Garment worker: Have no face to go home in the New Year!Guangzhou knitting factory owner: every day is a survivor

Garment Factory Workers

An epidemic has made many people feel like they have survived, with four months to go.The boss and employees of a knitting factory in Guangzhou are suffering from difficulties. They started work late this year, but due to the impact of the epidemic, there are not many orders. It is good that the factory can survive, like this time of the year is always the busiest, overtime and the highest salary.Sometimes it takes eight hours to get off work!

For workers, no shift means only a minimum wage.With a basic salary of 2,000 yuan in Guangzhou, I could not support myself.Many workers said they were afraid to go home without money this year.

Knitted Garment Factory
Garment Factory Workers 2

That’s true for employees and it’s true for bosses.An outbreak nearly wiped out the factory.There are no orders and there are still so many workers.The boss has to pay out of pocket to support his employees.But now the epidemic is getting worse abroad.The boss also feels like a year, I do not know when is the end.

Garment Factory

A friend of mine: our weaving factory, every day light longitude and latitude silk is about hundreds of thousands, processing human water and electricity fee add up to hundreds of thousands, the cloth in the warehouse is like a mountain, the boss said, at the end of December, at most a holiday!

Garment Factory Workers

In the winter of the manufacturing industry, many factories closed down. Without a strong manufacturing industry, everything was just empty talk.

The garment workers are so difficult!They also came out of Guangzhou in April and have been sitting for two months. There is no order in the factory and today is a holiday.Only two months out of the dilemma ah!


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