Coat and scarf, stylish and warm!

Coat & Scarf 5

Winter, if you want to be warm and fashionable,

In addition to the necessary overcoat and coat to keep out the cold,

Scarves are also an essential accessory.

Coat + scarf, coat to keep out the cold,

The scarf keeps the warmth,

It gives you the elegance and sense of style you want,

If the coat is worn open, it also adds layers,

Let your true grace coexist with the temperature,

This winter is the most fashionable way to open.

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The scarf,

A woman’s “lover from another life,”

Choose different colors and patterns,

It can be refreshing in a different way,

With a coat, you can present a multi-faceted style charm,

Note: it will wrap around us during the coldest hours,

It gives you warmth and a little more spontaneity and shape,

Let the original simple collocation more intriguing.

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Coat & Scarf 5
Coat Scarf 6.webp

Coat + small scarf

Small scarf, simple and fashionable,

It’s neat, it makes you look nice,

Suggestion: Pair a cashmere scarf with a solid color coat,

It’s a very good choice,

Note: If the coat is heavy or the size of the coat is too large,

Optional small scarf, not bulky.

Coat Scarf 7.webp
Coat Scarf 8.webp
Coat Scarf 9.webp

Pair with a small black scarf

Can be worn with any color coat,
Suggestion: Choose wool/cashmere scarf,
It’s more inclusive, it’s very patrician, it’s very temperamental,
Note: Not for girls with a yellow complexion,
It can make your face look even dimmer.

Coat Scarf 10.webp
Coat Scarf 11.webp

Pair with a small camel scarf

Dignitaries have temperament.

Coat Scarf 12.webp

Pair with a bright scarf

It will enrich the overall color,

Create a different kind of beauty, absolutely dazzling people,

It can also break the dull look of a plain coat,

Note: Choose styles with color and personality,

Even under the collar of a coat,

It also makes you stand out.

Coat Scarf 13.webp
Coat Scarf 14.webp
Coat Scarf 15.webp
Coat Scarf 16.webp

Accessorize with a silk scarf

Colorful colors can add a touch of vitality.

Coat Scarf 17.webp
Coat Scarf 18.webp
Coat Scarf 19.webp

Coat +big scarf

Big scarf

Can change the shawl in seconds,
Besides the warm greetings on your neck,
And the warmth in my shoulders,
It will also give you charm and security,
And it’s very sculptural,
Suggestion: Choose a light or slim coat.

Coat Scarf 20.webp
Coat Scarf 21.webp
Coat Scarf 22.webp

Pair with a matching scarf

It will enrich the overall shape,

Note: The skin tone is yellow, suitable for light tones,

Dark complexion, suitable for light grey, lake blue/rose red, etc.

Not suitable for dark scarves.

Coat Scarf 23.webp

Accessorize with knitted scarf

Give you a distinct personality,

Will give people a gentle and virtuous image.

Coat Scarf 24.webp
Coat Scarf 25.webp

With a big shawl

Can give you a thicker package,

Suggestion: Small collar and pendant coat,

It is more suitable for large shawls, which can avoid bloat and slovenliness.

Note: choose the shoulder wrap method, lazy and expensive,

It can be charming when you don’t even notice it,

Make your coat stand out and flatter.

Coat Scarf 26.webp
Coat Scarf 27.webp
Coat Scarf 28.webp

Coat + plaid/printed scarf

Don’t pick people,

More British,

It’s easy to wear an elegant texture.

Coat Scarf 29.webp
Coat Scarf 30.webp
Coat Scarf 31.webp

Logo scarf

Pay more attention to the publicity of personality.

Coat Scarf 32.webp
Coat Scarf 33.webp

The color

1. Color echo

Scarf selection and interior matching,

Coats, handbags, and similar colors,

In addition to creating a harmonious and interesting mix of details,

It also creates a perfect sense of wholeness.

Coat Scarf 34.webp
Coat Scarf 35.webp


A colorful scarf,

It can make people’s eyes shine,

Make your outfit less boring,

Note: If your coat is dark,

Use a bright scarf to brighten it up.

Coat Scarf 36.webp
Coat Scarf 37.webp
Coat Scarf 38.webp

3. Use the same color scheme

Never wrong and who wears who superior,

Can also highlight the shape of the texture.

Coat Scarf 39.webp
Coat Scarf 40.webp

4.Different shades of the same color

Stylish and sophisticated.

Coat Scarf 41.webp
Coat Scarf 42.webp
Coat Scarf 43.webp

5.Color echo

The scarf matches the shoe bag,

There’s a whole sense of harmony and unity. 

Coat Scarf 44.webp
Coat Scarf 45.webp

In the cold winter,

We go through the colors of the scarf,

Embellish the coat, it will become more texture,

Composed, elegant and considerate and soft,

Remember, with the scarf and coat of winter,

Is complete.

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