Steal These No Filter Street Style Photos to Stay Chic

european and american girls fashion street shoot 7

Do you fancy the street style fashion photos you see of European and American women? Their fashion sense is different from the stylish personality of the Koreans, nor the comfortable wear of Japanese, and the elegant languor of the French women. They have their own unique charm. Their choice of outfit is more daring as they show their figures’ curves. And that’s their advantage, the confidence to display their figure through what they wear.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 1

Below are some recent photos of top European and American influencers and bloggers on the street. You’ll notice how different their style is from the past. Gone are the sexy lines and in with new practical outfits.

Black quilted down jacket

This year’s trend of quilted down jackets is a sure way to combine beauty and function. It keeps you on the cutting edge of fashion while still keeping your winter look.

The type of quilted jacket in the picture focuses on the spacing between the quilted seams. They are moderate and not too inflated. It also looks fashionable when worn open. A short person should also avoid too fluffy down jackets to avoid looking shorter.

If you want to wear large quilted down jackets, opt for black. Add some color or accessories to accentuate your style. A rose hat, apricot silk scarf, or even a flat bun can transform a casual attire into a fashion-forward one.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 2

Colored quilted down jacket

If black has become too recurrent, try other colors for a change.

Orange and black down jacket

Pair it with sweatpants for a sporty look.

Camouflage pattern

With a black melon cap, the down jacket exudes a handsome appeal.

Straw green long down jacket

Match with a pair of tight leather trousers. This attire looks chic even when worn daily.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 3

A leather/fur coat

The fur coat is a prominent street style and gives a beautiful feeling. Most people don’t mind whether it’s too long or short. As long as it provides style individuality, a coat is a fashion favorite.

To get the most out of this coat, make some style trade-offs. Choose a unique design or silhouette that suits your taste.
Besides, you can experiment with clothes combinations. Take, for example, tight trousers paired with a coat, a custom handbag, and pointed leather shoes. This attire enhances one’s personality. The female’s appeal is evident.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 4

Dark velvet coat

Exquisite velvet coat looks even more delicate with a glossy velvet texture. Anyone donning this street style draws public attention. This fabric is also used to make house clothes, so it is easy to feel you are home when wearing velvet.

With that said, pulling this style off can be difficult. So, try to avoid pajamas style, suit, stand collar, and other formal styles.
If the style is not new, combine it with one formal item, such as trousers, leather shoes, scarves, bags, etc. for a different look.

Of course, the choice of color is significant. It also befits the dark color with deep winter, deep blue, dark green suits for a more elegant appeal.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 5

Coat + One Cool Item

If the jacket is not bright, add a few fantastic items to enhance the fashion statement.

Gray fleece coat

The gray sling bag, cropped top, black choker, and ripped jeans are cool and stylish together. But this kind of outfit is more suitable for girls who are not afraid of getting cold.

Apricot cashmere jacket

Ripped wide-leg pants paired with a sweater cap and canvas shoes give a bit of the school-girl style.

A combination of black suit and black pants

A simple and flat look. But with a white T-shirt and trousers hems tucked into the boots, the look can stand out.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 6

Black coat with a touch of bright color

The black coat is undoubtedly the safest and most prominent street style color.
But the excessive use of black gives the wearer a depressed spirit.
Therefore, there’s a need to match some color, even a single product, to complement black. It can’t be overbearing, though. A tiny embellishment is enough.

There are wide varieties of items to choose from, such as fuchsia or white undershirt, brown shoes, red bags, and even purple earphones and yellow cowhide bags, all of which can make the whole outfit fresh and distinctive.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 7

Black coat

Black is the most frequently seen color of coat in these street style photoshoots. Whether it is European and American or Japanese and Korean street fashion, it is always present.
Black clothes from head to toe can work. But for a more individual style, one needs to develop more ideas, like adding more colors.

For example, colors such as white or light blue will break black’s dullness. A dainty small bag or unique purse will reveal one’s extraordinary style personality.
Of course, with a positive outlook and vibrant personality, an all-black outfit can be gorgeous!

european and american girls fashion street shoot 8

Gray/apricot coat

Grey and apricot overcoat are classic and timeless. All fabrics such as silk and even longer lengths are easy to pull off. The material should be light to emphasize other clothing items.

A more superior and elegant look with the same color, deliberately display sweater cuffs, with a coffee printed scarf, exudes an aristocratic British street style fashion.
While for a modern and retro vibe, wear a leather shirt underneath.
For a classic and feminine look, you can’t go wrong with a turtleneck and a leather skirt.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 9

Heavy + Light Clothing

The most awkward way to wear a coat in winter is to keep warm but look bulky. There are many ways to solve the problem of keeping warm without looking heavy. One solution is to wear a heavy garment on the upper body and a light garment on the lower part. Choose clothes with soft and lightweight fabric and so on. This combination is practical and stylish at the same time.

The street style of the women in the picture below shows how to achieve such an outfit.

european and american girls fashion street shoot 10

Use these street style fashion inspiration taken during winter in Europe and the United States to copy how they dress up.

Study these pictures and learn how to turn these fashion techniques into your own unique style.


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