Wondering how to wear a turtleneck? Here are 30 photos of warm and stylish combinations for autumn and winter!

High Collar 28

A high collar is a necessity to keep warm in the winter. But being as fashionable as we are, we want to take keep warming a step further. For example, how to pull off a much better high collar look?

With just a few simple changes, you can stay warm and stylish at the same time, so without further ado, get started!

1.Turtleneck + matching coating

High collar + wool coat

A turtleneck paired with a long wool coat is the way many bloggers choose to wear it. It is very modern, elegant, and warm – something very much recommended for the cold north.

High Collar 1

Use this turtleneck twist sweater as a peacoat with a collar that highlights your face and a solid color overcoat for a feminine yet handsome look.

High Collar 2

Apart from solid colors for the woolen jacket, other popular designs and colors can work well. Plaid or tweed, for example, can match the high collar to set a simple style and achieves a sort of “complex outside and simple inside” effect.

High Collar 3

In the choice of color, if you select a unified color, it will appear more modern.

High Collar 4

Some don’t like a collar that’s too high and a tight feel around the neck. This style with a bit more neck exposure with a woolen coat is also a good combination. Though the temperament is slightly toned down, there is a bit of a retro vibe.

High Collar 5

High collar + suit

If you have a petite frame and live in the warmer South, you might look great with a suit and turtleneck combination.

High Collar 6

Using unified colors is the key to a modern look. Compared to the temperament of the peacoat, a high collar with a suit jacket will give a person a sense of non-gender wind.

High Collar 7

Want a retro feel? Try this with stripes and camel – somewhat neutral yet quite feminine.

High Collar 8

Of course, if you want to focus on the need to keep warm further, you can proceed with adding a wool coat outside. Folded wear creates the aura of a heroine!

High Collar 9

2. High collar and shirt

High collar and shirt on top

In addition to matching a coat with a turtleneck, you can also use some spring and autumn pieces to make some folding adjustments. For example, a shirt is a good choice.

High Collar 10

Wearing a shirt over a sweater is one of the most popular ways to create a folded sweater style these days, in line with the retro trend.

High Collar 11

This combination, with a coat over it, is the modern style image.

High Collar 12

If the neck is short, there is a simple option to take. Choose this kind of semi-high collar with the shirt to maintain some space for the neck.

High Collar 13

Take a handsome and cool route by going with some versatile shirt colors like white or blue.

High Collar 14

High collar and shirt inside

There is another way to fold a shirt, which is to do it inside. The shirt inside is well-built, showing hemline and the sleeve, promoting an executive-level character.

High Collar 15

In the choice of shirt, we can choose the following kind of belt court style, when exposed looks very retro elegant.

High Collar 16

Indeed, plain turtleneck shirts can also be folded in this way and paired with narrow-leg pants for a neat look.

High Collar 17

If you want to be a little more personal, you can also try this turtleneck combination. Choose a long, slit-open turtleneck sweater and immediately fold and wear it in a fashionable style.

High Collar 18

A turtleneck with a sweater over the shoulders

This year, this style of strapping over a turtleneck is also popular. There are really all kinds of styles out there.

High Collar 19

Not only can it be worn over a sweater, but it can also be worn over a coat, with a small turtleneck underneath. It’s stylish and cool yet a functionally warm ensemble.

High Collar 20

Sweaters are more eye-catching than scarves, giving off a sense of rebellious individuality. It keeps you warmer than scarves while looking casual and sensible.

High Collar 21

3. High collar + matching pants or shoes

High collar + wide-leg pants + ankle boots or heels

A pair of high-heeled shoes that show the instep slightly and a turtleneck sweater adds a visually slimmer look and accentuates a person’s personality.

High Collar 22

If you’re in the north, create your turtleneck combination with a pair of wide-leg pants matched with ankle boots to keep you warm.

High Collar 23

However, wide-leg pants also have a downside: they tend to look shorter. So for petite people, tuck a sweater into them or pair it with a shorter jacket to get a long-legged look.

High Collar 24

High collar + narrow-leg pants + boots

Those with smaller figures will look great in narrow-leg pants or boots and socks. For long boots, such as knight boots, lengths of 2 feet would be nice.

High Collar 25

If it is a pair of modified over-the-knee boots, the legs will look longer, so a similar color is recommended to match well.

High Collar 26

It feels warm, and you look great. Get the turtleneck combination with a casual coat, and you’re all set to go shopping.

High Collar 27

High collar + assorted dresses

This sweater with a super high collar comfortable wraps the neck. This turtleneck combination with a 100-pleat half-length skirt exudes a sweet and gentle temperament that is just so charming.

High Collar 28

High heels can be worn with a skirt and turtleneck combination. But if it’s cold, then ankle boots or other boots will also look great.

High Collar 29

A turtleneck combination with a straight skirt has a touch of grace and elegance.

High Collar 30

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