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The lazy weather makes people move slow and want to feel relaxed. The same is true for style performance, people dream about comfort without the heavy stuff.

When worn during spring, a men’s jacket may not be considered relaxed, easy wear. Some jackets, which can be pretty good, may feel thick with so many sheet layers of materials.

Plus, the lighter bomber jackets may not be enough to add to your wardrobe.

Now, in this article, I will introduce an essential spring item. It’s the men’s hoodie, as the title suggests.

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Hoodies are special in their own way.

Unlike the short spring jacket, clothes manufacturers use heavy cotton jerseys to produce sweat jackets. Because of its material, wearing it can make one move freely when doing some outdoor activities. And with functionality in mind, lightweight jackets can still provide warmth.

That’s only some of the advantages of hoodies.

Imagine waking up to the ocean spring breeze – the feeling of the perfect blend of warm and cold attributes to being lazy. When you have no urge to develop a refined style, you can always don a simple sweatshirt to express your carefree mood and still look attractive.

Simple and functional, this is probably one reason why men’s hoodies are so popular in so many Japanese magazine looks, including City Boys.

The uncomplicated design is a good way to show the wearer’s confident nature. It may not be so grand, but it gives a natural, everyday vibe without being tacky.

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A hoodie is indeed a sweatshirt. It’s a sweatshirt with a hood attached.

To be more precise, the hoodie is a crew-neck pullover and later becomes known as a hoodie. It gradually evolved into a hooded sweater, which is now known as a hoodie.

Let’s find out a little bit more about sweatshirts.

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Structurally, the crewneck hoodie has less hoodie fabrication than the regular men’s hoodie, making these two styles entirely different.

Hooded hoodies are more visually wraparound and more relaxed and laid-back than crewneck hoodies, whether worn alone or as an undershirt.

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In contrast, the round collar hoodie with no cap forms a more cozy aspect. This style exudes a dynamic, more active, lightweight, and casual sense.

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So which do you prefer, a crewneck hoodie or a hooded hoodie?

It’s also worth noting that a crewneck hoodie is different from the usual long sleeve Tee.

There might be some similarities in the fabrication. But if you look closely, you will find that the standard men’s hoodie version has an egg-shaped formation. This structure is wide at the top and narrows at the bottom. It is not your typical straight up and down Loose Fit like most T-shirts.

In addition, hoodies have ribbed details on the cuffs and hem, a signature feature.

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Clothes manufacturers generally use thicker fabric in creating sweaters. The main reason is to give the back of the sweaters a more fluffy effect, unlike long sleeve Tees, which fit are either loose or hugging.

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The neckline of a traditional men’s hoodie also features an ‘inverted triangle’ structure called a V-insert.

Generally speaking, they use ribbed fabric to make this. Originally intended to absorb sweat from the chest, designers initially created hoodies as sports garments.
Now, of course, it’s more of an aesthetic feature to display its retro vibe.

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One item of clothing that is very much like a hoodie is the sweater.

This version evolved from the Sweatshirt. But the sweater is different because of the fabric the clothes manufacturers use. They either knit or crochet to create one.

On the other hand, the material used for sweatshirts is much finer. This is the reason why a hoodie does not have the obvious knit pattern that a sweater has.

Sweatshirts are definitely warmer than sweaters. But in spring, hoodies offer a more vibrant atmosphere and simple appeal.

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In the past two years, the Fear of God brand’s popular collection, Essentials, has produced hoodies. This release gave hoodies a big comeback to the forefront of fashion.

What’s more, Fear of God’s signature warm neutrals and loose tailoring has elevated its hoodies to the high street fashion. The choice of attractive fabric combines casual and luxurious appeal.

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Fear of God Spring/Summer 2021

Of course, acquiring men’s hoodies is easy.

Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Champion, and other popular brands, offer classic sweaters in different colors and styles.

However, keep in mind that sweaters from sportswear brands are ordinary slightly smaller in size. For a loose fit, you might want to go one or two sizes up.

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New Balance x Nanamica

How to wear a sweatshirt?

Although the hoodie is simple and the style is casual, you need to consider some factors to pull it off better.

One of the points, aside from those mentioned earlier, the main principle is to wear clothes which fit and feel perfectly.

The use of fleece in creating a sweater gives a lighter fabric. It offers a relaxed style, making a full range of movement. Wearing a tight sweater may be attractive but also feel snug.

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Secondly, there are two types of sweaters: one is a solid color, including some small logos and patterns, while the other type has bold logos and designs on the front.

Even in today’s new styles, sweaters with large letters follow the retro pattern. With school sweatshirts, clothes manufacturers attach the initials or logo of the schools. They can also include the brand’s name and other designs.

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In contrast, solid-color men’s hoodies have discreet little Logo designs. They provide neat and comfortable wear, with a hint of urban chic.

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There is also a need to consider unusual colors. Opt for colors other than black and grey for hoodies. Fear of God’s neutral earth color with fire has also become a popular shade.

A change of color when it comes to hoodies is fine. Play a little with style, stand out, and show a different personality.

A lot of individuals still prefer a white sweatshirt.

Do not be confused though, white sweaters and long white Tees are two different things. In fact, white is not a common color in sweaters. The fleece version, however, offers a clean and transparent white sweater. These attractive sweaters are elegant, unique, and durable.

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When paired with other details, a plain men’s hoodie can transform into fashionable attire. Match with unique pants for a priceless look.

Consider styling a hoodie as you would in a sweater. For an instant Ivy Style look, you can wear a shirt with the collar protruding.

Compared to sweater and sweatshirt, a shirt is not as suave and elegant. But it’s perfect for an active and youthful style.

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If you encounter a sudden cold spring or breeze from the northwind, hoodies are your best protection from the chilly weather.

The design with big letters on the sweatshirt can be pleasing to the eyes. This style gives a strong presence.

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When the weather gets warmer, one can pair a sweatshirt with knickers. The shorts and sweatshirt combination is a great option. This style develops a simple, charming appeal.

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For older men, stop deeming men’s hoodies are only a thing for young boys.

Mature men are not required to always look refined. By wearing sweatshirts and hoodies, one can loosen up. Experiment with these styles to stop looking too dull. Its relaxed fit is satisfying and fresh, liberating not just the body but also the mind.

Remember, do not underestimate a simple hoodie. It provides relaxed comfort without compromising the style.


Lastly, here’s a brief introduction to a popular men’s hoodie brand. If you prefer plain, solid hoodies, you should definitely check out Loopwheeler, which claims to be the “best hoodie brand.”

Many of you who love hoodies or sweaters might have heard of Loopwheeler. Some of you might even have a collection of their products.

Loopwheeler, based in Wakayama, Japan, sells hoodies in basic colors such as black, grey, white, and blue.

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Loopwheeler’s style might have an understated, unfashionable base compared to other brands, but it is the craftsmanship of the fabrics that strengthen its claim.

Unlike most brands of sweaters today, Loopwheeler uses an ancient hoisting knitting machine to weave the fabric. This technique is still being practiced at some premier clothes manufacturers. It takes an average of an hour to produce about one square meter of fabric.

Although the fabrication is slow, the excellent texture of the fabric is guaranteed. Whether it is wool or cotton, its touch is very solid and soft because the use of high-density fabrics will further improve its comfort, making deformation hard.

Also, LoopWheeler’s sweaters take on a vintage feel over time. While they may not be as fashionable, they are the classic wardrobe’s best choice that can be passed down to the next generation.

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