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Wool Turtleneck Sweater 2

The cold weather in the depths of winter leads to a strong need for clothing to keep us warm, so our goals when buying autumn/winter clothing are:

Warm and stylish!


1.Wool turtleneck sweater

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to cool off, you must first conjuring up a turtleneck sweater that will not only protect you from the wind and the cold, but also bring a sense of temperament that will make you an instant “vibe beauty.”
Especially the pure black wool turtleneck sweater is not to miss the top item.

Wool Turtleneck Sweater 1.webp

Always regarding fabric and tailoring as the soul of design, committed to the elopement that recombines the handsome and feminine charm, this winter also continues the elegance of Downton Abbey in the 1920s, with the release of this hollow-out turtleneck sweater made of pure wool.

Wool Turtleneck Sweater 2.webp

We use worsted technology, with expensive computer knitting machine woven 2 wide 4 narrow thread lines, scattered to ensure the comfort of close-fitting wear, and add a few texture sense and thickness, but also can prevent local thinning when close-fitting wear, save the embarrassment of the inner build and outer penetration.

Wool Turtleneck Sweater 3.webp

After more than a dozen versions of proofing and debugging, the front and rear necklines have finally reached 115 degrees, just covering the underwear shoulder strap, and can show the beautiful and flawless appearance of the clavicle;And elongate the neck curve from the rear Angle, creating a swan neck with no dead Angle of 360 degrees.

Wool Turtleneck Sweater 4.webp

The translucent part of the cuff is specially designed to increase the horizontal parallel texture and elongate the arm lines with a great sense of design.

To sum up, a warm, comfortable and stylish turtleneck!

Wool Turtleneck Sweater 5.webp

3.Double-faced woolen overcoat

Wool products have been with chemical fiber fabrics incomparable comfort, double-faced wool coat has been the representative of high quality.So how can winter not have a double-faced woolen coat?

Double Faced Woolen Overcoat 1.webp

Our wool coat is made of high-quality wool selected from the Australian plateau region, which is crisp, delicate and soft and sticky. It is thicker and warmer than ordinary wool.The inner and outer layers are warm and light, soft and pendant. The shape fits the outline of the figure very well, and the figure is not too heavy.

Double Faced Woolen Overcoat 2.webp
Double Faced Woolen Overcoat 3.webp

In addition, we also dyed it in 90 days to make its double-sided fabric soft, smooth, free of impurities and unique, comfortable and comfortable in the touch and visual sense, the upper body can feel the undertone from the good fabric.

Double Faced Woolen Overcoat 4.webp

On this wool coat, we also designed this year’s popular retro trend — doll collar, paired with a simple and durable double-breasted coat, which not only reduces the age but also shows off the temperament;

The rotator cuff falls naturally, giving a smooth feel to the lines. It also helps to shape the shoulders and arms.

Double Faced Woolen Overcoat 5.webp

Sleeve slightly wide sleeve + button tie belt design, can highlight the fine wrist line;If you don’t wear a belt, it belongs to the straight tube version with no body shape. If you wear a belt, your waist will be slimmer, fashionable and warm.Just right length, joker has style more temperament.

Double Faced Woolen Overcoat 6.webp

In the process of the use of manual sewing, quality and details are very elegant.There are also three colors to choose from: light frost green with clean and smart aura, peach jelly powder with gentle aura and stylish and textured obsidian black. The upper part is just two words: beautiful!

Double Faced Woolen Overcoat 7.webp

3.Cowhide wool integrated coat

In addition to a wool coat, a stylish and warm fur integrated coat is also a great way to spend the whole winter.

Cowhide Wool Integrated Coat 1.webp

We chose a suede composite that combines the softness of plush with the bohemiousness and practicality of suede.The classic lapel version balances the soft texture with a sweet and salty balance.

Cowhide Wool Integrated Coat 2.webp

The grain feeling of the fabric surface is extremely rich, the cloth surface is smooth and crisp, drapability is good, resistant to washing and not easy to wrinkle and not easy to pilling, get the hand feel is more comfortable than meibao cat.

Cowhide Wool Integrated Coat 4.webp

The small area of the stitching bag edge design is also full of details, texture visible to the naked eye.Stylish and not bloated, the effect of keeping out the cold is also excellent.

Cowhide Wool Integrated Coat 5.webp

4.Add velvet magic pants

Suddenly such as the night after the cold wind, everyone to the cliff-like cooling of the first reaction is not all “it is time to add long Johns”!

But if you don’t like long Johns, let alone woollen pants, magic pants are your salvation.

Add Velvet Magic Pants 1.webp

Speaking of magic pants, we have to mention the SP-68, which was born in 2009.

It not only with super elastic uniform size concept to become the concept of no size leader, and only after two years of ups and down as the creator of magic pants in the industry star quickly jump up in the circle of red.

Add Velvet Magic Pants 2.webp

Unlike other types of clothing, the shape of the pants is almost instantly recognizable when worn.
The SECRET of the SP-68’s popularity lies in its painstakingly excellent version, which not only slimmed down its legs but also boosted its hips and waist.

Add Velvet Magic Pants 3.webp

This year the SP-68 will continue to be comfortable, will be elegant upgrade, iteration of the classic little black pants is still the eternal theme of everyone’s wardrobe.

The magic pants with velvet in winter can resist the cold with high quality velvet, which not only has the hygroscopicness, but also can effectively transform the heat. It is comfortable and stylish in a comprehensive way to keep warm, which perfectly balances the warmth and beauty of wearing in winter.

Add Velvet Magic Pants 5.webp

5.Knit pleated skirt

Wintry day lets a person more easily love downy with warmth, at this moment go up in the choice of next outfit, a have extremely strong inclusive and stretch sex, suit the knit half skirt of majority figure almost very close.

Knit Pleated Skirt 1.webp

This knitted pleated skirt of elopement chose classic pleated skirt from the beginning of the skirt.

Its pleats are evenly extended from the waist to the hem from narrow to wide. The clear lines can easily cover the false hip width and lengthen the ratio of body and leg.Excellent draping also allows the skirt to roll in and out as the body moves.

Knit Pleated Skirt 2.webp

The exquisite plaited hair ribbon, 2 wide and 2 narrow S-shaped fixed human silk ribbon, and fine wool interspersed between them all make this pleated knitted skirt not only rich in layers, but also soaring in warmth.

Knit Pleated Skirt 4.webp

The color-matching hair braid ribbon is vertically downward along the side seam. On the premise of not interrupting the transverse visual integrity of waist circumference, it is matched with the high-waist line design that can lengthen the proportion of lower body.

The wide elastic string with soft waist inside bag, smooth and round, do not have the skirt that becomes warped not to roll edge to be added an item.

Knit Pleated Skirt 5.webp


1.A scarf of lamb hair

If each accessory has its own season, then it’s a “lamb scarf” for winter.

Because as a winter accessory, even if there are a wide variety of high-quality wool scarves will always be the most warm.

A Scarf Of Lamb Hair 1.webp

With simple design, versatile color, skin-friendly texture, and thick design, our lamb pure color scarf creates a warm and stylish new experience that is easy to keep warm this winter. It also combines the minimalist style with the artistic girl style.

A Scarf Of Lamb Hair 2.webp

The whole scarf weighs 325 grams and measures 70*200cm. Compared with the common wool scarf materials and groups on the market, the upper body is also more warm and comfortable.

A scarf can go over a sweater!

A Scarf Of Lamb Hair 3.webp

Remember to dry clean as much as possible

Because washing will destroy the surface structure of the scarf and lose the original texture.If it is not good enough to wash the word, it is also recommended to use a special silk hair detergent, not wring dry and dry, placed in a cool place flat shop in the sun.

A Scarf Of Lamb Hair 4.webp

2.Wool berets

Wool Berets 1.webp

As a classic piece of French style, the beret is a classic because of its strong inclusiveness, almost any face shape can coexist reasonably under it.Even the most basic outfit can be made stylish by a beret.

Wool Berets 2.webp

Founded in 2012, Le Beret Francais has been awarded the French National Living Cultural Heritage Enterprise (EPV) label, inheriting the French craft tradition. The smooth curve not only presents the beauty of simple and lively lines, but also contains rich artistic flavor.

Wool Berets 3.webp

The beret also uses traditional French techniques to create a minimalist French elegance. The preferred raw material makes it durable, textured, classic and versatile.

The pure wool material guarantees its warmth, and the satin design inside also guarantees its comfort.

Wool Berets 4.webp

It is highly recommended that you choose the same style of bright red in Emily in Paris, which is very suitable for dark autumn and winter!

Wool Berets 5.webp

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