Transparent Clothes On The Trend

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All along, what’s trending in fashion reflects want we want in our current life. Consumers’ demand for transparency and loyalty is growing. And this need has an impact on every aspect of life and design.
A single product with a transparent appearance, such as a sheer dress or top, gives consumers more ways to express themselves.

Transparent Gauze

The light-weight tulle fabrics layering is done to create a textured surface and a thick visual effect.

With the crisp feeling, designers combine fabrics such as gauze and organza with men’s silhouette. This design creates a hazy contrast effect by covering sheer gauze over patterns, lace, and opaque materials. As a result, the rough edges on the sheer dress show the beauty in the flaws.

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Giambattista Valli
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Transparent gauze material is mostly used to produce a sheer dress. But the dress still turns out to be elegant and dignified, gentle and sweet. To achieve a level of richness in style, designers apply solid shades. In addition, tulle fabric with more bone texture can be used as suit fabric. The minimalist cutting and version make the original design softer, making the sheer dress exude a romantic vibe.

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Max Mara
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Delicate Lace

Bud silk lace has always been at the forefront of advanced custom and exquisite craft. Nowadays, designers restore the ancient ways of creating rich, delicate lace fabric. And the bud silk lace with astonishing and intricate patterns becomes the center of fashionable style.

New lace designs are produced through different materials and various creations to enrich and break from the original delicate feature. Collage, beaded, or mixed styles give lace a luxurious feel that can easily transform a sheer dress from day to evening wear.

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John Galliano
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Alexander McQueen
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Viktor & Rolf Mariage
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Elie Saab

Raincoat Cover

The PVC material for raincoats is still very popular in the market. However, these days, the single layer of transparent material is not limited to the production of raincoats. Designers now use PVC materials to create trench coats and even sheer dresses.

A little transparency or stitching with other fabrics makes the sheer dress more fashionable and fit for everyday use.

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Two Denim
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Moon Young Hee

The overcoat or outer cover from transparent material as everyday clothes have become fashionable. Raincoat cover have been on the trend because the design of coats and sheer dress offer a taste of the future in the clothing. In addition, anyone can pair them with elegant suits or wear them with casual street style.

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Wanda Nylon

Protective Function

Armed with high-tech light and thin fabrics, designers applied modern materials in producing full clothes. As a result, the clothes’ functionality is achieved. Hence, the leisure and comfort of urban sports are met. And it also provides the purpose of daily protection.
Light fabric to create breathable clothes are also prominent. Because of the use of color fusion, an illusion effect is present. Thin, transparent, recyclable polyester comes with a matte finish for a futuristic, sporty feel.

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Jalila Essaidi
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Off White
Transparent Fashion 24
Heliot Emill
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Frankie Morello
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Transparent Knitting

Superfine transparent knit fabrics have always been the key in the knitwear category, especially in sheer dresses.

Irregular yarn streaks and plaid contrast with ultralight fine cotton-wool yarns, subtly employing the indirect effects of transparency and opacity. For a sheer dress, use the polyamide, nylon, and natural silk blend to make the knitwear with the same texture as chiffon.

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Thom Browne
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Esteban Cortazar
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Tory Burch
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Susanne Stemmer
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Cynthia Rowley

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