Color trends | Pantone’s top colors for 2021: ‘ultimate gray’ and ‘glowing yellow’

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Representatives from the Pantone Color Institute announced the top colors for 2021.This time, however, there are only two colors, a gray called “ultimate gray” and a pleasant “glowing” yellow.As a result, the classic blue, known as the color of 2020, will be replaced by the predictable combination of grey and yellow hues found in the spring/summer 2021 collections of many brands, including Prada, Jacquemus, Gucci, Balmain and Givenchy.

“We wanted to dispel any doubts about the primary color selection process,” explains Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.We would not consider using some sort of ‘crystal ball’ to determine the colour selection.””This is a process that requires careful attention and analysis.This is the culmination of all the work the team has done.Therefore, forecasts not only inform the major colors of the year, but also provide a broad color trend palette.”

Pantone Color Trends 2
Jacquemus and Salvatore Ferragamo spring/Summer 2021

“Most of what we do has to do with the psychology of color and how color affects people’s lives as a whole,” says Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.”Usually, our team travels the world and we share ideas with each other no matter what we find important.”

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Lanvin 2021 Spring

Every detail is necessary, from major events around the world, to Instagram color layouts and hues, to responses on the international stage.Identifying colors for a particular year is also inextricably linked to what inspires us both.”Eiseman added: “We will look at the economic and social aspects of the world to make sure we are properly focusing on the basic needs and expectations of society.”But in 2021, there won’t be one color, but two.

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Balmain spring/summer 2021

This isn’t the first time Pantone has chosen two shades as the main color of the year.For in 2016, the lilac lilac “Serenity” was created alongside the pale-pink “Rose Quartz”.However, 2020 has proved to be an exception.As Persman points out, this year is about collectivity, a theme that will continue to influence our behavior and relationships for the foreseeable future.When Pantone began color research in 2021, it was already possible to make some distinctly identifiable social changes — “from how we communicate and travel to the places that really matter.”

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Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2021

“The obvious thing is to know what we need from each other, and our connections with others give us strength and hope that we need to move forward.””It is absolutely clear that there is no one color that can say everything that needs to be said. Instead, it is important to provide two separate colors that can be combined.Not only do we subconsciously communicate information, we all need each other, but because the combination of tones tells our story.”

Pantone Color Trends 6
Patou spring/summer 2021

What do the most popular colors of 2021 mean?

“The ultimate grey is strength and resilience,” Esman says unequivocally.”From a natural point of view, this is the colour of a pebble on a beach or stone that has been there for millions of years and is not going away any time soon.In 2021, Ultimate Gray will be combined with a second hue that also conveys a sense of continuity.Always bright with sunshine, positivity and hope.”

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Salvatore Ferragamo
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Victoria Beckham
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Mame Kurogouchi
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Salvatore Ferragamo
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