How to Wear the Golden Triangle

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Business Attire: Men’s Suit Styles

I recently discovered a unique Instagram account focused on men’s suits. ↓

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Interestingly, each image in this account, which has more than 190,000 followers, does not show any face but only post men’s golden triangle style.

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Called @TheDressedchest, it is created by Rainier Jonn, a programmer who lives in San Francisco and loves fashion.

In an interview, he revealed that he created the said account because he worked in an environment where fashion was not considered important. He also wanted to reach out to his friends and family regarding his love for fashion, but he opts not to bother them as they may not be interested. So he instead shares his outfit ideas on social media.

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Working in the information technology field, wherein plaid shirts and T-shirts rule, gives fashion-loving programmers a hard time adapting.

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Today, I will break down the “Golden Triangle” men’s suit style based on Rainier Jonn’s account. If you wish to upgrade your spring wardrobe, check out the following fashion ideas for inspiration.

The Ivy Style

Also known as Ivy League clothing, this style is suitable for sophisticated professionals.

The Ivy look favored by Rainier Jonn exudes the perfect balance between formal and casual attire. This outfit is ideal for contemporary workers who opt for comfortable formal attire, a perfect spring outfit idea.

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The Ivy Style is a type of men’s clothing that originated and became popular on college campuses that belong to the Ivy League in the 1950s.
Most of the students in these schools came from the upper class. After entering the university’s more independent setting, the Ivy style, which combines leisure and breeding, quickly became famous.

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Take Ivy, considered the men’s fashion Bible for the Ivy Style, chronicles Ivy League college students’ everyday look through photographs taken by Japanese photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida in the 1960s.

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The round-framed glasses, baseball jacket, Harrington Jacket, Sack Suit, khaki pants, and loafers represented the young generation’s fashion and rebellion during those eras. And yet, they are still prominent features in fashion today.
If you want to copy and wear the Ivy Style, you can find inspiration from the men depicted in the book.

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I noticed many classic Ivy Style details in Rainier Jonn’s everyday clothes, such as this very casual woolen plaid suit.

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This knit tie looks more casual than silk ties.

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And this Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt with two buttons and an S-shaped collar exhibits a comfortable formal vibe.

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In conclusion, this retro look still embodies a very contemporary and daring nature. Anyone can achieve the Ivy Style with accessible and high-street brands like Uniqlo and J.Crew. Because this style is still popular, big fashion brands like the Tom Ford Suit collection still carry this type. As for men who want to enhance their wardrobes, read further.

Business Attire: Opt for Suits and Shirts

Rainier Jonn’s business attire is interesting. He will combine his suit and shirt with ties, pocket towels, brooches in different colors and styles. This mix and match routine is his way of expressing his taste in men’s fashion.


Most of his suit collection consists of the Sack Suit.

This Suit, also known as Lounge Suit, was considered leisurewear that came into men’s fashion in the 1850s. Originally designed to fit loosely, the sack coat was meant as informal daywear. It became more popular because, in addition to providing convenience when moving, purchasing it was easy. With mass production from men’s clothes suppliers, more working men could now afford these ready-made pieces.

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Sack Jacket is usually made of tweed, woolen flannel, or worsted fabric. Khaki, grey, and blue are their main colors.

The Sack Jacket can be a workwear coverall. Some of Giorgio Armani Suits improve the silhouette by trimming extra room in the sleeves and chest. Instead of a black suit, opt for a gray suit with a fine texture for a casual style.

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You can wear a navy blue suit with a lighter hue shirt for a little more formal look. You can never go wrong with it.

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Plaid is also very popular these days. Try to pick the shade of blue, gray, brown when shopping for a sack jacket. They can be worn on any occasion and look attractive too.

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In terms of materials, Rainier Jonn has also posted two Uniqlo suits made of corduroy in addition to his regular suit fabrics. This corduroy-made Suit is on the must-have list of clothes in any modern, stylish man’s wardrobe if he is into the classic trend. This type of men’s suits run in different colors and patterns.

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A light color shirt under a solid suit can be a great alternative in a workplace where business attire dominates. A plain white or blue shirt is always the best option to pair with a coat when running out of style ideas.

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On the other hand, vertical stripes shirts are more versatile. It also gives a more traditional look in a workplace.

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To avoid looking too conventional, pair a striped suit with a striped shirt. Or go for Versace suits that offer fun and unique patterns.

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Men’s suit style experts recommend wearing light-toned ones for plaid shirts if you want to keep a low profile.

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Pick a plaid shirt that commands a presence. Planning what to wear can help avoid running into fashion mistakes. Rainier Jonn wears a red plaid shirt in this picture. He matches it with a tie and pocket-handkerchief and plays with accessories. This shows that his ensemble for the day is perfect, even up to the tiniest detail.

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mens suits 22

For other style concepts, especially when you need to wear a lapel, count on Rainier Jonn’s favorite Oxford button-down shirt.

Its button-down style collar reduces the problem of collars dropping around or laying flat. This works well with a suit or coat, and when worn underneath a jacket, the collar is still visible.

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Denim shirts are deemed popular both in women’s and men’s fashion. They can be paired with any other clothing materials. These hot commodities, when worn with a suit, look stylish and eye-catching.

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Casual Look: Knit and Denim Concepts

For a non-business attire look, take a look at Rainier Jonn’s play with style. He uses knit and denim elements, and the bold use of contrast colors gives men’s suit a casual look.

Knitted Coat and Sweater

Some of the casual clothes he displays are several knit coats.

Like these two vintage coats from the Banana Republic men’s wear, this brand is between the middle and high-end line of the Gap Group. I checked out similar styles on their official website and found out that they cost around $120. However, with the right clothes manufacturer, more affordable knitted coat sweaters can be produced.

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Besides solid colors, and if it’s for a more casual occasion, or you want to highlight a festive mood, consider a livelier patterned look. Try Versace suits which are known for bold and decorative patterns.

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Compared with the knit coat, the knit sweater is more versatile. In particular, colorful knitwear is very suitable when worn underneath for a casual look. The round collar neck design is a youthful style that can relieve those college days.

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V-neck gives a more mature appearance. And in case the weather gets warmer, a sweater and a shirt will still work.

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Denim Jacket, Cargo Jacket

Rainier Jonn also shared that, when he does not have much time to think about what to wear, he uses a “formula for everything”: a denim jacket + a white shirt or a brown sweater + a brown belt and shoes + any tie + socks to match the tie’s color.

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This kind of combination has its advantages. One can be unknowingly creative and not completely depend on matching the tie colors. This will also work when one has ties in different styles, colors, and patterns.

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These ties he wore with a pink color scheme and bold floral design bring a playful vibe.

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Still, I would recommend that the fashionistas go for a low-key tie. And if they really want to break the rules, consider something darker in the background.

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Denim jackets, lightweight jackets such as khaki overalls, and baseball jackets are great for spring and can be worn simply with a shirt and knit tie.

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Add Accessories: Tie Pocket Towel Set, Tie Clip, Brooch

Rainier Jonn doesn’t live by quantity when it comes to clothes, nor does he like to buy big brands. He wears the basics as he is after flexibility.
He matches his accessories with unique shapes and colors, such as tie, tie clip, tie clip, brooch, and wears them with the same clothes, giving different effects.

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Or tweak the details of an accessory to give it a men’s suit a different touch. This floral printed pocket towel, for example, with the right angle, delivers a distinctive vibe.

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Tie, Tie Clip, Pocket Towel

When you choose a tie, in addition to the classic color, men’s suit style experts recommend the wide striped tie, as shown in the image below. The color of the pocket towel is the best echo of the tie color, discreetly hidden.

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For a more collegiate look, look for this knitted striped Kangkang style.

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Ties with small dots and small patterns are some of the usual choices.
The unique texture on the tie can help you highlight the fashion sense you want to achieve.

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For a sexier touch, match a blue outfit with a red tie.

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The bold use of plants or leopard print details, and khaki coat, instantly provides a sense of nature.

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Of course, tie clips can also be used for a more fun appeal, like the keys and dinosaurs used in the picture below.

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An octopus tie with an octopus tie clip, like Rainier Jonn’s, is a very clever combination.

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He often uses brooch to accessorize. This design is easy to copy. A solid brooch and tie clip to fasten a tie bright color and pocket scarf provides an elegant appeal.

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If you want to make a statement, you can also wear something more interesting, preferably accessories in unusual colors.

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There are different designs to build when it comes to men’s suit. It is good to mix and match clothes and accessories according to the mood.

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Brand: Popular Affordable Clothing Brands, the Basics

Finally, I would like to recommend some suitable brands for working men to build their everyday clothes.

As a programmer, Rainier Jonn is not a big fan of designer labels. He opts to wear a lot of basic clothes from affordable brands.
These brands are Uniqlo, fast-fashion brands like Gap and Zara, and Suitsupply, and they are all highly recommended. Several other American national brands also cater to the local men’s wear niche.

Uniqlo is in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Uniqlo suits line offers plush coats for fall, winter and early spring that Rainier Jonn has worn in every color.

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The two Oxford button-downs he wore were also available at Uniqlo.

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And then there are Japan’s top three brands of Kamakura Shirts. They offer affordable shirts that working men can get their hands on.

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If you want to attain a next-level fashion statement, you can achieve them with Suitsupply men’s suits and shirts collection. It is a brand that offers stylish cuts, first-class texture at affordable prices.
In addition to online stores, there are physical stores in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenzhen, where you can conveniently fit your suit.

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The shirt on the left and the suit on the right are from Suitsupply

Rainier also wears some mid-range brands like Brooks Brothers regularly.

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The bright ties are mostly from Anivy, a brand that offers very good value for money products. You can get three shirts for $188, and ties range from $40 to $60. Most of the ties that Rainier Jonn posted on Instagram can be found here.

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In essence, the “golden triangle” tie principle gives everybody fresh and various ideas on how to style a men’s suit.


Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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