100 USD vs 1000 USD jeans, what is the difference?

jeans 1
jeans 1

“How important is the right pair of jeans?”

Everyone has jeans, but only a few people can really wear them.

If you don’t choose the right material and fit.

Especially some flashing weird shiny sense of off-price fabric, it is easy to appear the spirit of the boy’s sense of both.

Jeans first emerged in the United States, inherited in Japan, and then developed into a global classic.

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The retro trend and fashionable leisure that come with it are loved by many trendsetters.

The version of jeans has also started to change.

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From the simple straight style at the beginning, to the various fashionable pants that are both beautiful and wearable today.

Various techniques are also added for a more layered look.

jeans 4

A classic pair of jeans is something that can express a unique dressing taste and attitude.

Jeans that cost more than a thousand dollars per unit can be a deterrent.

But if you want to buy more cost-effective jeans, you must grasp these four key indicators.


Regardless of the price of jeans, the fit is the most basic standard.

Jeans are generally sized with two indicator numbers, W and L, to differentiate sizes.

jeans 5

W denotes waist circumference and L denotes pant length, usually in inches.

We can judge whether the jeans fit according to the value of the jeans on the label.

Of course, it is still more recommended to go to a physical store to try them on to judge.

jeans 6

After all, for the matter of jeans fit, it can be said that it is completely different by millimeters, but not by a thousand miles.


Many times, we overlook the importance of the fit.

Jeans fit is seen from three aspects: the degree of slimness, the shape of the leg, and the height of the waist.

jeans 7

The first thing to say about the small straight version, many people will be mistaken that this version is particularly thin, but at the same time will also be very close to the leg shape.

If your own leg shape is not proportionate enough, it is easy to highlight the body proportion of the uncoordinated, so try carefully.

jeans 8

The straight version, on the other hand, will be a little more friendly to most figures.

The wide-legged trouser version is, arguably, the least figure-hugging.

jeans 9

It can perfectly cover the unevenness of the leg shape and has a very good modification effect.

The shape of the pant leg is divided into three kinds: tapered, straight, and micro flare.

The actual fact is that you will need to pay attention to the overall style and shape, if only for daily commuting wear.

jeans 10

It is still recommended that you choose straight and micro flare, tapered or too test dress and figure, and does not apply to all.

If you want to show your legs long, don’t give up the importance of the waistline.

jeans 11

But ordinary men’s jeans or mid-waist is more common.

All encounter high-waisted pants, do not hesitate to try on the body, after all, not many.


This is the key to determine the price of jeans.

Amateurs look at the color, insiders look at the pattern, and only those who really know will look at the fabric.

jeans 12

The overall texture, drape, and skin-friendly feeling will affect the presentation and wearing effect of the fabric, most of the ordinary jeans are color woven warp twill cotton.

jeans 13

Of course, the most critical thing is the weave, which can directly change the texture and twill style.

In addition to this, the cotton content and poundage need to be considered.

jeans 14

Generally, fall and winter jeans will be heavier grade and have more ability to keep out the cold. The higher the cotton content, the better the wearing experience.

And comfort is an important part of what makes them worth the money.


If a pair of jeans is worth buying, look at the details to know.

Many trendsetters will choose “damaged” jeans in order to pursue individuality.

jeans 15

It is to form a special effect on the surface of jeans through artificially damaged design techniques, including scratching, fraying, and whitening.

Scratching refers to holes of varying sizes.

Ragging, on the other hand, gives jeans a fuzzy appearance, while whitening is the effect of giving jeans a partial whitish appearance.

jeans 16

This includes also cat whiskers, sandblasting and other ways to make the jeans exude a more fashionable attitude.

Behind a good pair of jeans is the need for a lot of highlights to support.

From the fabric, material to every detail, the same is the reason why we pay for it.


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