat 6

Moreover, a coat in this deep shade can make someone look slimmer. On the other hand, the A-line in heavy material can make someone look shorter. An example would be the woman wearing an A-line coat. She is originally 1.8 meters tall but seems to be only 1.7 meters.

Difficult to wear but stylish – Cocoon Type

Black Coat 7

The cocoon coat became popular a few years later than the A-line cut. The original intention is to hide the body and make someone appear slimmer. The shoulder line part without shackles makes moving very comfortable. A lot of people welcome and appreciate this type of coat. Keep in mind that if you’re not tall and thin, don’t wear a cocoon coat!

Black Coat 8
Black Coat 9

Cocoons are one of the worst culprits for appearing lethargic. The same person, in a cocoon black coat, looks like she is wearing something heavy.

Straight Style Coat

Black Coat 10

You can have the black coat the women are wearing. The straight style never goes out of style. No matter your body shape, you can always look fashionable in this coat. It can even make you look slim with its neat pattern.

Black Coat 11

The straight-style long coat completely covers the whole body. But, you can highlight some attractive parts, such as narrow leg boots or even bare legs to show the legs. Opt for a design that accentuates the slim waistline.

Black Coat 12

Getting the right-angle of the shoulder is also what straight-style black coat is good at. Adding shoulder pads can also reveal a smaller head ~ Friendly tips: to have the right proportion, shoulder pads should not be exaggerated.

The X Style

Black Coat 13

If you want to look charming, button your coat at the middle or along the waist, making an X shape.

Black Coat 14

It should be noted that to achieve the perfect X shape, the coat should be long enough.

Let’s see how street photo bloggers can turn a dull black coat into a focal point if you get it right

Classic All Black Style

Black Coat 15

Is an All Black outfit the most mindless style one can wear? Maybe if you don’t pick the right black coat, otherwise, it can pass as effortless chic. But, one can never go wrong with all black clothes. There are other parts where one can make a boring black fun by dyeing hair in bold colors. When you wear it this way, you look stunning. Especially with light and colored hair, it’s too easy to look amazing in All Black.

Black Coat 16

But those who have naturally black hair color need not panic. Pull your hair up in a bun and highlight your face. Do not worry about revealing the face of your shape. Having self-confidence is the most beautiful thing to own!

Black Coat 17

All Black is best used with big Black frame sunglasses. Just like the female star out on the street, you can try this too!

Pair with Denim Jacket

Black Coat 18

Indeed, All Black attire is a no-brainer, but if you’re not careful, you can feel intimidated and old. So how do young people wear black coats? With denim jackets, of course! Denim jackets, which you can wear all year round, can make you feel warm and look stylish at the same time. It’s also chic to give a black coat underlining so you can take off your coat when indoors.

Black Coat 19

A casual pair of jeans can take away the out-of-reach feel of a black coat and make it more approachable.

Black Coat 20

Blogger style – Accessorize

Black Coat 21

Some of the trendy style famous bloggers we want to imitate is wearing jewelry with black coats. It’s no surprise that it’s so popular because it can make or break a normal outfit.

Black Coat 22

Sometimes, bloggers are influencers because they are more detail-oriented (in other words, more inquisitive) than the rest of us. The metallic earrings and necklace are a textbook look by Caroline Daur.

Black Coat 23

You can also pair your black coat with a headdress and a dainty bag. Long black boots can also help in achieving a glamorous look.

A classic wool coat

Black Coat 24

A woolen coat is probably everyone’s must-have in winter.The black cashmere coat is the classic of the classic. If you are tall, you can choose a black coat with a little silhouette, worn under a suit, and worn with mid-leg boots.

Black Coat 25

If you are not that tall, stick to the slimming straight style black coat. In short, as long as it is cashmere wool, it’s a classic.

Black Coat 26

A good cashmere coat is a woman’s second skin and can even be soft enough to be worn close to the body. It is no exaggeration to say that it can reshape the body.

Wool coats are not wind resistant, so don’t wear them alone when windy. You might feel cold! But if the weather is perfect, a wool coat is just right. To make a fashionable statement in a black wool coat, follow the advice of a fashion editor. She says she buys individual fur necklines and cuffs and then tightens the belt of her coat.

Black Coat 27

It was 6 degrees below zero (but not windy) in Shanghai that day, and the chief editor walked outside for 17 minutes in her black coat. She didn’t feel cold at all.

Black Coat 28

These cuffs are available in different colors. And when you take off the coat when wearing a sweater, you can still use these cuffs.

Black leather coat

Black Coat 29

Leather pieces are all the rage this year, from leather suits in the fall to leather coats in the winter, all of which are cool girls’ favorites. The best leather to wear is black, and a black leather coat has the ability to “make all the basics look unusual.”

Black Coat 30

Why do practical people love it? Because leather really keeps the wind out! The only drawback is the lack of warmth. So, when you wear a leather jacket on the outside, add a furry vest underneath, and you’ll have the best protection.

Black Coat 31

Or, just add a scarf for a warm winter.

Black fur coat

Black Coat 32

Retro style is also a trend that has been showing in recent years. I’ve seen a lot of hipster bloggers in street snaps wearing coats with fur collars, and the best ones are all black. As mentioned above, wool coats don’t keep the wind out, and leather coats don’t keep you warm, but this fur is one thing. It has everything you need in a black coat.

Black Coat 33

If you want to brighten your skin tone, you can also choose a light-colored collar. But if it’s such a flashy collar, you must have a black coat to suppress it.

Black Coat 34

What? You say it looks old and hard to wear? Pair the black coat with rainbow-color sweaters that are immediately available to pull off that style.


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