Black sweater, wear a temperament and fashionable!

Black Sweater

Black sweater, simple like this,

But a wardrobe classic for countless style ICONS,

If you’ve ever felt its charms,

I’ll definitely say a good word about it,

Like in a song,

“A black sweater, two people’s memories,

It’s harder to forget after the rain…”,

Whether it’s the lyrics or the sweater, it’s full of nostalgia,

Remember, women who are good at using black with simplicity,

Must be a woman who knows how to tolerate.

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Black Sweater 2.webp
Black Sweater 3.webp

Black sweater,

Casual and especially warm,

In every girl’s closet,

Whether you choose to wear it alone or do it in a suit,

It highlights your sense of style, being handsome and thin,

Note: With a dress of the same color,

Only a red lip, will be sexy and full of amorous feelings.

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Black Sweater 5.webp
Black Sweater 6.webp

Elegant and understated sexy.

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Black Sweater 8.webp

Wear a black sweater alone

Black undershirt,

Classic versions and skin-friendly fabrics,

Can continuously convey warmth, versatile temperament,

Its natural posture is a woman’s greatest charm,

Note: Black sweater mixed with different material bottoms,

Will be more outstanding, more personality.

Black Sweater 9.webp
Black Sweater 10.webp

With white pants

Easy and energetic.

Black Sweater 11.webp

Pair with jeans:

Black Sweater 12.webp
Black Sweater 13.webp
Black Sweater

Tie-in leather pants

Has the aura and does not lose the grace temperament.

Black Sweater 15.webp

Attention: the embellishment of small white shoes, casual and fashionable.

Black Sweater 16.webp

Black sweater plus half skirt

You don’t pick your body, you tuck the corners into your skirts,

You can reshape the proportions, easily create a high waist line,

It’s a little cleaner,

Note: Sweaters must be well cut and stylish,

The whole talent appears not mediocre.

Black Sweater 17
Black Sweater 18.webp

If the black sweater is heavy

Tip: Opt for a lightweight half skirt, which won’t be too provocative,

Note: all black shape, lazy star is the best choice.

Black Sweater 19.webp
Black Sweater 20.webp

Tie-in shirt

Shirt + black sweater

Enduring, perfect combination,

Overlapping, which increases the sense of hierarchy,

Warm and elegant, stylish and handsome,

Note: Choose a mid-high neckline, which will make your neck look long.

It also reduces the formality of the shirt and adds a soft beauty,

Tip: Wear the shirt over, and make sure the shape is loose enough,

At least bigger than the sweater size.

Black Sweater 21.webp
Black Sweater 22.webp

Wear your shirt underneath

Expose your shirt collar or sleeves,

It has some artistic temperament.

Black Sweater23.webp

Pair with a crew-neck sweater:

Black Sweater24.webp

With the coat, it has a more fashionable taste.

Note: Unbutton your shirt once or twice,

It’s kind of casual and languid,

And choose the corner of the plug will be higher.

Black Sweater25.webp
Black Sweater 26.webp
Black Sweater 27.webp
Black Sweater 28.webp

Cooperate with the coat

Suit + black sweater

Keeping warm is fashionable, neat and delicate,
Note: The embellishment of the accessories will not be monotonous,
For smaller people: Choose a belt,
You can outline the waist line.

Black Sweater 29.webp
Black Sweater 30.webp
Black Sweater 31
Black Sweater 32.webp

Coat + black sweater

The perfect combination for winter,

Not only can it reduce the tension of the jacket,

They also draw slender lines around the body,

It definitely accentuates the texture of the coat,

Stylish and stylish,

He who wears is fair.

Black Sweater 33.webp
Black Sweater 34.webp

Gray coat + black sweater

Overall light wind, suitable for the workplace wear.

Black Sweater 35.webp
Black Sweater 36.webp

With Martin’s boots

Simple and modern and very age-reducing.

Black Sweater 37.webp

Camel coat + black sweater

More mature.

Black Sweater 38.webp
Black Sweater 39.webp

White coat + black sweater

It’s very flattering and very stylish.

Black Sweater 40.webp
Black Sweater 41.webp
Black Sweater 42.webp

Pair with a down jacket

Create a cool breeze easily.

Black Sweater 43.webp
Black Sweater 44.webp

Match in the same color

The unity of color makes the neck longer,

We can start with details and layers,

Note: Tight black sweaters can shorten your neck,

It’s important to create a sense of visual extension,

Tip: Accessorize necklaces and bags,

Can light up the whole wear and match.

Black Sweater 45.webp
Black Sweater 46.webp

The embellishment of silk scarves:

Black Sweater 48.webp

Wear your coat in three layers

Black sweater + hoodie + coat

Tip: Choose a low, small turtleneck,

Already relaxed nature, won’t have suffocate feeling again.

Black Sweater 49.webp

Black sweater + suit + coat

It’s warm, convenient and proportionate.

Black Sweater 50.webp
Black Sweater 51.webp

Black sweater + cowboy coat + coat

It’s really cool. When I feel hot,

You can take off your coat without worrying about the lining.

Note: The inner color should be simple and solid color is the best.

Can add a sense of competence.

Black Sweater 52.webp
Black Sweater 53.webp

Wear a black sweater in winter
But it’s not just our memories,
It can also create the beauty of the day in front of you,
Notice, a woman who can wear a black bottom,
Maybe it’s not that amazing,
But must have free and gentle, elegant fashion charm,
And easily create a neutral beauty,
Mix it with people of different ages,
You can create different flavors.

Black Sweater 54.webp

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