Don’t know what to wear under your coat? Try these simple but sophisticated styles

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Many people believe that the most important clothing items in the winter season are coats and pants. This idea is the reason they do not think what they wore inside actually matters. What they do not know is what they wear under the coat plays an important role. Choosing something unfit may give the bulky feeling. Now, let us look at what you can and cannot wear during the cold season. Let us help you find your style.

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In winter, people tend to wear so many layers of clothing. They have no choice but to do it to keep them warm. Too many layers might show a bigger appearance. But there are actually some clothing items you can match with your coats. One such outfit is a button-down shirt and a turtleneck sweater. This style is versatile, and you can wear it with any coat. This ensemble will bring out the sophisticated and modern woman in you.

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A shirt underneath is recommended

The most important thing when layering clothes is to ensure they complement each other. Hence, the style of the shirt is particularly important. One just needs to select which turtleneck shirt suits the style of the shirt the best.

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Classic color style

When either worn alone or with different clothing items, a shirt in classic color makes any look timeless. Its low-key shade is simple, and people consider it suitable for any occasion. Besides, a classic color shirt is a popular style. It is easy to pair it with any pants. Hence, owning a shirt in pure color is a must.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 4

Floral style

A floral printed shirt is also compatible with coats in classic color. The floral design might be prominent. However, it gives a different character to the fashion sense. Whether the floral patterns are in the light or solid shade, the attire will still be beautiful. An ensemble of this type can give a youthful vibe. If you want to add more layers of clothing with the floral shirt, avoid another style with a different decorative pattern. Opt for neutral color garments to make an immaculate fashion statement.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 5

Plaid style

Plaid shirts in solid color are not boring. They may not be as vibrant as a floral design shirt, but they provide a classic touch. Different patterns and different shades of plaid shirts suit any patterns and colors of other clothes underneath or coats. When paired with a neutral color coat or jacket, it provides a retro vibe. If you want to wear it with a turtleneck sweater, go for the ones in classic color.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 6

The inner turtleneck shirt is recommended

When layering, a turtleneck shirt in solid color has become a favorite. First, it can blend well with any shirt and coat. Second, since they come in different fabrics, there are more choices. Clothes manufacturers and designers understand their popularity, so they produce many variants.

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The knitting style

On the other hand, a knitted turtleneck sweater gives the impression of a very European and American style. These knitted turtlenecks keep people warmer during the severe winter season than the ones made of pure cotton. Since they look fluffier, one may look bigger in them. Try choosing solid colors for a different effect.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 8

Pure cotton product

Cotton turtleneck sweaters may have less pattern than knitted ones. However, compared to the knitted turtleneck shirts, they are softer and more fitting to the body. A cotton turtleneck sweater and a cotton shirt together give a more comfortable feeling. With the same fabric materials, this ensemble works perfectly together.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 9

Underneath shirt + turtleneck is recommended

A button-down shirt and an unlined turtleneck sweater as upper garments are the best combinations during the spring and autumn season. You may or may not take a coat when outside. But if you are dressing up for the winter, arrange these three together to look ready for the cold season.

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Pair with a woolen coat

Clothes manufacturers use wool and artificial fibers to create elegant woolen clothes. Woolen coats are the perfect alternative for looking sharp, either in long or short coats. Because they are somehow lighter, layering with other shirts feels more relaxed.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 11

Add a touch of leather

Leather apparel is also the main coat in winter. When talking about its heat preservation, it is wind resistant and airtight. If you choose leather as a coat, the overall wear is very cool. As they come in neutral colors, they manifest a classic style.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 12

With a blazer

The partner of the suit jacket has been predominantly a coat. But in the last few years, boyfriend blazer had become a more popular alternative. A suit jacket can be worn alone. On the other hand, for people who want an oversize style, they pair coats with blazers. A shirt, blazer, coat, and pantsuit together make a very fashionable statement.

shirt and turtleneck under coat 13

It is now certain that a shirt and turtleneck sweater as upper garments will become a trend this coming winter season. This ensemble, with a coat, will keep you warm while staying chic.
Just look at the picture above. The girl combined a white button-down shirt, a black turtleneck sweater, a short black coat. Put together, and they created a simple, relaxed style that is fashionable. Try these tips and rock each style.


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