Buy The North Face?First please understand the purple label, white label, black label, red label

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I don’t know all The sub-topics in this article. If anyone knows more information, please add. Besides, why only talk about The North Face?

As The North Face is currently The mountaineering brand that focuses most on clothing urbanization, and is also jointly used by all The major trend brands, it is more appropriate to recommend it to everyone here.

Currently, the most mainstream product line of TNF feeder is red/black/purple/white.

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The red label is the most common logo, which is also the international version and the main product line. Most of the products belong to the red label. It is worth mentioning that there was a product line developed with red in Europe, but I didn’t see it at that time.

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Then comes the purple label, purple label can be talked about more, we all know that the purple label is limited to Japan, but we are less familiar with is:

  1. Purple Label is operated by the design team of nanamica, a well-known Japanese brand. Its main products are retro products of the past, and combined with the current garment making technology, the inventory of goods is very small.
  2. Limited in Japan, but now open an official purple label store in the United States.
  3. In fact, the Japanese product line is independent and the serial number is also independent.

The common Coding methods of English plus numbers are NT, ND, NP, etc. The Japanese product line is not shared with other countries, so there is no American version or Asian version.

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And then black marks. And speaking of black marks, really…While European-limited goods typically use the black square logo on their arms, Japanese/Koreans also prefer to use it on some goods, which is commonly known as the black label.Urban Exploration, or “black market” as it’s known in Asia, is only the first such store to be sold under a limited name last year.It is a selection store, which collects and sells popular items from different product lines in different countries.(Some of the products may be remold or different versions from the original country of origin, such as 1990 black). Most of the products are product lines from Japan, and some of the products are sold in the name of UE store (such as products designed by KAZUKI and SACAI jointly).Therefore, UE store is just a selection store with either a black logo or a black logo on the arm.

The North Face 5

Finally, white label is operated by the local design team of South Korea. The product line is more in line with modern cities, such as european-style long board down, narrow and thin pants, etc., while the South Korean product line is also independent, just like Japan.


I’m really sorry if it looks messy, because the product line is so messy, and the goods sold in Europe and America are different from time to time. Even if the production lines of Japan and South Korea are independent, I can still see some goods sold by international general companies, and the goods in black label stores have no footprints to follow. I have bought most of the product lines, and the pros and cons are as follows:

Japanese version of the product features distinct, more emphasis on urban jungle feeling, very delicate is simply boutique, and tailoring more suitable for the Asian figure, but the unit price is generally high.

Korean version of the product is very modern sense, often have different design, on the other hand also use many retro goods design, but the material is really…For the goods of the same style but different manufacturers in The United States, the proportion of down material filling is different from that of the United States. For their own goods, the thickness, material and stitching of the cloth are not good, but the unit price is not low. They are handsome.

The United States version of the product is the general red label to buy the goods, the version is the same, the commodity economic benefits, especially the special range of high frequency.


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