Down jacket + hoodie, warm and fashionable!

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There have been comments from fans recently,

More for northern wear,

It may be that the coat is not warm enough,

Take a look at the down jacket. It’s easy to play with all kinds of folding.

A down jacket and hoodie are stylish enough to keep you warm,

Not only is it impermeable, but it also highlights your style,

Especially when it comes to hoodies,

Can enrich the sense of hierarchy and highlight the personality of the shape,

Absolutely the most fashionable operation this winter.

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Down Jacket Hoodie 2
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The color of the hoodie,

The design of patterns and details,

Can well explain its unique charm,

Tie-in down jacket, appear languid and casual,

Looking at all the shows and celebrity street shots,

Absorb the atmosphere, can also give you want stylish and warm,

Note: Follow the “Loose upper And Tight lower” rule.

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Short down jacket + hoodie

A short, loose down jacket,

It feels like “atmosphere” in two words,

Suggestion: The length of down jacket should be controlled above and below the waist line.

Fairies between 150 and 170cm tall can handle it,

With a hoodie, it’s very plastic,

Create a high-waisted line that also elongates the body,

Stretch out long legs with ease.

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This year, the trend is to wear big clothes rather than small ones.

Try to choose a larger version of the hoodie,

Suggestion: Don’t choose too large a size for your down jacket,

It will make you look strong,

Note: Hoodies should not be looser than down jackets.

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Black down jacket + black hoodie

Easy to dull, can be in the details of the embellishment of extra points,

For example: a little length off the shoulder or in the bathroom,

Increase overall layering.

Down Jacket Hoodie 12.webp

Wear a bright colored hoodie inside

Warm without losing highlight, there is a sense of hierarchy.

Down Jacket Hoodie 13.webp
Down Jacket Hoodie 14.webp

Note: The hoodie matches the color of the shoes,

It makes the whole thing look more harmonious.

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Down Jacket Hoodie 16.webp

All black

With little white shoes,

Show off your long legs with ease,

Suggestion: Choose the “Upper Loose and tight” combination,

Don’t choose pants that are too baggy or sloppy,

High-waisted pants: Elongate the body,

Slimming style: Slimming.

Down Jacket Hoodie 17.webp

Oversize hoodie inside

Age reduction and chic, layered,

With big boots, keep warm and stylish with a little sexy,

Suggestion: You can wear the down jacket open,

Can emphasize high waist line, show on the vision tall carry.

Down Jacket Hoodie 18.webp
Down Jacket Hoodie 19.webp

Velvet down jacket + hoodie

Sexy retro, full of fashion power,

With a pair of nine point jeans, fashion has gone through the roof,

It elongates the body, especially for small people,

Note: When wearing a down jacket, keep it simple inside.

Not too much decoration or too much plush.

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Down Jacket Hoodie 21.webp

Wear a hoodedless hoodie inside

You can wear it with a scarf,

Note: knitted cap, thick scarf and down jacket,

That’s the way it is in winter.

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Down Jacket Hoodie 23.webp

Bright down jacket + hoodie

The simpler the version, the more advanced,

Note: The style and decorations should not be too complicated.

Otherwise, it is easy to appear redundant and cumbersome.

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Down Jacket Hoodie 25.webp

Pair with jeans

Warm and stylish, you stand out,

Suggestion: Chunky leg fairy, choose straight leg jeans,

It’s a great way to shape your legs.

Down Jacket Hoodie 26.webp

Long down jacket + hoodie

Long down jackets are more popular,

It’s easy to keep warm while creating a stylish look,

It is more powerful in momentum and warmth than the short style.

Wear a velvety hoodie inside to keep you warm and to cover your flesh,

You are also the warmest and prettiest in the snow day,

Note: Wear the whole body in the same color.

It highlights the sense of high class.

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When choosing a down jacket

The embossing should be big and simple,

Note: If the center of gravity is sinking,

With small white shoes, you can bring the balance back,

It’ll lift your spirits.

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Down Jacket Hoodie 31.webp

Quilting for down jackets

The tighter the quilting, the heavier the local atmosphere,

Suggestion: Choose the design of wide quilting,

It can reduce the puffy feeling of the down jacket,

Showing the graceful waist,

Note: Small people should show a high waist line.

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Down Jacket Hoodie 33.webp
Down Jacket Hoodie 34.webp

Select straight tube version

Can be modified figure, inclusive very strong,

With pants or a skirt, it doesn’t look bulky,

Note: Choose black for a slimmer look.

Down Jacket Hoodie 35.webp

In the cold winter

When you want to be warm and stylish,

Don’t doubt that a down jacket plus a hoodie is enough,

Not only warm and intimate, full of security and strength,

Fashion is also slowly rising.

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