Want to be a spring “hottie”? Go with irregular skirts!

Irregular Skirt 9

If there is one fashion item you could wear all year round, it has to be the skirt. There are several types of skirts – the fishtail dress, which accentuates the sexy buttocks, the retro pleated skirt, and the spontaneous and lively straight tube skirt.

Today I will share some ideas about an exceptional type of skirt – the irregular skirt! So what would look good matched with it?

Short and breezy

Irregular Skirt 1

Its design wraps the buttocks tight and gives the wearer an enchanting and charming feeling. The transition from pink to wine red may be exaggerated but by no means abrupt. Does the floral print on the dress evoke a kind of classical Chinese beauty? It does look similar to a cheongsam. The matching green pleated shirt revives traditional ways of individuality.

Irregular Skirt 2

The irregular skirt on the left is a classic design with a short front and a long back. Coffee color stripes are simple, the form is breezy, and the overall irregular skirt design is very eye-catching. A simple match with a white T-shirt can already make for an attractive look.

Irregular Skirt 3

The style on the right is an irregular skirt flank fork design. It offers an excellent opportunity to show one’s beautiful legs! Coordinated with thick-soled boots, a petite person will look and feel like she’s a meter-and-eight-centimeters tall! The blue waistcoat also is quite clever, and the lively color completes the set and preventing the outfit from being drab.

Irregular Skirt 4

This irregular half skirt belt has the effect of draping, revealing a kind of “French” and passionate mood. Under the coat is a soft milk-tea-colored top. Looks sweet but not cloying; the whole persona is rather pixieish.

Long and flowing

Irregular Skirt 5

A tulle skirt can feel awkward if not worn properly. This tulle irregular skirt is cleverly chosen with its elegant black and white hues, and the layered design is quite remarkable. The paired bubble sleeve is sweet and lovely.

Irregular Skirt 6

This blue irregular skirt is “cool” and is especially suitable for hip and casual girls. The distinct design difference between the left and right lengths is quite bold. Pair it with a shirt, and you’ll be a cool girl who can also be salty and sweet.

Irregular Skirt 7

Tight high-waist designs are beautiful because of how the waist stands out. Matching a pair of high-heeled shoes makes for an excellent image of body proportion! The irregular skirt’s short front and long back design exudes temperament and is breezy. Even if you do not wear leggings, you will not be cold.

Irregular Skirt 8

Camel color is gentle and brilliant when paired with a white undercoat and blazer. The asymmetrical design with different lengths brings about a smart character. Metallic chain necklaces are also very popular this year.

Irregular Skirt 9

The tartan skirt has the “British style” attribute, wildly sought after by many fashionable people. So how can you stand out from the rest with it? Try the irregular skirt design with uneven left and right sides! The shirt was tucked into the skirt’s waist on one side and hanging out on the other. It perfectly matches the asymmetry of the skirt!

Irregular Skirt 10

Asymmetry is not limited to the shape on the left, right, front, and rear. An irregular skirt can also have long sides and a slit or opening in the middle. The legs peeking through will look very slender. It looks great paired with a classic white shirt.

Style to close Spring and welcome Autumn with

Irregular Skirt 11

With black polka dots on white fabric, this irregular skirt highlights autumn to be about wearing something different. The draped design of the skirt floats beautifully. The matching green denim jacket makes it fashionable and quite refined.

Irregular Skirt 12

The orange asymmetrical or irregular skirt with a light blue V-neck knit sweater is 100% a head-turner! The long snakeskin boots add texture, helping break the depressing feeling of autumn.

See how much change to your style an irregular skirt can bring about? So this spring, be bold and stylish!


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