The Latest From Alexander McQueen : Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s Collection And Early Fall 2021 Men’s Collection

Alexander Mcqueen 24

Back in London, back home.”Beyond shapes, silhouettes and shapes, the essence of fashion’s beauty lies in creating an emotional, interactive world.”- Sarah Burton,

Alexander Mcqueen 1
Alexander McQueen and Jonathan Glazer

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s Collection

Alexander Mcqueen 2
Model 1

The patchwork coat is made of close-knit wool twill and polyester tubeque, plump sleeves, and butterfly hem.

Alexander Mcqueen 3
Model 2

Rouge polyester satin dress with a wide neck and butterfly train.

Alexander Mcqueen 4
Model 3

Double-breasted fine cut coat with ruffled trousers in close-knit wool twill fabric.

Alexander Mcqueen 5
Model 4

Chamomile polyester satin v-neck dress with asymmetrical draped pleats.

Alexander Mcqueen 6
Model 5

A beige cotton patchwork trench coat with plump sleeves and beige polyester tunisse hem.

Alexander Mcqueen 7
Model 6

Light white cotton poplin patchwork shirt-dress with voluptuous sleeves and a parka skirt.

Cotton belt with bead mesh with perforation details.

Alexander Mcqueen 8
Model 7

Prince of Wales checkered single-breasted coat in black wool twill fabric with stitched Trompe L’oeil effect, paired with black wool ruffled trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 9
Model 8

A off-white color wool twill and dacron tufted coat with a wide parker hem.
Match with off-white color wool twill leg trimming trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 10
Model 9

A black Vlade leather dress with a patchwork hem and white seams from a corset provides contrast.

Alexander Mcqueen 11
Model 10

A double-breasted cut jacket in a Trompe style, paired with the Prince of Wales checkered ruffled trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 12
Model 11

Cocoon-type short coats and dresses are made of washed denim fabric, and the back of the coat is decorated with large pieces.

The dress features a voluminous hemline with tobacco-colored stitching details.

Alexander Mcqueen 13
Model 12

Casual jacket with buckle strap structure, paired with buckle detail black Plonge leather pleated trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 14
Model 13

Cocoon-type biker jacket with cuffed jeans, black leather patchwork, washed denim.

Decorated with tobacco-colored stitching details.

Alexander Mcqueen 15
Model 14

A neckless biker jacket is paired with a soft black leather biker wrap skirt and a white cotton-poplin blouse.

Alexander Mcqueen 16
Model 15

The myopia style corset pullover, with tea fragrance and rose color knitted fabric interpretation,

A biker wrap dress with soft rouge leather.

Alexander Mcqueen 17
Model 16

Black wool twill and black polyester rosin with fine cut coat, add waistband details,

Pair with black wool leg-trimming trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 18
Model 17

The dress is decorated with a wide-open neck and a butterfly skirt. The three-dimensional tulle linen print is sprinkled on the polyester fabric.

Pair it with a short off-white color cocoon jumper with close-knit cotton English rib stitches.

Alexander Mcqueen 19
Model 18

Ivory layered plain weave hollowed-out T-shirt, black body-style pattern with butterfly skirt,

Three-dimensional tulle linen printing is sprinkled on the dacron fabric.

Alexander Mcqueen 20
Model 19

The bodice dress, Watteau back with ivory Chantilly Reiss, embedded with black Dover lace embroidery details.

Alexander Mcqueen 21
Model 20

Soft black leather biker jacket with plump sleeves, black tulle waist, and rouge tulle skirt.

Alexander Mcqueen 22
Model 21

A short coat in ivory wool and silk, paired with a light, shredded dress in layered ivory tulle.

Alexander Mcqueen 23
Model 22

An ivory leather trench coat with a deconstructed ivory tulle hem.

Alexander Mcqueen 24
Model 23

Bodice Dress, Watteau back with black chantilly lace.

Alexander Mcqueen 25
Model 24

Deconstructed dresses with strapless bodices,

Match with a broad layer of rouge color and tea rose color tulle skirt.


Bright black walking boots and off-white colored shoes with dramatic soles;Black punk rivet heels with trim.


Retro fused silver metal chain ornaments and crystal as details, highlighting the sense of sculpture; An elaborately carved ear clip; Chain earrings.

The handbag

The Curve comes in black, tan and rouge leather;

Black leather The Jewelled Satchel handbag presents an organic handle design.

Alexander McQueen Men’s Collection for early fall 2021

Alexander Mcqueen 26
Model 1

Wool gabardine double-breasted blazer, wide polyester satin parka back with McQueen graffiti jacquard,

It is colored with a white cotton poplin shirt and black cavalry twill leg-trimming trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 27
Model 2

A loose-fitting beige polyester tunic dress with kimono sleeves and sporty pants. Black stretch gabardine zipper details.

With the same color stripe on the side.

Alexander Mcqueen 28
Model 3

A loose, off-the-shoulder shirt with thick white cotton poplin ribbed cuffs and black wool gabardine pleated trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 29
Model 4

A camel-colored, single-breasted, tailored coat with Ma1 trailing cuffs and a parker back in khaki McQueen graffiti jacquard.

The tracksuit pants are trimmed with black gabardine zipper details and black satin stripes on the sides.

Alexander Mcqueen 30
Model 5

The Prince of Wales’ wool plaid single-breasted cut coat was made of black wool gabardine to create a patchwork illusion, paired with a white cotton poplin shirt and black wool gabardine pleated trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 31
Model 6

Black polyester satin patchwork leather flight jacket with MA1 shoulder cuffs and black leather leg-trimming trousers.

Alexander Mcqueen 32
Model 7

Laminated white plain woven cotton T-shirt with cut-out design and McQueen graffiti print,

Pair with black leather biker pants, add zipper details.

Alexander Mcqueen 33
Model 8

Zippered black biker jacket with white plain cotton vest and zipper details.

Alexander Mcqueen 34
Model 9

The Prince of Wales’ wool plaid double-breasted coat was cut to create a trompe illusion and matched with an ivory silk poplin shirt.

Wool plaid trousers with Prince of Wales.

Alexander Mcqueen 35
Model 10

Black polyester satin parka with kimono sleeves and ruffled collar.The tracksuit pants are embellished with black stretch twill zipper details and ivory satin stripes on the sides.

Alexander Mcqueen 36
Model 11

Loose ivory wool double-breasted cut coat with black buttons for contrast. Matched with ivory silk poplin

Shirt and trousers pleated in ivory wool.

Alexander Mcqueen 37
Model 12

Black wool Balassier double-breasted dinner jacket with satin lapels, splashed back from a field jacket

Black McQueen graffiti jacquard;A chunky white cotton poplin shirt with a ruffled collar;Black wool balacier leg trim trousers with black silk stripe on the side.

Alexander Mcqueen 38
Model 13

The off-the-shoulder shirt with ribbed cuffs is brimming with a symmetrical three-dimensional sketch print of wild flowers, which is presented in thick white
Black wool gabardine pleated trousers over cotton poplin with black satin stripes on the sides.

Alexander Mcqueen 39
Model 14

A single breasted black wool balathian cut coat with black satin lapel and patchwork parker back, paired with a thick white cotton poplin ruffle collar shirt, and black wool balathian leg-trimming trousers with black satin stripes on the sides.


Black leather work boots and leather shoes, white leather canvas sneakers.


Metal clip and chain ring earrings, double-loop chain necklace, emboweled chain ring, and retro silver metal faceted chain ring.

The handbag

McQueen’s graffiti nylon jacquard handbag; Wide black nylon backpacks with McQueen graffiti jacquard logo details paired with a liner design; McQueen Logo Printed Langer Card Bag; Flat khaki nylon cross-body bag with no lining, decorated with McQueen’s graffiti jacquard logo.


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