Corduroy is very popular in autumn/winter 2020. Whoever wears it will be fashionable.

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Because of the high retro, so the corduroy lasting!

What comes to mind when it comes to retro?I can’t help but sigh: fashion rotation, when your mother forced you to wear “corduroy”, now!It’s in again!

Not fashionable, grandmother generation is a lot of people’s first impression of corduroy, think that when I was young, mother was forced to wear “corduroy clothes”, but now unexpectedly become fashionable, become the new favorite of the fashion circle, have to admit the eyes of the older generation.

Corduroy Clothing 1

So many years have been wrong mother…Now it seems that there is a strong retro flavor, but also with a very elegant and yuppie casual feeling.

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Let me also tell you: corduroy undergoes light and shade changes in its texture.So, the wider the pattern, the more inflated it becomes. Try to wear pinstripes.

The history of corduroy

Corduroy dates back to the 18th century in France. It was a kind of cloth specially used by Kings. It was later widely circulated and favored by French women.

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Francoise Hardy, who was popular in the French pop music world at the time, was photographed wearing a corduroy suit and boots, and even now is a very stylish outfit.

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And, these collocation apply now, also have no disharmony feeling.

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Although corduroy is now the “sweet pastry” of the fashion industry, but put it in the daily still a lot of people still despise it, think it rustic also show old age.But actually, corduroy doesn’t look good on you, it’s just because you opened it the wrong way!

What corduroy items are worth wearing

1. Corduroy pants

Corduroy pants are probably the most popular material, especially with today’s wide leg pants, which have cleverly sidestep the fattening and short side.

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Vintage fabrics plus powerful wide leg pants version, walking are particularly cool!

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Especially when flared trousers are paired with high heels, the legs look ridiculously long and the whole outfit in the same color looks modern and understated.

Corduroy Clothing 14

How could Corduroy forget about the super-youthful overalls?

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Corduroy Clothing 16
Corduroy Clothing 17

2.Corduroy coats

Corduroy coats, jackets, suits, and long coats are more common. They are less heavy than lamb wool, but they are warmer than normal fabrics, soft to the touch, and look warm.

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Corduroy Clothing 20
Corduroy Clothing 19 1

Corduroy trench coat is very retro, I want to have such a trench coat, grandma, mom, you, will wear a different fashion.

Corduroy Clothing 21

Medium long suit jacket, can play greatly the collocation that the next outfit disappears, not only sex appeal still is taking the breath that a restoring ancient ways.

Corduroy Clothing 22
Corduroy Clothing 23

3. Corduroy skirts

Corduroy skirt with high waist line can show your good figure, with simple basic style, simple beauty is very good.If you want some highlights, try some exaggerated accessories.

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Corduroy Clothing 25
Corduroy Clothing 26

Corduroy maintenance tips

1. When washing corduroy, it is not advisable to scrub hard or scrub hard with a hard bristle brush. It is advisable to brush gently along the downy direction with a soft bristle brush.

2. When washing, only brush the front side gently, do not brush the back side, otherwise, the root will be taken off as soon as it is broken.

3. When there are sticky things on the suede, such as glue, paste, porridge, etc., should be washed with water, not dry brush dry wipe, so as not to pull the fluff

4 in order to avoid corduroy clothes wear white phenomenon, when washing, as far as possible with irritant small laundry supplies, washed with no irritant softening agent bubble.

Go back to your closet and see if your mother threw away your corduroy when you were a kid!


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