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How To Wash Down Jacket

What’s the warmest thing to wear in winter?In addition to the long Johns your mother told you to put on, it must be the down jacket is the first ~

A good down jacket to warm up is equal to 10 coats, so it is no exaggeration to say that each person is a magic tool for the winter!

But a down jacket is also expensive, wear out really very distressed!!In order to extend its wearing life, our usual maintenance is very important!

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I’m sure most of you know that down jackets can’t be machine-washed, but they can!Here to tell you, not only can not machine wash down jacket!No dry cleaning either!

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That’s not scaremongering, but here’s why down jackets can’t be machine-washed or dry-cleaned.

Down Jacket Washing

1. Machine washing is not allowed

The reason why down jackets keep warm is that their air permeability is relatively poor, so if the fabric is too loose, the fleece will run and lose its warmth. Machine washing will cause the fleece to stick together, and no matter how much maintenance, it will not be as warm as before.

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2. Do not dry clean

But why not dry cleaning?Isn’t dry-cleaning a professional care?

But the drying steps in the dry cleaning will make the down jacket in the aging brittle, there are some dry cleaning potions will destroy the protein components in the down, resulting in the down jacket after washing a little shake will run down, a long time will also lose the warmth.

Since it can’t be machine-washed or dry-cleaned, how do you wash down jackets?Now Let me introduce the correct cleaning method of down jacket!

1. Local cleaning

If the down jacket is only partially dirty, you don’t need to clean the whole thing.Because general down jacket fabric is not afraid of water, as long as a few drops of the collar in the dirty place clean or washing spirit, after a few minutes with a wet towel dry can decontaminate.

If it’s not clean, repeat it a few more times.

Local cleaning Tips:

It is best to use special cleaning agent for down jacket.Because they are neutral, they can reduce the damage to protein fiber, and have excellent washing power and protective conditioning effect, after washing can maintain the luster of down jacket fabric and internal fluffy.

2. Clean the whole thing

If the down jacket is dirty, it is recommended to wash it by hand.But the washing process is exquisite, specifically divided into the following six steps:

Step 1: Soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes. Let the jacket fully soak inside and outside.

Step 2: Dissolve the washing powder in 30℃ water, stir well, and then soak the down jacket in it for 15 minutes.

Note that the amount of washing powder is usually put 4 ~ 5 spoons of washing powder in two washbasin water. If the concentration is too high, the residual washing powder in the down jacket will affect the fluffiness of down and greatly reduce the warmth.

Step 3: Remove the down jacket from the washing powder water, spread it flat on a clean counter, and gently scrub the down jacket with a soft brush dipped in washing powder from inside to outside.

Step 4: Both hands in the water to grasp the various parts of the down jacket, until knead knead clean.Do not twist into a twist!!

How To Wash Down Jacket

Step 5: Control most of the water, and then put the down jacket into clean water to rinse several times to thoroughly remove the detergent residue.

The 6th pace: after down jacket is washed, cannot wring dry, should squeeze moisture out, spread again or hang up air, forbid insolate, also do not ironing, lest scald clothes.

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This way, the pile will remain elastic.These are the steps we take to properly clean our down jackets. Besides these, what are the four problems we encounter during cleaning and maintenance?

Four incurable difficulties

Question 1: Why have peculiar smell after washing ?

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It may not be completely dried or rinsed, and the down will smell after being damp. You can use a thick towel to press and absorb water as shown above.

Question 2: How to air?

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Use tools like the one above that can be spread out to dry.If hung in the sun, the pile will be a piece of velvet, not easy to dry, affecting the unkempt.

Question 3: after washing why not fluffy rise?

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One is not dry thoroughly, the clothes should be fully dried after washing, otherwise the down can not be completely fluffy up.Second, after drying clothes down will not automatically fluffy, just use your hand to pat appropriately can be restored as new.

Question 4: how to receive down jacket?Can you fold it?

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The down jacket that passes at ordinary times does not fold, fold the down jacket inside easy let down jacket extrude into a group, choose to hang chest as far as possible store.


The down jacket that has not been worn for a long time should be naturally aired for a period of time in the sun (not to be exposed to the sun) before being re-worn. Then, it can be patted and put on again to get rid of moisture and warm it up.

Tip: If there’s a hole in the down jacket, lightly coat it with nail polish or colorless nail polish in the same color as the down jacket. The hole will be blocked and the down won’t come out.

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