How to manage the orders sent out to clothing manufacturers for processing?

how to manage the orders sent out to clothing manufacturers for processing

    The vast majority of clothing manufacturers have outgoing processing business, and some outgoing processing business volume far exceeds the production volume of clothing manufacturers themselves. Some garment enterprises due to poor management of outgoing garment processing, resulting in unqualified garment product quality, causing great economic losses to enterprises.”

    The increase in the outbound processing business has put higher demands on the quality management of clothing manufacturers.

Finding an outsourcing garment factory

1. Set up uniform standards

    According to their own clothing manufacturer orders to set up a standard, what kind of garment factory as long as they can not do their own standards must not give it orders, otherwise it will kill them. Many garment processing factory owners just contacted you because they want to do your orders, they will blow themselves out of the sky, and in the end, the more they blow their own power the biggest problem.

2. Visit the garment processing factory

    Inspection of the garment processing factory, this thing no matter how busy you must go to do, do not give the QC to do, not that you can not trust QC, but to reduce the risk. Going to visit the garment factory can not be about the time to go, to suddenly go, if you go to find that he has few workers in the factory, they will say that because there are no orders to do, many workers are on vacation. You can believe it or not, but you can take the time to go and see it again, just to be on the safe side.

3. Do not contact the middleman

    Do not contact the middlemen, many clothing manufacturers in order to send orders to catch up with the delivery date, will contact some middlemen, this is absolutely necessary to eliminate because now the profits of the garment processing industry are getting lower and lower, and many garment processing plants are not very profitable and then taken away by people in the middle of a part of the profits, garment processing plants simply no profit to speak of. Relatively speaking, in order to make money, he will also reduce costs to do when the production of clothing quality will be a mess.

4. Caution is needed when working with new garment factories

    For the new contact garment processing factory try not to send large orders to him to do.

5. Request to do prenatal samples

    All outgoing clothing orders must require them to do pre-production samples, if you do not require them at the beginning, the latter will be more and more chaotic.

6. Outgoing clothing orders must be asked to QC control the quality

    Because QC is your eyes, it is best to ask them every day about the progress of their daily work, to randomly check the garment factories they supervise at appropriate times, and to let them switch garment factories every once in a while.

7. Track the delivery date from the time the order is placed

    Track the delivery date must start from the garment processing factory to get the order, do not wait until it is about to ship to start tracking.

    The garment production process with the work is mainly to understand the clothing manufacturer’s production progress can meet the delivery date of the order, and whether the product is produced according to the order, so the order taker should go deep into the clothing manufacturer’s production plant to check the quality of products and production progress, and find problems to deal with in a timely manner. Because the production process with the basic requirements of the order is to make the clothing manufacturers can be delivered immediately and according to the order agreed on quality delivery. So we have to go deep into the garment production line, check the progress, and check the quality.

Basic requirements for producing outgoing garment orders

1. On-time delivery

    To make the garment production schedule and the order delivery date match, so as not to advance nor delay.

2. Delivery according to quality

    The apparel products produced need to meet the quality requirements of the order.

The flow of outgoing garment orders

1. Issuance of production notification

    After receiving the customer’s clothing order, the orderer should convert it into a production notice. The notice should specify the name, specification, quantity, packaging requirements, and delivery date of the garment products ordered by the customer.

2. Analysis of garment production capacity

    After the production notice is issued, we have to analyze the production capacity of the outgoing clothing manufacturer. Can you deliver on time, according to quality? If not, what measures should be taken?

3. Develop a production plan for garment orders

The development and implementation of the production plan for garment orders are related to the success or failure of garment production management and delivery. Order followers should assist production managers to convert clothing orders into production orders in a timely manner.

4. Track the production progress of garment orders

(1) Production schedule control process.

(2) Production schedule control operating procedures

(3) Production schedule control focus.

A. The actual progress and the planned progress of the difference, to find the reason. Usually have the following reasons.

1. the original plan error

2. machine and equipment failure

3. Materials did not keep up.

4. The defective rate and scrap rate is too high

5. Temporary work or the impact of special orders.

6. Accumulation of delays in the previous production process

7. Employees working in a low mood, absenteeism, or high turnover rate

(4) Tracking the production progress of the form.

Including production daily reports, production progress variance analysis tables, production progress control tables, production exception handling tables, and production line progress tracking tables.

5. Delay in delivery

    If the reason is the garment processing factory, notify the customer and obtain consent before shipping. If you do not agree, one is to negotiate, we can bear part of the cost will be shipped out. Two will have to cancel the order.

6. Change of clothing order problem

    There are changes in the customer’s order for garments that have been placed due to changes in the garment market, there are about the quantity, (either increase or decrease). There is about the packaging. (color printing, or white lamination). There are changes in the delivery date. (either earlier or later). When we receive a request from a customer to change the content of an order, we must first look at what to change. Can we accept it? If our garments have been produced almost, or have been closed, it is impossible to change.

    If it is not yet scheduled, it is not a big problem. If we have already scheduled part, we need to negotiate. For example, if the quantity is to be reduced, we have already purchased the material according to the original quantity, and the general fabric is not a big problem. However, if the raw material is customized, the customer has to bear part of the cost. For the delivery time: if the customer wants to advance, we have to make a decision according to the actual situation. If you want to postpone, the time is short, and the problem is not big, but if you want to delay for a long time, then the storage fee and the loss fee need to be borne by the customer.

    In addition, it is recommended that we go to the garment processing plant workshop, to the management of each process to understand the problems encountered in the production of various types of clothing, if necessary, needs to reflect on the problems and suggestions or seek advice from customers ……

    He or she should be responsible for the quality follow-up to ensure the delivery date and quality: cutting fabric, initial inspection, mid-term inspection, final inspection, delivery, clearance of accessories, etc. The clothing order operation process to solve all kinds of production problems encountered, for each clothing order problem-prone part to check from time to time. Such as cutting pieces more or less, material additions, the number of FOB orders outside the normal range of acceptance: the number of more or less, accept or not accept the number of less, the quality of the three issues how to solve how to supervise, how to solve the late delivery period, etc.

    Follow up the delivery period at the same time to let QC control the quality ……

    There are also suggestions to control the company’s staff in addition to expertise, there is to pay attention to the relationship with the outgoing factory production departments to deal with, which is a very important key.


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