The Best Trench Coat Styles, Period

dust coat 1

The wind outside the window

Inadvertently give warmth.

For unexpected days like this

It’s the right time for a trench coat.

And then, for some reason, you feel different,

You feel the wind from the south, or it must be the wind in the wilderness.

It’s not you that changes. It’s the direction of the wind that changes.

It was the tough winter coat and the puffy down jacket that need changing.

Like a shell, removed from the body,

You feel the hem of the coat tap your leg,

You think that the wind lifts the weight of life.

dust coat 2

People want something.

And as soon as I put my hand in my coat,

And feel the wind and rain flutter before me.

Beyond the alley lies a thousand miles of unknown road.

In this way, let a beautiful dress

Bring a little bit of fanciness.

Even if being dramatic is a lot, it’s not a bad thing.

dust coat 3

This spring,

There are nine new changes to the coat,

2021 Trench Coat Trend… and the best styles are…

dust coat 4

Earth color return

After the epidemic, the khaki color brings us closest to the earth,

It has become the most typical representation of “understated fashion.”

We see this shade has been around for hundreds of years,

Classic earth color trench coat

Become the new star in the post-epidemic era.

dust coat 5

Macaron colors are on the rise

The earth color is returning and at the same time,

Low saturation macarons are on the rise.

Fashion always has two sides,

It’s like your heart is always tangled and entangled at the same time.

dust coat 6
dust coat 7

Oversized profile

When the slim trench coat came in,

It means that people’s awareness of rules is on the rise,

And the epidemic forces people to think: Who am I?

Loose, random oversized shapes,

It just expresses people’s yearning for freedom.

dust coat 8

More colorful shades

The style of the traditional coat,

It has a distinct waist and a loose hem.

The lining looks like a classic Burberry plaid,

It looks like it could go to war.

dust coat 9

This year’s coats are more flexible in style.

The waistline is not obvious,

Instead of emphasizing curves,

There was a wide and conspicuous sash at the back,

It is only for decoration, not for self-cultivation.

You can create the N shape with it.

dust coat 10
dust coat 11

The fabric is more flexible

Whether it’s a glossy, technological fabric,

Or a casual cotton fabric,

We can all see a reduction in the width,

The softer side of the trench coat gradually came into fashion.

dust coat 12

It makes the woman in the trench coat,

Add a lot of softness and charming character.

Walking in the spring sunshine,

There is an unquenchable thirst for fashion.

dust coat 13
“BBLLUUEE Pink Blue Fashion” for spring

Decorative elements are on the rise

The cuff, for example, is the kind that has no latch.

It exists to decorate the many facets of women.

dust coat 14

And moving the cuff to the arm,

Enhances the puffiness at both ends of the cuff,

Make the overall shape more elegant.

dust coat 15

The most fashionable outfit: long trench coats + wide-leg pants

Long trench coats with wide-leg pants,

Shows enviable legs and a smart vibe,

Stylish, sophisticated, and handsome,

It’s what I wear to work after the Spring Festival.

The fashionable attire is the most suitable to show your figure.

dust coat 16

The trench coat pair with the same color

Use other clothing in the same color to minimize the toughness of the coat,

The outfit presents confidence and grace.

dust coat 16 1
dust coat 17
dust coat 18

With embellishment

Classic khaki trench coat

Pair it with a brightly colored scarf or tie.

The neutral feeling will fade,

Heads will turn

Curiosity arises as they see a unique style.

dust coat 19

Add a beret, sunglasses or earrings,

The comfortable style is perfect for a romantic stroll in France..

dust coat 20

Spring breeze in February, weeping willow green in March, the spring of 2021 has completely arrived.
In the season of the revival of all things, everything appears vibrant. Like the spring in all of us, we no longer wrapped ourselves in clumsy winter clothes. We can finally change, be reckless, and free from boring windbreakers as we shift to their gentle and fashionable alternatives.

Let the wind touch the bottom of your coat and let your skirt flutter. Stand wearing the trench coat, feel confident, and see the vast horizon.
And just enjoy the breeze in style.


Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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