5 fall and winter fabric knowledge, clothing insiders do not miss!

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Customers usually look for three things when buying clothes: appearance, comfort, and quality. In addition to the design, the fabric determines comfort and quality, which is the most important factor affecting the customer’s decision.

A good fabric is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of the clothes, especially in autumn and winter, customers do not only require fashion, both popular and warm and easy to maintain the fabric will be deeply popular.

As a clothing industry practitioner, fabric knowledge is necessary, can also become a plus. When customers look at a dress, a guide can introduce the fabric of the clothes, remind customers how to maintain will undoubtedly make customers feel good.

So today to talk to you, the autumn and winter season, the common 5 kinds of autumn and winter fabrics, and maintenance.


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Wool is arguably the most common fabric used for fall and winter clothing, from knitwear to coats, wool holds up a piece of the fall and winter model.

Wool is characterized by a rich feel, good elasticity, moisture absorption, and good warmth.

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The biggest drawback is pilling, which is unavoidable in all pure wool clothing, so it is a bit of a chore to care for wool clothing.


  1. Washing: dry cleaning is appropriate, if there is a hand wash label, it is recommended to use wool special laundry detergent, 40 ℃ warm water washing. (Washing method: turn inside out, soak in fully dissolved detergent for about 5 minutes, slowly squeeze clothes until wet, do not rub.)
  2. Storage: Wool is poorly heat-resistant and easily moth-eaten, so do not expose it to the sun for a long time or leave it in a damp place for a long time.
  3. if pilling: use a professional de-pilling machine to remove.


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“In winter, what’s warmer than a hug is a cashmere coat.”

But when it comes to cashmere, many people may confuse it with wool, but they actually come from two different sources: wool comes from sheep, while cashmere comes from goats.

There is a saying, “A sheep’s wool can make many wool sweaters, but it takes many goats’ wool to make one cashmere sweater.”

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Cashmere is more complicated to collect and much less expensive than wool, but it is also more expensive than wool, and the clothes made from it are more comfortable and better insulated.

Cashmere is eight times warmer than wool, but only one-fifth as heavy, making it the perfect winter dressing fabric.

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Cashmere is light, extremely skin-friendly, and breathable, combining lightness, softness, and warmth with natural soft color. Cashmere is the most absorbent of all textile fibers, and does not shrink after washing, and has good shape retention.

Care and Maintenance:

  1. washing: preferably dry clean; (if you want to hand wash: 30 degrees warm water, add professional detergent for washing cashmere, immerse the cashmere into the water and gently scrub, gently press the moisture out after washing, or wrap it with a towel to absorb water, slowly squeeze out the moisture, and lay it flat to dry in a ventilated place.)
  2. storage: after washing, ironing, drying and then save; pay attention to shade to prevent fading, should be frequently ventilated, shade, pat the dust, de-humidification, and not exposed to the sun.
  3. such as pilling: after washing, use scissors to gently cut off the pilling ball, after several washes, with some loose fibers off, the pilling phenomenon of clothing is gradually disappear.


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Velvet fabric is being used a lot this year, from sexy halter dresses in summer to warm and chic velvet jackets in fall and winter.

Velvet fabric feels silky and tough and has good wrinkle resistance and elasticity. Although it will lose some hair, after washing soft, skin-friendly.

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Velvet fabric actually has many advantages, heat insulation, UV protection, moisture, ease to clean, etc.


  1. Washing: dry cleaning is recommended. (If you want to wash: use neutral or silk detergent, cold or lukewarm water, not long soaking, wash as you go. Wash gently, do not twist, do not use scrubbing board and board brush. (Dry in the shade, not in the sun, not to be dried.)
  2. Ironing: When the velvet fabric clothes are 80% dry, iron the clothes flat, do not adjust the temperature too high.


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Corduroy, in autumn and winter, corduroy jackets and pants are very popular and come with a vintage feel.

Corduroy has a thick texture, soft feel, and good warmth. It has clear, rounded strips, a soft, even luster, and is thick and wear-resistant, but it tears easily.

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  1. washing: should not be scrubbed hard, should not use a hard brush to brush hard, it is appropriate to use a soft brush to gently brush in the direction of the pile.
  2. storage: collection should not be heavily pressed to keep the fluffy, shrugging, should not be ironed.

Pure Cotton

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Pure cotton, maybe any time will not be abandoned a fabric. Even if technology and innovation fabrics are popular, designers with more chemical fiber fabrics, or the touch of pure cotton fabric, in the consistent care of your skin.

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It takes cotton as the raw material and produces the fabric by the textile process, which has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and hygiene. It has better moisture absorption and heat resistance, and it is comfortable to wear.

Care :

  1. can be various detergents, can hand wash or machine wash, but do not scrub vigorously when washing, so as not to change the shape of the clothes, do not pour washing powder directly on the cotton fabric, so as not to local decolorization.
  2. light colors, white can be soaked 1 to 2 hours after washing to remove dirt better. Dark colors are best washed in cold water, do not soak for too long to avoid fading.
  3. white clothes can be washed at high temperature with a strong alkaline detergent, bleaching effect, intimate underwear can not be soaked in hot water, so as not to appear yellow sweat spots.

Fabric is fundamental to making clothes, and the understanding fabric is fundamental to making clothes for people. How about the fabric has what kind of characteristics? If you do not understand clearly, and how to let customers believe you and order? Learn to apply, in the future life and work to help more customers solve problems, to become their winter “sweet little coat”.

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