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These days, men live in what we call a modern urban jungle. But no matter how cosmopolitan they have become, there’s always a desire to encounter nature at its best. They perhaps yearn for a romantic ride on a wild horse, sports bow and arrow, carry a shotgun, and would rather have a career in hunting.

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To experience this kind of adventure, consider going out in springtime. But for men who are unable to hunt, donning some dapper hunting coats can transform anyone into looking like a proper English gentleman.

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The Bush Jacket was originally designed by British troops stationed in the tropics in the 19th century. They have the clothes manufacturers create it with convenience and protection for soldiers in the safari in mind.

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Developed to be suitable hunting clothes, they have added a spot for a waterproof bullet side bag.

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After some reinvention, it has transformed into a shirt jacket; and is now made from different fabrics such as heavy cotton, camouflage cloth, the popular khaki, and even blue denim. It also now includes patch pockets, pocket flaps, belts, and slits on the back.

Fashionable hunting coats come in short sleeves and long sleeves. They also come in different styles to suit each season, becoming a staple summer, spring, or autumn outfit.

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Here are some simple tips on how to wear hunting gears in the modern world.

When producing hunting clothes, clothes manufacturers create them with function and style in mind. If not be used in the field, the practical feature is minimized. Matching it with other clothing items should be easy. Choose contrasting colors for a more modern vibe.

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Pair it with cargo pants

Hunting coats work best with simple, zen-style fashion.
Over styling with patchworks, multi-color, multi-pocket, hip-hop style can be fancy but overdone.

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Wear it with jeans

Bull-puncher knickers have a tough appearance. But this style shows one’s younger side. When paired with hunting coats, it spells vitality.
When choosing jeans, select a pair that is not too loose. Avoid too many embellishments. And with a classic pair of short boots, one can pull off an attire fit for a joyride.

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Wear it with suit pants

If you want to go beyond the formality of a suit and desire to loosen up, you can never go wrong with a hunting outfit to enhance your style.
Opt for nostalgic style to highlight your gentleman personality.

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Pair it with undershirts and other accessories options

The turtleneck shirt is the top choice, while a hoodie is also fine. A casual shirt, on the other hand, can bring an innovative touch. Pick the right hat, tie, shoes, and even socks. This smart hunting coat-style shows a relaxed and easy-going fashion statement.

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